4 more Instagram models and strippers turned rappers

Since the writing of that article I have come across a handful of other strippers and instagram models who are attempting to turn an online following into a music fanbase, with varying degrees of success.

Lil Gotit “Don’t Hate Me” verges on ironic

Alamo Records artist "Lil Gotit" is a rapper I just only now heard of but he seems like he has the potential to raise his profile up and become a bigger name. Sonically the track his dope and definitely sounds like thugga man himself made this track which depending on your opinions can be good … Continue reading Lil Gotit “Don’t Hate Me” verges on ironic

Politically Incorrect – Tom MacDonald

"Yall are so addicted to being hopeless victims, yall could crash a plane and blame the road conditions" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ita4g_oDyns Besides sounding very much like an angrier version of G-Eazy, Tom MacDonald delivers a stand out track and visual.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqYFphJoFhM Ok so this article is actually about two artists, Enchanting who is an RnB singer I think? I don't normally post the type of music she makes however her song with BooGotti Kasino caught my eye recently. After initially writing this article about BooGotti and how he's featured on her track "Brickz", I saw … Continue reading “Twenty….Brickz”

Fireman Band$ is a “weird @$$” rapper

"I'm a spitefull as n*gga, so I had to fxck ya sista" Fireman Band$ pops up out of nowhere with this video and like he says multiple times throughout the song, he's a weird nxgga. Some of us are already late to the party it seems because he has 10k+ followers on twitter and 20k+ … Continue reading Fireman Band$ is a “weird @$$” rapper

Larry Lifted releases “The Growth” part 1

I don't know much about Larry Lifted, he submitted his music to me and it was in an email that I hadn't even checked for awhile but when I finally checked out the song lol I saw growth. Like it's wordy wordplay in a flow and on a beat I could see myself replaying. What … Continue reading Larry Lifted releases “The Growth” part 1

BBGBabyJoe is up next!

BBGBabyJoe is one of those rappers who is somehow a secret to the majority of the rap world but still has a strong buzz bubbling somewhere because yesterday I peeped his video "IRAQ" thats only 3 weeks old and it isn't on a channel as big as worldstar BUT the video somehow has racked up … Continue reading BBGBabyJoe is up next!