“Hallelujah, pink paradise” Have you heard of ANWAR yet?

“Shinigami are g-ds or supernatural spirits that invite humans toward death, and can be seen to be present or interpreted to be present in certain aspects of Japanese religion and culture.”

I guess that Anwar is very into Japanese culture, but this is definitely not uncommon. The Japanese culture has long had a love and fascination for it from the hip hop community. Anwar’s song is not my normal go to type of song but I can tell that a lot of people will fux with it. Beyond that, I’ve found myself thinking about the song since I first watched the video two days ago, much like Baby Jay’s recent track “Out The Rain”.

Maybe it’s about to be the time for the black emo rapper to shine. Because from what I have seen, they have yet to get the same attention that the hip hop outlets that cover the emo rap scene, have been for the most part, throwing exclusively to white emo rappers.

This might be the one for Wifisfuneral

I have been seeing Wifisfuneral around YouTube and the internet in general, for I feel like forever now. Hell, I wrote about him in one of my first post on this site last year. However he’s never really had a song that took him out of being a fixture on the soundcloud scene. But this new track with YBN Nahmir, might just be the one. I think it’s a banger and is the first song from Wifisfuneral that will be getting steady replay from me.

Fireman Band$ is a “weird @$$” rapper


“I’m a spitefull as n*gga, so I had to fxck ya sista”

Fireman Band$ pops up out of nowhere with this video and like he says multiple times throughout the song, he’s a weird nxgga. Some of us are already late to the party it seems because he has 10k+ followers on twitter and 20k+ on IG.

From now I will be keeping an eye out for his releases.

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“The Growth” Interview with rapper LarryLifted

Larry Lifted is a rapper whose still on the come up and has a very limited amount of content out there. However he submitted his music to me and was really aiming for an interview so I figured why not, the guy has talent and he’s been a big supporter of the blog for a minute.

How did you come up with your name? I came up with my name LarryLifted because my last name is Larry and my music is meant to uplift people around me.
What are some official projects of yours? I have The Growth Series which is a two song ep with the Growth Part 1 and Part 2.
Where are you from? I’m from Tampa bay Florida but i live in Nashville Tennessee.
Are you involved in your local music scene? I honestly feel like I am I’m always looking to get other artists and producers to work together in my area. Networking is key especially when you’re in a city that hasn’t gotten a huge buzz yet.
Age? I’m 24
Something cool that’s happened with your music? the coolest thing had to be was when a A&R Rep from Shady Records reached out and asked me to submit 5 songs for review. I sent the music off and about a month later i got my review and i was told i was talented and they wanted me to stay away from cliche rap however i didn’t have the huge enough fanbase yet so unfortunately i didn’t get a deal or get flown out to New York.
Craziest thing you have done? the craziest thing i ever did was probably go into the military right out of HighSchool not knowing what i was getting myself into lol it worked out in the end but man… that was a eye opener.
Your beats are pretty fire, where do you find em? I appreciate that i get most of my beats from ProdlemBeatz or my big home DrewMajorBeats.
Rap influences? my biggest rap influences has to be Big Krit, Jayrock , starlito and Young roddy i really like that group because they know how to keep it Conscious and tell a story through they’re music.
Goals with music? My goals are to get out of poverty and actually do something for my community that will go on even after I’m gone i don’t find interest gold and flashy stuff. There is so much more you can do with your finances that can help so many more people in need even if they didn’t believe in me i still want them to know i got them.
What did you do today? I wrote a couple verses and played a little 2k18 lol
What are your goals with music? I’m trying to use my music to speak to those who don’t have the energy to pick up a book and read about there history or things that happened in life that they aren’t aware of. It’s way bigger than music with me
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 5 years i see myself back in Florida running my local business LIFT.ED(Locals In Florida Teaching Education)
Any plans for 2018? My plan was to get a interview with curatedflame and hopefully draw his attention to where he follows ya boy music lol 🚁💯

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Interview with Producer and Hip Hoppreneur, MikeBeatz

I found out about MikeBeatz because he is one of my earliest supporters on the instagram for this blog. He was one of the first to like a bunch of my pictures and to send me messages of encouragement. I came to find out by following his page that MikeBeatz is not only a producer and designer, he is a real hip hop / rap entrepreneur.
Shameless plug but he also eventually would design the packaging for my email pack;

Email Pack

Emails of 260 rappers to send beats + multiple updates with new rappers every month for 3 months + Free promo for one of your beats on IG & Twitter.


