Congratulations to OakerDidIt for producing “Why They Mad” by Gutta100

I am all about the lyrics of a song, like I can't understand how people say they don't pay attention to the lyrics they just pay attention to the beat. But I do know that the beat is everything, its the key essential part for a song to spread like wildfire. And a couple days … Continue reading Congratulations to OakerDidIt for producing “Why They Mad” by Gutta100

Don’t do what this hip hop producer did when submitting beats.

Listen, producers, I am by no means saying to only make type beats. All I am saying is don't do what this producer that I am writing about did.

The common mistake producers make when sending beats

I was doing my rounds looking for rappers and producers, and compiling emails. When I saw a femcee on the come up who gets beats sent to her often from producers familiar with her subgenre. Well idk if she made this post because of a specific incident or she's just aware of how proper business … Continue reading The common mistake producers make when sending beats

Check this great beat and find out about one of the most underrated producers, D.K. The Punisher

I don't know who dkthepunisher is but I clearly should and so should you if you don't already because when you go on his soundcloud page and see his credits the resume list is ridiculous!!!

Best beats I found on YouTube today Pt. 1

The beats on this list span multiple subgenres of Hip Hop / Rap and I am sure you will find at least one you fux with.

Interview + 5 beats with Prod. Cecil

Prod.Cecil is a producer I found on YouTube and I keep seeing his name around. He is prolific, with at least 220 beat videos on his page, and his stats are impressive, 5K+ subscribers and 870k+ views.  His most viewed video is a Playboi Carti type beat video that currently sits at 230K views;  So … Continue reading Interview + 5 beats with Prod. Cecil

3 Beats you need to hear from Izak

The artist I think that would most kill this beat, would be a young or even now, Boosie! Honestly this beat sounds like it would be perfect on Youngest In Da Camp", boosie's first album. 

Interview + 5 beats with prod. by Morteh

"The dopest thing that’s happened is getting messages from huge artists saying they fxck with my sound. Acknowledgement is the best feeling."

Having a record label isn’t just for rappers and athletes anymore.

With the advance of technology and the prerequisites / costs of starting a record label diminishing, doors are opening for producers and others.