4 more Instagram models and strippers turned rappers

Colorful Pre Rolled Cones

Previously I wrote an article called “3 strippers turned rappers not named Cardi B” that has gotten a steady stream of views daily since I posted it. Since the writing of that article I have come across a handful of other strippers and Instagram models who are attempting to turn an online following into a music fanbase, with varying degrees of success. Below you can find four of the more successful, interesting, or entertaining, ones that I think need to be showcased.

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Curly Redd is an exotic dancer from Florida who has been making a name for herself on Instagram posting some of the craziest twerk videos and videos of herself at different events. She has grown her following to 219K followers and has branched out into other categories such as appearing in videos with instagram comedians like @tpindell and into the music category with her first official video release “Only Up From Here”.

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MikeilaJ is an instagram model / twerker who I have posted before on my IG account DopeDealerTV and she has a healthy following of 88.9k on IG currently. One thing that I have noticed she is doing is creating a little buzz for herself by posting videos like this;

Now you might be saying, “aight so what, whats different from her doing that” well her song is playing in the background and if you look at the comments you will see people asking, “what song is that?” and how she responds saying she hasn’t actually released it yet. It comes out, October 21st actually.

Update: Mikeilaj’s first official video is out now.

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Baby Doll Forbes is an instagram model and brand ambassador with a following of over 463K on instagram. I have followed her for awhile on multiple accounts I run and have never seen anything that would have led me to believe she was trying to be a rapper BUT lo and behold a couple of days ago, I am scrolling and I see this freestyle video from her;

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Ty.ni is an exotic dancer and “published urban model” who has over 227k+ followers on Instagram where she mainly posts videos of herself twerking or dancing at the club. She currently has only one song out that I know of.

Colorful Pre Rolled Cones

Lil Gotit “Don’t Hate Me” verges on ironic

Alamo Records artist “Lil Gotit” is a rapper I just only now heard of but he seems like he has the potential to raise his profile up and become a bigger name. Sonically the track his dope and definitely sounds like thugga man himself made this track which depending on your opinions can be good and bad.

Here’s the thing when the video starts and Gotit begins your immediately drawn in however the second he got to saying “YSL”, it was cemented for me that he is a huge Young Thug fan. Which doesn’t stop me from appreciating the song however it’s just if you were already wondering if the dude is influenced by Young Thug, you don’t have to ask yourself anymore after that.

Overall the song is dope and has replay value and will keep me clicking his videos whenever I see them pop up.

*If your wondering who the guy prominently featured throughout the video sitting next to Lil Gotit is, its Hoodrich Pablo Juan, another artist on the Alamo Records label and someone whose had a name buzzing online and in the streets for yeaaars.

This might be the one for Wifisfuneral

I have been seeing Wifisfuneral around YouTube and the internet in general, for I feel like forever now. Hell, I wrote about him in one of my first post on this site last year. However he’s never really had a song that took him out of being a fixture on the soundcloud scene. But this new track with YBN Nahmir, might just be the one. I think it’s a banger and is the first song from Wifisfuneral that will be getting steady replay from me.

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and today we have our first two songs:

  1. StineThaMan – Im Up

This track is surprisingly catchy af. I mean the recording quality aint the greatest. But the beat is beyond fire and StineThaMan raps to the point that I could see this premiering on WorldStar. I imagine that if this song gets the proper video treatment it could go low key viral.

2. “Litmoon”

The wheel stays unadvanced in this mumble rap meets autotune track by Kent Jupiter & Daytona titled “Litmoon” which is pure moon music. Meaning your head needs to be in space to vibe with this track.


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ZillaKami X SosMula raise the bar with “33rd Blakk Glass”

This video is truly on some other sh*t. Sure there are the common tropes of trap videos peppered throughout the video but this video for “33rd Blakk Glass” takes it to a whole other level.

  1. There are at least two drugs being used that I have no idea what they are. I’m sorry but if I don’t know what the drugs are then you know that’s some real crazy shit. I have sold, seen, or done it all. At least that’s what I thought.
  2. You thought your videos with dracos were impressive? these n*ggas got rocket launchers!!!

MostNope reviews Pouya’s new album “FIVE FIVE”

Edited by @nicejewboy
Pouya’s second solo project FIVE FIVE dropped at Midnight on Sunday and to be honest, I really had no idea what to expect. The few singles that came out steered in totally different directions; so finally getting to listen to everything put together has been more than worth the wait.