You see for the most part, the people in the business of Rap / Hip Hop focus on their one specific part of the trade and that’s it. If your a rapper, you rap, if your a producer, you produce, if your a graphic designer, you design. There are a smaller amount of people who might do two things like rap and produce or produce and manage or produce and design. Then there is an even smaller amount who have their hands in a whole bunch of metaphorical pies and pots. One of those people being MikeBeatz, here is a quick list of what he does;
  • Beatmaker / producer
  • Consultant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Blogger
  • Marketing and promo
  • Mixing and mastering

If that’s not hustling, your definition is f*cked up. This man has taken a passion and love for the hip hop / rap art form and turned it into a real career. To find out more about him keep scrolling down.


How old are you?33
Funniest reason/excuse a rapper ever gave you for not having the money for a beat on time? Well, I make sure before they purchase a beat I make him/her know the difference between Non-Exclusive and Exclusive. The budget could be $25 dollar but at the same time, they want Exclusive. I do want artists to understand as well producers who know either.
Where are you from? Columbia, Missouri
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it?
I producing for 10 + years. At the age 13, my uncle was into making beats and he gave me my first drum pad hardware which had 8 buttons like the hi-hat, kick, clap and etc.
I used to ask people what is the most they made from a beat, and some producers don’t like to flex. So I am changing this question to can you tell us about (me and the readers) the coolest, or most satisfying, OR the most expensive beat sale, you’ve ever done? The most was an exclusive beat that was $1000!
Who are your biggest influences? Timbaland, Manny Fresh, Zaytoven, Scott Storch, Jermaine Dupri, Dr. Dre, Superstar O, VybeBeats, GummyBeats, Johnny Juliano and many more.
Want to give any shoutouts? My Queen Nisha, My kids Saniya, Jaylen, and Aliazah. My mother Wanda Joel. My sisters Lataja and Latara. My niece and five nephews these the people I love.
What do you find is the best platform or avenue for selling your beats? and why?
Beatstars is the BEST platform for selling beats. The same time who have to build a strong relationship with singers, rappers, and music artists.
What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I love to play pool when I get the time.
Whats your process for making a beat? Starting with the melody first.
What do your beats normally cost?
Non-Exclusive – $19.99
Wave Lease – $39.99
Unlimited Lease – $69.99
Exclusive – Varies
Make sure you read the description of the lease you choose.
What hardware or software do you use? I use Ableton Live 9 and FL Studio 12
What are your plans for 2018? My plans for 2018 is to keep building relationship with some BIG names.
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Interview with Marcuss Muzik, the producer of BBG Baby Joe’s Iraq

