“20 Years in the game” Interview with producer Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee is not a beatmaker. He’s a real hip hop / rap producer who has spent 20+ years in the game producing beats and amassed a diverse catalog that would make even the top producers in the game jealous. Seriously! In his 20 years in the game, Mr. Lee has been an in house […]


Produced for Lil Pump and influenced by Speaker Knockerz – Interview with Hip Hop Producer Faded Blackid

I contacted Faded Blackid because I saw he produced the track “What You Gotta Say” on the Lil Pump debut mixtape and I saw that he worked with Duwap Kaine be4. It took some time but the homie finally got back 2 me:) Interview: Major Credits? Lil Pump , Smokepurpp, Duwap Kaine, A$AP Ferg , […]

“My nose runny and these hoes funny” check out the new Hooligan Chase mixtape “She Devils”

hooligan chase if you dont know, is a rapper hailing from North Carolina. I first started listening to him in May and immediately was hooked by his stoner/suburb druggy asshole aesthetic. now he is out with his new tape that i highly recommend. Listen to She Devils by hooligan chase #np on #SoundCloud