This might be the one for Wifisfuneral

I have been seeing Wifisfuneral around YouTube and the internet in general, for I feel like forever now. Hell, I wrote about him in one of my first post on this site last year. However he’s never really had a song that took him out of being a fixture on the soundcloud scene. But this new track with YBN Nahmir, might just be the one. I think it’s a banger and is the first song from Wifisfuneral that will be getting steady replay from me.

“C3P0 Was a Sad Boi” new music from Xay Scott

Xay Scott is a producer who has worked with many artists from Lil Uzi Vert to Good Charlotte and now he’s trying his hand at making music of his own. I know the dude and we talk a lot actually and he’s been telling me to check out the track and I am always doing 10k different things so it takes me awhile to get the stuff.

I finally played it an hour ago when I was doing one of my posts I just published and now I am on its 4th play and I fear I am actually going to be replaying it more. Lol. Like forreal though. So many rappers say they are making a new wave or doing something others aren’t and that just 99% of the time not true. Xay actually does it though on this track and honestly I don’t really know how to describe it besides saying like yeah it’s rap. But it’s rap if C3P0 was a Sad Boi.

And at 1:50 it’s criminally to short.

Foreign Blake isn’t afraid to “Get Silly”

I get submissions from about 5 to 10 rappers and their representatives everyday but due to my site and it’s social media’s not having the same recognition as Elevator or NoJumper or SayCheese yet, unfortunately I don’t get the greatest submissions. That’s why I rarely post music of people who submit but every now and then there is somebody who catches my ear and right now that’s the case with Foreign Blake.

I am not going to lie the second I got an email from him I was immediately intrigued simply due to his name. When you get emails from a dozen “lil cloutchasers” any name that doesn’t have Lil or Young in it gets more appealing and idk what to call it but that name just sounds dope, it sounds and looks marketable to me.

But rap music is more than a name so what about the music? Well when I listen to Foreign Blake I hear the beginnings of somebody who has the chance to pop off. He is still rough around the edges but I saw something in Icy Narco when he only had one remix available on Soundcloud and I think I might see the same with Foreign Blake. He’s got a vibe going that’s undeniable and I think it’s hella cool that he remixed “Get Silly” a track that’s like 9 years old at this point.

Also I really dug his dipset remix

Keep an eye out for Foreign Blake.


Happy birthday TOOM! Interview + 6 beats with Prod. TOOM

First off happy birthday to Prod. TOOM! I can’t believe he’s as young as he is and he’s already killing shxt when it comes to production. This is the producer I was talking about in my post earlier, when I said Maxo Koolin hooked me up with his contact.

Prod. TOOM is someone I have seen on YouTube for a minute and he’s someone I see making a name for himself so I had to reach out to do an interview. Below you can find out more about him and check out 6 of his beats.

The only confirmed credits I got is with Lil Slump because he posted a snippet on his Instagram, I also got work with Sad Frosty and Lil Boom on the way.


How old are you? 
Y’all will probably be surprised when you hear this but I’m only 13.
funniest reason/excuse a rapper ever gave you for not having the money for a beat on time?
Some guy said he would pay me next Tuesday when he gets his paycheck, and then when he didn’t send it, I asked him where the money was and he acted like he didn’t know me, haha.
Where are you from?  
I’m from Boston MA, in the United States.
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it?
I’ve only been producing for half a year. I got into it because I use to make trash dubstep songs on GarageBand and I listened to a lot of beats and when I tried it, it just clicked.
When did you know you made it? or that this could be an actual career for you?
I kinda figured out I could use this as a career when I started making a decent amount of money consistently. I now make about $50-150 a week and I’m still a small producer.
Can you tell us about (me and the readers) the coolest, or most satisfying, OR the most expensive beat sale, you’ve ever done?
The most expensive beat sale I ever did was an exclusive purchase for $200 because the buyer didn’t read the price tag and went along with it, haha.
Who are your biggest influences? 
My biggest influence producer-wise is probably Ronny J. All of his beats go hard and his style of beats can make anything sound good.
Want to give any shoutouts?
I’d like to shout out all of the Skerbie Klan, mainly Sad Centaur, MarvinTheMartian, and Windxws because they are all growing at similar speeds as me and make fire beats too. (And Maxokoolin for giving you my email lol)
What do you find is the best platform or avenue of selling your beats? and why?
Right now, I think that Youtube is the best way of selling beats. I’ve tried to use BeatStars and TrakTrain but the most rappers look for beats on Youtube. Youtube also gets the most views and you get much more feedback on it.
Do you have any other income streams besides crafting instrumentals? like, do you sell shoutouts or do you also song write, or write books, etc?
I sometimes sell reposts, if they really good I post them for free but It doesn’t happen a lot haha. I also mix vocals for a price.
What is something about you people would be surprised to know?
Something that people would be surprised at is that I used to make beats on Garage Band. I made like twelve of the beats on my channel from Garage Band lol.
Whats your process for making a beat?
My process is to sample something or make a melody, lay down the hi-hats, kicks, claps, snares, etc. I usually do the 808s last. Then I mix it, then I lay it out and add my tag and automation clips.
What do your beats normally cost?
My beats normally cost 20$ for an mp3 lease, 30$ for a custom, and 100$ for an exclusive WAV.
Any stories on how you got some of your placements? 
I got Lil Boom on a beat because I posted a snippet of my “Take On Me” sample on Instagram and everybody tagged him a bunch of times and I guess he found it.
What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use?
I use Fruity Loops Studio 12, (the newest version). I like this because I can make the hardest beats at the quickest speed, and the mixing and distortion features sound really good.
What are your plans for 2018?
My plans for 2018 is to get 80K subs and get Lil Pump on a beat.
Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (producer wise and rapper wise)
Producer-wise, I’d say Reddrum, Izak, Murda Beatz, and the Skerbie Klan. Rapper-wise I’d say Ohtrapstar, Icy Narco, Comethazine, and Lil Slump.

