Rappers, Leave your city.

First off, no matter what you think of the man, R.I.P. XXXTENTACION, he's a young black male who died young. But he wasn't the only rapper who died yesterday, the other would be Jimmy Wopo, who I am sure you already know about. Props to the media outlets on social media for not forgetting to … Continue reading Rappers, Leave your city.

XXXTENTACION Type Beat – “Roses”

Solow or Sounds Needs To Talk,  dropped this beat a couple days ago but I just found it and it stands out. I can't pinpoint what it reminds me of but its heavily creative and if you like beats with samples in them you'll f*ck with this beat heavy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=if1TKt1asfU

Life After Panda: Interview with Hip Hop Producer Menace

"...we discussed many topics including his beat making process, how much a producer with a hit on his hands like Panda is charging for beats nowadays, and did he really only make $200." (click to read more)

Beats + Interview with Hip Hop Producer DEADMAN 

I have highlighted beats and done interviews with some of the biggest producers on the internet in the game, such as mjNichols, godlikepariah, Dansonn, and more. But there's a certain joy I get when I find a producer that is still early in the game, but I just know is going to be something special. … Continue reading Beats + Interview with Hip Hop Producer DEADMAN 

New Music from Droptop Golf Cart

Edit/update: Im officially declaring this type of rap "rage rap" If you like xxxtentacion or 6ix9ine or $uicideboys or Lil Toe or Craig Xen or Bones. f*ck it. you get what kind of sound im talking about! if you like that ish, you will like, probably love Droptop Golf Cart. I first wrote about droptop … Continue reading New Music from Droptop Golf Cart

What was wrong with XXXTENTACION’S $6 MILLION DEAL

The following is speculation, but it is based off of real knowledge I have gained in my years in the music business. So you may have OR not have heard the news recently that xxxtentacion recently signed a $6 million dollar deal with Capitol Records. When I first heard that, I was completely astounded. First … Continue reading What was wrong with XXXTENTACION’S $6 MILLION DEAL

Soundcloud Rapper Droptop Golf Cart is back with more music.

I have written about Mr. Droptop Golf Cart before. But here's a little info about him, Droptop Golf Cart is a white boy from a suburb outside of Detroit who releases music sporadically on YouTube and Soundcloud that is very akin to the type of music XXXTENTACION AND 6ix9ine and Lil Toenail make but a … Continue reading Soundcloud Rapper Droptop Golf Cart is back with more music.

New Kid Ocean beat (XXXTENTACION x Trippie Redd type beat)

Kid Ocean is the one producer I am obsessed with that I haven't been able to score a beat with! But anyways check out his new beat he released a couple hours ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPztmjbl4cs

Heroin, Massacres, and Rap that’ll blow your speakers out (An Interview with Rapper Crunchy Kyle)

I lived on the most notorious massacre street to take place in Florida. 3161 Telford Ln, Deltona FL is where I grew up. I was only 12...