Ilovemakonnen is looking for beats!

In case you missed it, Ilovemakonnen posted on his IG letting producers know the email for beat submissions. I took a screenshot and posted it on the curatedflame IG and on the curatedflame IG story but just in case you missed it, I created this post.

So if your a producer who thinks they got the fire, send him beats asap. I needs all the new music from makonnen I can get.

Screenshot 2018-10-09 14.37.25.png

And if you are trying to send beats to even more rappers; then check out my CuratedFlame Email Pack.

Email Pack + 1 Month Subscription of Updates

This is the curated flame email pack which currently contains the contact emails for over 400 rappers. This list is comprised of rappers who fit the following categories; Major Label Artists, Established rappers in other countries, and artists on the come up. Included in your purchase is one month of free updates and each update typically contains 30+ new rappers.


Send beats to 400+ rappers!

So you might of noticed I haven’t posted to much content in the last couple months and that is because of two things;

A. I was working on growing a couple instagram accounts;

B. I got a job working on a tv series, its a great opportunity and short term gig [ends in November] and very time intensive.

But the lack of posting is going to change starting today, however that isn’t what this post is about. It’s about letting you know that even though I haven’t been posting, I have had to keep supplying the customers who have purchased my email pack.

If you don’t know about this email pack, it started in March of this year, when I began offering a small list of around 36 rappers whose emails I had accumulated while creating this blog. This email pack is for producers who want to send their beats to rappers.  Eventually that list of 36 rappers grew to 344 by July and in that time, close to 70 producers bought the list and when you buy the list you get a 1 month to 1 year subscription of updates added to your order.

The reason I am letting you know this is because even though I haven’t been updating the site, I have still been updating and curating the email pack for the producers who ordered the list. So if you have been interested and lurking but have been yet to purchase the list, just know its still going on and I’m still delivering heat.

In September so far I have dropped 2 massive updates adding over 100 new rappers to the list. Check out my store to order the email pack today!