Tank Chamberlain “Fresh Out”

Tank Chamberlain is a rapper I wrote about before who was recently incarcerated for 6 months. He just got out earlier this month and just released his first track since coming home and it’s called “Fresh Out”. Expect to hear more from this young Florida rapper. Florida is where it’s at right now.

GloKKNine drops more heat with “Sun Down”

GloKKNine is putting rappers on the come up to shame with the way he is continuing to release a steady stream of fire. Randomly dropping track after track on his YouTube channel. No waiting for a whole mixtape, no teasers or bs like that.

Besides dropping two music videos on WorldStar and other places, in the last month, he has also dropped 9 audio tracks on his channel. His most recent one, Sun Down, was released only 13 hours ago and it currently sits at 7k+ views. And damn is this song fire. Mark my words, in a couple years, people will be saying this track was a classic GloKKNine track.

With “Sun Down” the 17 y.o. spitter laces street raps over a gritty summer style beat, imagine Boosie’s “I remember” or a Speaker Knockerz like beat, that was crafted by a producer called ArcazeOnTheBeat who I am now determined af to do an interview with.

Check out this song below and get on the GloKKNine wave.


Other thoughts on GloKKNine and his wave:

Some are going to say that he has a Kodak Black flow or sound but I don’t think that’s true at all, GlokkNine is simply a product of his enviroment, a florida boy who grew up on Boosie and Kodak Black and others that influenced the Kodak sound. And honestly even if he did sound like Kodak, don’t pretend like it would be the first time someone used a kodak flow and blew up.

Something rappers and people tend to forget in this game we call the music industry, is that it is one thing to have a lot of streams, followers, views or likes but what you need to really pay attention to is the engagement. Because all of the previous can easily be bought or influenced.But something that is harder to buy and create, is audience engagement and that is something that I look for when I am examining an artist whether it be a rapper or a producer. For example, GlokkNine clearly has a strong fan base in Flordia and other states as seen by the tweets that come up when you search GlokkNine on twitter;


“Peter Parker” – Tank Chamberlain

Florida rapper Tank Chamberlain is currently locked up  until May. Before he went in, he recorded this track that just recently dropped.

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If you want to learn more about Tank Chamberlain check out this interview: https://curatedflame.com/2017/08/16/freetankchamberlain-interview-with-rapper-tank-chamberlain/


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#FreeTankChamberlain (Interview With Rapper Tank Chamberlain)

#FreeTankChamberlain (Interview With Rapper Tank Chamberlain)


If you don’t know who Tank Chamerlain is, he is a rapper out of Port St Lucie, making waves. However he is currently incarcerated at the time of this writing.

This interview was conducted in person with the Florida rapper Tank Chamberlain before he was arrested on an old warrant charge. Though he is a smooth guy of few words you can get to learn more about him below;

Have you had any other rap names?

only Tank Chamberlain.

Why is that your rap name?

cause my friends used to call me tank. and chamberlain is the most points you can score in the game. plus sosa chamberlain from chief keef. plug this guy who used to live behind me, omari his older brother had n instagram that ended in chamberlain and i thought it was fye. but its mostly cause im 100 percent scoring on these niggas.


Also, cause i gotta big head and im balling on these niggas.

Who are you?

hmmm. (laughs) just a chill ass nigga from miami. all about money. don’t really trust females. i trust my family mostly. lowkey i stay to myself, in a box. I trust a few females. dont really trust niggas… never trust a bitch. never trust a bitch.

You live in PSL, Florida now. Does that have any influence on your music?

people think psl is a lame ass city. but i think psl is full of talented people that are here for sum reason. If all the talented people would put there heads together, there would be an explosion. and everyone would be getting rich. People think PSL soft. There’s soft nigggas theres hard niggas. but we steady out here trappin.

Are you involved in your local music scene?

Im outchea. if it sound right. if it sound sweet.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?

everything ive learned. learned about life. this shit just opened up a whole new lane. a whole buncha experiences so I really can’t pin point anything but maybe the first time I sipped lean.

Who are your biggest influences?

carti, sosa, and dolph.

What are your goals?

To be the GOAT.

Who do you think the greatest rapper of all time?

Sosa. or maybe Eminem. Or maybe Ice Cube since he also wrote Eazy’s shit.

What do you want the world to know about you?

I love music, money, smoking weed, poeing up with niggas. I love shopping. I love riding jet ski’s.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

At the Grammy’s or red carpet on some boss shit. OR smoking sum fye on the islands.

Hottest new rapper out of Florida!

Sorry everyone about the delay in posting content. I have been swamped with family and personal matters and I am just now getting back into the swing of things.

You probably have not heard of him yet cause he is just now starting to gain traction and release music but this rapper I found, Tank Chamberlain, is killing the game right now.

Tank Chamberlain is part of the new school of Trap / Mumblecore Rap but I have the feeling that he is on the verge of something and might be able to cultivate a little niche if he puts his head to the ground.

Check out the video above for a taste of his music and head to soundcloud where he has even better bangers!