FIVE FIVE slowly builds itself from a relaxed and introspective vibe into a head-banging and bloodthirsty one-two combo that showcases what both Pouya, and Mikey the Magician are really capable of. More importantly, it connects. From the west-coast, vintage bone thugs feel on “Aftershock” to the dark and nasty wave of the title track, the range is something both original and seriously impressive. (If the beat switch in “One Time” don’t make you move, I don’t trust you). The album closes on a slightly softer note that is a fitting comedown from the ride and left me wishing it was twice as long.

Pouya has been through a lot last few years and FIVE FIVE is an obvious yet perfect manifestation of that. As a fan, I was definitely not disappointed and even if you weren’t waiting on it, I’m sure you won’t be either.
If you’re with the shits and got 32 min go listen to it. It bangs.

Soundcloud find (BBGUNS “Thirst”)

Holy sh*t.

I don’t think I have ever been more surprised to hear what I just heard.

First off, let me back up, for the readers who don’t know, I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. There is a healthy and stacked local rap music scene that ranges from a Pittsburgh version of chicago Drill music (Jimmy Wopo, Hardo, Flatline Nizzy) to heady stoner rap (Hella Hashtags) all the way to alt rap (Romance Nyogu, GlassHead) and everything in between.

Now to be honest, I have been a little slacking on keeping up with the music in my area recently, which is why it took me 6 days after the release of an album by the local group BBGUNS to finally listen to their album. And damn, am I pissed I slept on this. I mean it has one of my favorite local rappers, Romance Nyogu as the guess artist on the last track of the album. And my favorite local producer, C. Scott, handles production on 6 out of the 13 tracks on the album.

After listening to the album, this is what I have to say… Listen to me right now, if you are a hip hop fan who likes Atmosphere, Wiki, and / or Charles Hamilton then this album is f*cking for you! The music reminds me heavy of all of those three above, hell it actually reminds me a lot of P.O.S. (if you know who that is).

This album, might be the best full length local project I might have heard in awhile if not since… You know what, put it like this. This is real talk right here, in my opinion for best local projects in the last 10 years, and I mean full length mixtapes or albums that were created in Pittsburgh, by Pittsburgh rappers and producers, the list goes:

  1. Star power – Wiz Khalifa
  2. EZ MAC, But my Maccin Aint Easy – EZ MAC (now known as Mac Miller)
  3. Thirst – BBGUNS
  4. The Mon Valley Miracle – The 58’s

There it is, I f*cking said it.

“Ninety Five” : Review of DiAmond Miller’s new tape

Review written by Kaleb (@musicofcarolina)

Edited by @nicejewboy

“Ninety Five”

DiAmond Miller wants everyone to know he’s here to stay with his latest release, “Ninety Five.” There’s a level of maturity and introspection on this tape unlike his prior releases. Much of this stems from Miller’s careful selection of just 10 beats for the tape. The lyrics on this project delve deeper into topics like addictive behaviors and today’s racial and economic relations globally. Miller’s catchy, repetitive hooks will leave you thinking about his songs hours after they’re done playing.

Notable lyric:

“How could I talk about your flaws? I’m such a hypocrite

How could I be so insecure and still a narcissist

How could I put that shit on you when I’m the one to blame?

I thought that shit was cool, looking back that shit was lame, damn”

DiAmond Miller – “Couple

The recording for this project took place over three cities: Columbia (SC), Fort Mill (SC) and Charlotte (NC). Miller began recording in December 2016 back when the project had no name. Miller worked closely with his homie Cooper over the duration of the creative process for “Ninety Five.” Cooper has two placements on the tape under “The Klepto.”

“Last thing we wanna see is a World War III and that ain’t too hard to understand

You break ya’ back to help Europeans say fuck the brown and black man

I’m off of that but don’t take it back though I’d hate to use my white fans

I ain’t saying fuck the white man but I am saying fuck the man”

DiAmond Miller – “Fly

Production Credits: NA$A, Chronic Cloud, Yung Icey Beats, The Klepto, PhantomNine3 and Jonny Tsunami.

“How I’m gon’ be gentle when I’m just a roughneck?

Lowlife living leave ‘em highly upset

If they talking battles then they better come correct

Kill a rapper, police naming me the only suspect”

DiAmond Miller – “Roughneck