Clairo just dropped a new song quietly

Clairo just dropped a new song quietly on her Soundcloud about 2 hours ago. Clairo continues to build her sound and brand with a vaporwave meets bedroom pop from the girl next door aesthetic and the lyrics and sound are original yet sound familiar. I love her music and its simplicity yet depth and I can’t wait to watch Clairo become huge.

Watch her become a festival favorite this year and next.

“I’m Not” [Clairo x YDNA remix]

How this remix came about?

Sometime around August or September of last year, I found Clairo. Who if you don’t know is an artist currently on the rise for her amazing sound that is being called “Bedroom Pop”. Since finding her last year, whenever she releases anything I write / post about her on my Instagram and blog.

3 days ago on Instagram I posted a quick video snippet of one of her songs called “Girl” produced by James Deen,

One of the producers who follows my IG and who I have interviewed before, YDNA, saw my post of this song and he was inspired. He asked me what the song was, I told him, and now a couple days later we have this beautiful remix that you can listen to below on either YouTube or Soundcloud.

The feature image:

From Clairo’s instagram page and the description reads: @jacobsharte made this one✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ (also @brooks63 took the pic)

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Clairo goes to the diner for her “Flaming Hot Cheetos” official music video

Clairo is an artist who is being championed as the queen of bedroom pop. And sure maybe that’s what she is.

All I know is I just love her music.

Up until recently she was making all of her music in her dorm room (like Mike Posner). Now though she’s getting mad attention and she actually worked with “Fader” and their label to release it, so I suspect she is now signed to them.

This is Clairo’s first official music video and its for her song “Flamin Hot Cheetos” and I won’t lie it’s not the direction I thought the video would be for this particularly song, I am also surprised they picked this song to make a video for instead of her James Deen produced banger “Girl”. But I love this song, I love Clairo, and I am happy as hell to finally have an official music video from her… And apparently other people are as well because its been up for only an hour and it’s already at over 34,000 views.

Also keep an eye out for spanish bed room pop singer/rapper Cuco who makes a cameo.