Merry Christmas from Nicejewboy! Here’s a guide on how to sell to beats and 400+ emails for free!

I might be the nicejewboy but like any reform jew in the American diaspora, I get the christmas spirit too:)

I also am continuing to grow and pursue other endeavors such as my new business which I sell rare and/or unique rolling papers and pre – rolled cones on etsy and my site

Anyways to all you producers, videographers, and graphic designers, I hope you can get something out of this to help your business grow!

September Email Pack (

Original email pack (344 rappers)

How to sell beats guide

In return for being able to download this and the others for free, all that I ask, is that you do one of the following;

If you could do any of the following above, that would be great and really help me out with my other endeavors. I never got in this to make money from producers so now that I am starting to see a little bit of success with my other business interest it just doesn’t feel right to keep charging producers for these email packs and guide when I could be helping others continue to their growth hopefully.

Tulsa, Oklahoma, will pay you $10k to move there for 1 year

This is for my producers, graphic designers, writers, and more. People that are making a living from the music business among various ways, but for the most part, you are “working from home”.

You see, Tulsa, Oklahoma is paying people 10k to move there for one year. They want people who work remotely, i.e. at home. Which for a lot of us, is right up our wheelhouse! I am just throwing out an idea but what if we, and by we I mean all of us writers, producers, engineers, graphic designers, n videographers. What if we all apply to this and use it to fund the next great hip hop/rap community🤔🤔

Just a thought, either way, this could be a great opportunity for many of us. So I encourage you to apply, the application is pretty painless and can be found at

When you apply and they ask you where you heard about this, plz tell them Curated Flame.

Reviews and why they should matter to you as a beatmaker

For the producers, rappers, and music entrepreneurs who read this site, you will know that I often pursue business interests in other areas besides Hip Hop/Rap but I always come back with something interesting to share that I think can translate to the music business.  So today I want to talk about reviews!

A little background:

In late September I created an Etsy shop where I sell several kinds of rolling papers.


Etsy has a great marketplace and its customers are willing to take a risk on new shop BUT just like with any other shop or online market place, you want to have reviews. People are just more willing to shop with you if they see 50+ reviews compared to 3.

Now I read and have heard different ratios that say on average for etsy, you will get 1 review for every 10 or 25 customers you have. So if someone had 320 sales (249 completed orders), like I do, they should expect to have about 10 to 25 reviews but notice above that my shop actually has 65! That is a ratio of  not only just 1 review, but one 5 star review for every 4 customers on average! To put this in perspective, another shop in the same category as me, has 1144 sales but only 46 reviews.


Why do I have a great ratio for reviews?

Every day or two, I go and I check what orders have been delivered. I then send a message to the customer saying something like the following;

“1. I want to make sure they got to you safely and undamaged.

2. Are you enjoying them?:)

3. Is there any chance you could leave a review on Etsy?

4. Here is a discount code for your next purchase.”

That’s the special trick, reaching out to the customers.

How does this translate to me? a music entrepreneur, rapper, or producer?

For a beatmaker, graphic designer, etc. I would recommend reaching out to all of your previous customers, no matter how long its been since they purchased something from you, be it a design or beat, etc.  Its about to be December, if you have been selling for a little bit you should have data of your customers.

Reach out to these customers and email / dm them a message that goes a little something like;

“Hey (rappers name);

I am messaging you because;

  1. Hows everything been since you purchased (instrumental name)?
  2. If possible, would you leave a review or comment on (your site, beatstars, instagram, etc)
  3. Is there anything I can do to for you?
  4. Here’s a discount code for your next purchase”

That is it everyone, seriously.

I know a lot of people in this game focus a lot on getting customers but then never do, what I would call, customer maintenance. I mean, ok, say you sold 250 beats this year, great! But how many of those were repeat customers?






Lil Gotit “Don’t Hate Me” verges on ironic

Alamo Records artist “Lil Gotit” is a rapper I just only now heard of but he seems like he has the potential to raise his profile up and become a bigger name. Sonically the track his dope and definitely sounds like thugga man himself made this track which depending on your opinions can be good and bad.

Here’s the thing when the video starts and Gotit begins your immediately drawn in however the second he got to saying “YSL”, it was cemented for me that he is a huge Young Thug fan. Which doesn’t stop me from appreciating the song however it’s just if you were already wondering if the dude is influenced by Young Thug, you don’t have to ask yourself anymore after that.

Overall the song is dope and has replay value and will keep me clicking his videos whenever I see them pop up.

*If your wondering who the guy prominently featured throughout the video sitting next to Lil Gotit is, its Hoodrich Pablo Juan, another artist on the Alamo Records label and someone whose had a name buzzing online and in the streets for yeaaars.

Baby Jayy is…weird

But I like it.

Honestly I saw a clip of this on Instagram and the clip was of him singing in the chorus and my first reaction was like many others. What in the living fxck is this… But I only heard / watched the video snippet once and it stuck with me for days. Seriously I would find myself wondering at random points, what the hell was that song. I finally broke down and found it yesterday and ugh I know, the chorus is so off key, but the emotion you hear in it when he says “No one was there when I need them the mooost!!!” just grabs you!

Baby Jay is like Lil Yachty, Famous Dex, and I don’t know who else rolled up in one.

Gutta100 wants to know “Why They Mad”

Another artist I found intriguing while hunting for new music online and on social media today is the rapper, Gutta100. I like the track and video but also let it be known, Gutta100 looks and sounds as if he is the uncle of Slim Jesus who just got out after doing a 7 year bid.

Who is Gutta100?

He’s a Florida artist whose video premiered on SayCheese and the clip I saw was dope so I reposted it and went to the YouTube link to see more. A mediocre hook doesn’t get you ready for when Gutta100 actually snaps on the verse and I think this track is going to get mad replay value from me.

Support and stream the song on spotify today!