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🎥 Instagram

Karma drops a music video for her Barbi Tingz Remix

First started following Karma on Instagram and saw that she kept saying she was about to drop a music video and then today I open IG and see she finally did. It’s a remix of Nicki’s Barbie Tingz which is fitting since Karma is what can best be described as a trap barbie.

After watching the video I am left thinking that she is going to be big in the next year or two, whether it be for music or for being a personality. The same way Cardi B was able to pivot and become successful because of her relatability is what I see potentially happening with Karma. People are drawn to Cardi because we all know someone like Cardi and she keeps it real, etc. For me, it’s the same with Karma, and I can’t be the only one since she already has 63k followers on IG.

Fair warning, the video is best watched on an Android with video enhancer or Iphone 10, otherwise for some reason it will look choppy.


Montana of 300 isn’t broke he’s an innovator

Let me make this clear.

I am aware of Montana of 300, I know about his skills and talent. But I have never been a “fan” of him. I’ve had friends who could be considered Stans of his music but I have never been one to bang his music. There is no real reason I just really haven’t.

So don’t think that this is coming from a Montana fan.

All I want to say right now is people need to stop hating on him right now for doing a 15k go fund me. He isn’t doing it cause hes broke. He is doing it because he wants to see if it’s a viable option for making money in this game. If he can get his fans to put up the funds and then he gets to make a video for free and reap the rewards from it, that’s genius.

If he pulls this off, I guarantee you it will be a new trend in rap.

Sponsored Reviews #1

I am trying to grow this site into something amazing. Something that gives you original and great content on the subjects in Hip Hop / Rap that other outlets aren’t covering or at the very least be one of the first to cover that subject and give my readers a leg up. But in order for this to happen I have to start raising some funds to upgrade my tools (phone and laptop) and so I can work less on my other job (uber/lyft).

For the reason I just stated and due to my blog getting bigger to the point I get contacted by anywhere from 10 to 25 rappers and producers everyday looking to get their music on my blog.

I am offering this for $1 only for the month of April.

  • I will listen to one of your songs or beats and write a honest review about it. The review will be 200 to 240 characters (about 2 or 3 sentences) and you can use this review for any promotional purposes you want.
  • I will tweet out the song or beat including the review on @CuratedFlame.
  • and I will include the song in a review round up posted on the site.

and today we have our first two songs:

  1. StineThaMan – Im Up

This track is surprisingly catchy af. I mean the recording quality aint the greatest. But the beat is beyond fire and StineThaMan raps to the point that I could see this premiering on WorldStar. I imagine that if this song gets the proper video treatment it could go low key viral.

2. “Litmoon”

The wheel stays unadvanced in this mumble rap meets autotune track by Kent Jupiter & Daytona titled “Litmoon” which is pure moon music. Meaning your head needs to be in space to vibe with this track.


If you want your music reviewed for $1 click > here

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Having a record label isn’t just for rappers and athletes anymore.

Up until very recently, it used to be in Rap music, that if you were a successful athlete (mostly football and basketball) or you became a successful rapper you would eventually end up having your own “label”.  I put “” around label because there are so many rappers and athletes who have or had “labels” that never actually released any projects.

Also a good majority of the labels that are owned by rappers that do put out projects, are really just imprints on bigger labels. Something that the major label gave the rapper to make him happy and potentially get extra return on their investment in case one of the rappers friends also blew up. Think Chief Keef’s initial deal or Asap Rocky’s deal.

There have also been rappers who have been able to create legitimate imprints and independent labels. Examples include Wayne, Master P, Slug, and Juicy J. For the most part, it’s always been a rappers game for the most part, and now it seems producers are getting in on the label game as well.

It isn’t unheard of for a producer to have a label of course; examples include:

  • Jermaine Dupri
  • Mr. Collipark (soulja boy, V.I.C., Ying Yang Twins)
  • DJ Drama / Don Cannon (Lil Uzi Vert)
  • Dr. Dre
  • Mike Will Made It ( Rae Sremmurd)

But now the younger generation of producers are starting labels as well. You’ve most likely heard that Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital both have record labels but it’s spreading farther than that. Recently, Taz Taylor turned his Internet Money crew / brand into a record label. Then just now (15 minutes ago) Menace,  the producer famously known for producing Panda,  just announced that he started his own label; Audio Mafia Records. With the advance of technology and the prerequisites / costs of starting a record label diminishing, doors are opening for producers and others.


I say others because Adam22 the vlogger / blogger / YouTube personality behind the brand NoJumper, recently announced that NoJumper has a label now as well. They recently released their first track distributed under the label;

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