GlokkNine is going to blow up this year.

I first heard about GlokkNine when he released a video called JailHizeeBlues 2 weeks ago, I watched it. Thought yeah this is kinda dope, but IDK if I want to post it.

Well now that video is at 116K views in two weeks. Should have trusted my gut and posted it then but I didn’t. Anyways I kind of forgot and then just now I went on YouTube and in my recommended videos section I saw that GlokkNine had just released a new video yesterday called “Armed & Dangerous”. I watched the video and this one sold me. I d k if it was the beat or the flow or the lyrics or everything combined.

*Check out the part where they are all standing in front of a police car on the basketball court. Lol how does this even happen? Did they rent the police car (I mean yeah duh.) but like how? Are the cops not going to see this video later? 

Anyways I really think GlokkNine is on his way to blowing up. Last year I told yall to keep an eye out for Lil Toe, Hooligan Chase, Ketchy The Great, Icy Narco, Rico Nasty, and Bali Baby. and they are all blowing up in their respective manners. Well now I am telling you to keep an eye out for GlokkNine! I feel like he’s the next in line for the lane/succession that is Boosie then Kodak Black. and with Kodak Black’s legal troubles there is a wide open lane for GlokkNine right now.

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“Flexin Like Dat” Interview with Sana Leako

Sana Leako is a rapper on the underground who has been making a little buzz and name for himself by releasing a steady stream of dope tracks with visuals attached that have premiered on Elevator and other channels/sites.

I have written about him before and I often describe him as making music that any fan of Young Thug would love.  I actually released this interview months ago, and somehow it got deleted or disappeared. Idk why fr so I am republishing it today! Scroll down to check out his music and to read our minimalist interview below!

Where are you from? atlanta georgia

Who is Sana Leako? sana leako is a hellstar musician

How long you been rapping? 4 years

Who are your influences? chief keef and young thug
What are your goals with music? rule the world
How much do you charge for features and shows? 400 for feature 1000 for show
Whats been the dopest sh*t bout doing this rap music? free shoes clothes and money
What did you do today? record a song
Whats in your pocket? a gun and weed
What’s something people would be surprised to learn about you? I am a scientist

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Elle Teresa is back with that Astroberry Shake feat. Yuskey Carter

I told yall about Elle Teresa and Yuskey Carter as well, last month. Well now both are back with a collaboration called Astroberry Shake. Its some pink trap bass boosted booty japanese rap booty music that goes tf in!

Interview with Lil Ugly Toes

I found Lil Ugly Toes yesterday when I was on the ELEVATOR YouTube page. I watched his first official music video and I was immediately impressed by his sound and the visuals. Surprisingly this rapper only has 360 followers on Soundcloud however the video which has been up for only a day, is already at 13K views.

I immediately reached out to him to see if we could do an interview and he got back to me asap. Check out his music and our interview below!

How did you come up with the name Lil Ugly Toes? I just got to thinking one day like god damn g, I got some ugly ass toes, so I just rolled with it.
Where are you from? Kokomo, Indiana
Are you involved in your local music scene? I reside in LA right now and I’m currently connected with artists here like everyday, but where I moved from (Greensburg, Indiana) there wasn’t a rap scene.
How old are you? 20 years old.
What are your thoughts on the rapper Lil Toe? I think he’s cool I guess, I’ve only heard a few of his songs.
What’s the dopest (coolest) thing to happen to you since you started releasing product? Probably my first show when I opened up for Lil Pump in Indianapolis and a bomb threat got called in right after I performed and there was damn near a riot. That shit was on the news and everything.
Tell us the craziest sh*t you’ve ever done?Man, I’ve done a lot wild shit, but most of it can’t be talked about over the web like that, so I’m not really sure.
What is one food that you don’t hate (can’t be one that you hate) but you could live without ever having again? I think I could live without cheeseburgers. I rarely eat them shits, but I don’t hate them.
The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fire. Who makes the beats? 
I fuck with a lot of different producers. I’m picky as hell on beats, so if I hear it and I like it then I’ll get into contact with whoever made it, but Gary Stump is definitely one of my favorites and also a homie so I have quite a bit of shit with his beats.


Who are your biggest musical influences?? My biggest musical influences probably gotta be Chief Keef, Thouxandbanfauni, and Lil B aka Lil Boss aka Based God.

What are your goals? My goals are to get money, buy my pops a house, put my little brother through school, and just be happy.
What did you do 2day? Woke up to the sun in lovely North Hollywood, got up and got some breakfast with my gang and then hit the studio a couple times.
How much you charge for a feature? a show? Right now I charge $200 a feature and $1000 for a show, but those numbers are gonna be going up for sure.
What are you trying to do with music? I’m trying to make music my full-time hustle. Getting money and getting to express myself via music sounds pretty lit.
Where do you see yourself in 5 yearsLiving in the Hollywood Hills, drinking lean, and having threesomes with my girl.
What are your plans for 2018? Run a fucking bag up and make my name known to these peons.



Lil Ugly Toes

Str8 Pyrex Music: Yung Fresh got the sauce and the flavor

YUNG FRESH is an artist from Milwaukee,wi that I got put onto by a comment on one of YouTube videos actually. From the research I have done, I found out he’s actually making some headway in this game called the music biz. He has done shows from Milwaukee to Miami and has done a couple features with major artists that include the likes of yfn lucci and dae dae love life .

Currently he has two mixtapes out right now literally available EVERYWHERE!

One is named ”Made It Through Tha Struggle” & “Made It Through Tha Struggle Part 2”.


Why do I like him? He brings something new to the music world. Its his style sauce and flavor telling his story and giving you new energy .