Ilovemakonnen is looking for beats!

In case you missed it, Ilovemakonnen posted on his IG letting producers know the email for beat submissions. I took a screenshot and posted it on the curatedflame IG and on the curatedflame IG story but just in case you missed it, I created this post. So if your a producer who thinks they got … Continue reading Ilovemakonnen is looking for beats!

Send beats to 400+ rappers!

So you might of noticed I haven't posted to much content in the last couple months and that is because of two things; A. I was working on growing a couple instagram accounts; B. I got a job working on a tv series, its a great opportunity and short term gig [ends in November] and … Continue reading Send beats to 400+ rappers!

Send beats to rappers today with this email list.

Even if you can't afford the small donation amount I am asking in return for the list, I still want to help you out so keep scrolling down for the example pictures of the list because there are freebies available.