Im Depressed, Let’s Have Sex!

Some more heat coming from that Glasshead crew I been telling you about!

Soundcloud find: (Drinkin and Thinkin) Funky Brown by Hella Hashtags

Like usual the production is crisp and the flow is smooth.

Stay tuned for a new project on the way from Pittsburgh / DC emcee Hella Hashtags


Pittsburgh producer, C. Scott releases an impressive 20 tracks deep beat tape on soundcloud.

How I became aware of this artist: C. Scott is a producer who recently emailed me a submission of his music so please artists be aware I am taking submissions!!

My thoughts on his work: When I listen to this tape I am heavily reminded of Ant (the producer half of Atmosphere). Don’t come into this beat tape expecting any new school mainstream shit. But if you are looking for beats that are any of the following; old school, east coast, indie, alternative, sampled; then this is the tape for you!

Notes:  This is how a beat tape should be.

For the producers out there please pay attention to what C. Scott has done here:

  1. There are no tags on any of these beats.
  2. Each beat goes to the overall vibe of the tape. Each beat that comes after the one you were just listening 2, sounds like it should be the next beat playing.
  3. Each beat stands alone.

For the rappers out there:

Enjoy this solid meal of 20 instrumentals that will keep you satisfied for awwwhile!


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Pittsburgh Rapper, Romance Nyogu, releases a flame 4 track EP

Romance Nyogu is a 19 y.o. rapper from Pittsburgh who is personally my favorite rapper on the local scene. Thats no bullshit either.

411: Right now he is making a name for himself and getting experience doing shows in the local house show circuit. I have personally seen him perform him at 4 of the 6 shows he is done in his short career. It was at his third show, a birthday party for the producer/rapper Young Mulato (r.i.p.), where I saw him perform for the first time, and I was immediately drawn in by a combination of his lyrics, his energy, and beat selection. But mostly for me it was the lyrics. It was sh*t I could connect to…

At the time I couldn’t quite put my hands on it of who he reminded me of, but as the months have passed and I have seen him perform more… Not to get to sommelier here. But I get strong Charles Hamilton vibes, with slight notes of both Makonnen and maybe J.Cole? I don’t know…

The guy is only 19 which is crazy.!He’s already putting out fire lyrics over a crazy curated beat selection (he also sometimes produces as well). I highly recommend that you get woke to this artist before he blows up in the next 3 to 5 years.

To start listening to Romance Nyogu check out his new EP that he dropped like literally 2 days ago.


Why I didn’t go to Thrival Music Festival this year.

Thrival is a music festival in Pittsburgh, PA that just concluded its 5th consecutive year. This year the multi day festival had hometown hero Wiz Khalifa as the main headliner, and other headliners included Logic, Carnage, Griz, Ugly G-D (he replaced Kyle at the last minute).

Sounds great, right? I wouldn’t know. I didn’t go. In fact I have never been to a Thrival festival.


1st. No Identity

The line up seems very rap heavy this year which is awesome but this is the first year that has been the case. Not saying I only go to rap festivals cause I don’t, I have been to All Good, Warped Tour, and Mysteryland. But yes, I do prefer rap concerts / festivals and this the first year that they have had a rapper of note that I wanted to see. Previous years they were very light on the rap presence and then this year it was the majority of the big name artists performing. It seems to me like it could just be a cash grab, like the promoters read the article about Rap being the most popular genre worldwide and so they were like, yo… this year lets see what having rappers does for us.

I am kind of dismayed that a festival that has been running for 5 years has yet to find its identity. You don’t have to be heavy on one genre or another, and also I get that it takes time to build a brand identity, but 5 years is stretching it.

2nd. Fees

Me and my friends wanted to on Saturday, the night Wiz Khalifa & Ugly G-D would be performing. One day passes were $60. And ok, yes that is a steep ticket price but I also understand that it is a festival and that there’s overheard, artist fees, etc. However, the ticket price did make me and my friends iffy on whether we would want to go until we saw that they were also offering a discount that if you bought 4 tickets as a group, you could get the tickets for $150! Ok, Thrival, dope we are in!

BUT Then Thrival and Ticketmaster wanted to charge $60 in fees. Excuse me? How do you get $60 in fees? That is literally 40% of the cost for the group ticket price. So now the price was $210 for 4 tickets which if you do the math, is $52.50 a ticket after fees… So a $7.50 discount? Your crazy.

3rd. Loyalty

This was a Pittsburgh music festival and the ticket service they decided to use was global giant Ticketmaster, never mind the fact that Pittsburgh is the home of one of Ticketmaster’s competitors, Showclix.

As someone who went to school for Entertainment Management I notice the small things like this and it’s annoying that they didn’t have the where with all to consider using the hometown brand.