Bali Baby – Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video)

I said she was going to be a femcee to watch for in 2018


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Introducing Elle Teresa & her new track Zombitch ft Bali Baby (official music video)

The east is rising.

Meet Elle Teresa, her music is best described as the name of her most recent mixtape “Pink Trap” or Rico Nasty’s term “Sugar Trap”… And her music could best be described as aligning with bali baby or rico nasty but she raps in Japanese. In fact Bali Baby is featured in her most recent song and the video.

but trust me when I say Elle Teresa isn’t just popping out of nowhere and trying to ride a wave.  From what I can see on the YouTube channel that uploads her videos, she has been putting music out like this for at least 2.5 years already. In fact below is her first video which was released Oct. 1, 2015

I am hoping I can score an interview with her. stay tuned.



Blue Eyed Soul with relatable lyrics: Max Frost – High All Day [Music Video]

When working at a popular concert venue in college I learned that white guys that make music like the song/video below, it is called blue eyed soul. I think that’s an interesting genre name. Anyways, anyone who smokes weed often and has dealt with a break up, will be able to relate to this song by the artist Max Frost. Released 11 days ago, it only has 73,000+ views, so be one of the first to get onto this song before it makes its eventual way to the radio.

Not a 1 hit wonder just yet: DreamDoll “Team Dream” music video

DreamDoll says in the song “Bitches said they thought that I would be a one hit wonder, what the fuck do they mean”… No DreamDoll what do you mean? I mean you are three videos deep into your career. so chill.

However… Girl keep doing your thing, I like the quality of videos you are putting out,  but I think DreamDoll still needs to find her voice / flow.


No one likes you when your 23 – New music from Drippin So Pretty

I have written about Drippin So Pretty, way back when I first started this blog. Mostly I just liked him for his music videos and his interesting persona. Plus he looks like my dealer lol.

Anyways, I just found this video, its six days old. But yo, Drippin So Pretty has found his stride. Hopefully this isn’t a one off from him. Dude dropped his ego, got woke, and put some real lyrics onto a beat that sounds like it could of been on a lil peep or lil uzi vert album.

Matter of fact, like I just told my best friend when I sent him the video, “if this is what I would of heard when you showed me Lil Peep, then I would be a fan. This is some real shit”.

For real, check out the video below.

Gus Dapperton – I’m Just Snacking

Gus Dapperton is from NYC and makes interesting music…

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Crunchy White Videos + Music Review

I will tell you straight up. I don’t want to like this kids music. He looks like a hypebeast supreme d*ckrider whose real name is probably cody or zack. HOWEVER, he is making music that sounds so 36 Mafia heyday its rediculous. It sounds like he is simply making music for the small niche that remains decades after that 36 mafia heyday. and Crunchy White is doing it just as good if not better than any number of the folks out there trying to do the same. Give Crunchy Cody, I mean Crunchy White a chance and check out his two tracks below.

Zee Ft Human – My Team (To Everyone Around Me) – Official Music Video

I have written about Zee before and now he’s back with the official music video for his track “My Team”.  Make sure you watch the video  and support the artist at the links below.