Gutta100 might have just released his breakout hit

Gutta100 is an artist from the ever so populated with talent, Florida, who recently began creating a buzz due to his initial release “Why They Mad” .

He’s still a far way from blowing up but I think it might happen now sooner then later due to his visuals and track “Hockey”.

Obviously it isn’t reinventing the wheel, but I found myself amused at several lyrical quips throughout the song. Honestly I see this dude going somewhere I really fxcking do.

Sidenote – I feel like Gutta100 definitely missed out on using the following lyric that I came up with after hearing the song first time, “Who you calling commercial? Bxtch I aint no geico”.

Gutta100 wants to know “Why They Mad”

Another artist I found intriguing while hunting for new music online and on social media today is the rapper, Gutta100. I like the track and video but also let it be known, Gutta100 looks and sounds as if he is the uncle of Slim Jesus who just got out after doing a 7 year bid.

Who is Gutta100?

He’s a Florida artist whose video premiered on SayCheese and the clip I saw was dope so I reposted it and went to the YouTube link to see more. A mediocre hook doesn’t get you ready for when Gutta100 actually snaps on the verse and I think this track is going to get mad replay value from me.

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