Marcuss Muzik is a producer out of Louisiana, I first heard about because of a producer I had already interviewed by the name of Guwap$. He kept telling me he had a producer friend that would be great for an interview but I held off on interviewing him because all of his placements were “unreleased” and I have had producers before claim they had unreleased tracks with artists to try and get an interview with this site.
But I was then reminded of Marcuss Muzik because I saw he produced “Iraq” by BBG Baby Joe, a song I have been banging for weeks now.
Once I saw the producer Guwap had been telling me about was the same guy who had produced that track I had to do an interview with this producer. I quickly found out that not only are Guwap and Marcuss friends, they are part of a production group called Beat Execz, which there are two other members of that I hope to score interviews with. Right now though, check out the interview with Marcuss below.
4609923877589753577-6VJ--01 (1).jpg
How old are you? 21 , Born January 7 , 1997
Where are you from? Baton Rouge , Louisiana
What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use? Pro Tools 12, FL Studio 12.2Roland Fantom X8 , I love the Fantom X8 beacuse of its weighted keys.
  • BBG Baby Joe – Iraq
  • Mike Rich – More than half of the “Kynngg” Project , The whole “Up Season” Project
  • Funny Mike – Dumb Dumb , And other Unreleased Songs
  • I’ve worked with many artist such as Level , Spitta , Scotty Cain ( Free Him ) , Never Broke Again Youngboy , VL Deck , YSL Jett … The Unreleased Music is too crazy
How did the Iraq song from baby joe come about? I was in the studio in Atlanta With YoungBoy , VL Deck , Baby Joe , & 21 Lil Harold and Baby Joe wanted me to play some beats , The Iraq beat was the first one I played and it caught his attention and he recorded it on the spot.
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it? Since 2007 , My dad had a studio room in the house and he had this Roland Fantom X7 , i used to play around and make 8 bar loops and keep it going but never took it serious until i was introduced to Fl Studio in 2010 and been progressing ever since
When did you know you made it? or that this could be an actual career for you?
I Aint make it yet , but when i started traveling , going studio to studio & meeting famous people.
I used to ask people what is the most they made from a beat, and some producers don’t like to flex. So I am changing this question to can you tell us about (me and the readers) the coolest, or most satisfying, OR the most expensive beat sale, you’ve ever done? The most coolest or satisfying beat sale was when i was in the studio last year and we had session and they wanted to hear some beats , dude chose 4 didnt ask a price and payed nearly triple what i normally charge.
Who are your biggest influences?
E-40 , Future , Gucci Mane , Waka Flocka , Metro Boomin , Southside 808 Mafia
Want to give any shoutouts?
First My Mom And Dad , Shoutout BBG Baby Joe , The Whole Beat Execz Team ( GT , Guwap , EJ Beats , & Torey Montana ) , Mike Rich , Rico Drop That Shit , NBA Ken , NBA Twinn , NBA Montana , Jhonny1k , $hopWitKen , Level , Spitta , VL Deck , Fabion And His Team.
What do you find is the best platform or avenue of selling your beats? and why?
Me personally i dont like putting my beats on the internet , i like to do buisness in person in the studio , by phone or through email.
Whats your process for making a beat? Start a main melody , add percs , add a background melody or arp , then come in with the drums.
What do your beats normally cost? $150 Lease $500 – $1,000 Exclusives.
What are your plans for 2018? Work with as many artists as i can , become known for my music , Move out of Louisiana.
Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? Beat Execz , BBG Baby Joe , Mike Rich.
Beat Execz Logo Plain 4.jpg

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Roy Purdy and Elle Teresa show up in Famous Dex’s new music video.

Famous Dex releases a second official video for his track “Japan”. This should be called a official video remix. Like maybe that’s the new wave to keep getting monetary success off of a project. That’s just a thought but besides that Famous Dex completely understands that for him to continue his growth and maintain his success that he needs to keep releasing visuals. That’s what has gotten him to where he is now.

Low key this dude or him and his team must have the craziest video budget.

The first video was released two months ago and has already racked up 41 Million plus views and I am curious to see what this video does.

In the video it documents Famous Dex’s trip in Japan and in the video Elle Teresa is heavily featured and Roy Purday and his gang make an appearance as well.

Check out the nterview with Elle Teresa the girl in the video who is actually a rapper herself.

BBGBabyJoe is up next!

BBGBabyJoe is one of those rappers who is somehow a secret to the majority of the rap world but still has a strong buzz bubbling somewhere because yesterday I peeped his video “IRAQ” thats only 3 weeks old and it isn’t on a channel as big as worldstar BUT the video somehow has racked up 1.6 million views.

The song is a banger and I am telling you this guy is up next!

These 9 producers are specifically looking to do beat collaborations

Due to many requests from producers who follow my blog and social medias and a few of the ones who have bought my email list of rappers to send beats to, I created this list.

All of these are producers I myself have worked with in the past. The 9 producers on this list specifically reached out to me when I made a post asking who does collabs. On this list you will see some notable names of producers like Koncept P (6ix9ine), TreOnTheBeat (DDG), Xay Scott (Lil Uzi Vert), and more. Below you will find there contact information and what price they charge for collaborations.

Producers specifically looking to collab:

  1. Producer: Koncept P

Email: koncept.p.beats@gmail.com

Price: $200

2. Producer: Treonthebeat

email: prodbytre@gmail.com

Price: $50

3. Producer: Oakerdidit

email: trizoaker2@gmail.com

Price: $10

4. Producer: Xay Scott


Price: $50 for collabs that will get played in studio for major artists and he will provide reputable proof.

5. Producer: Maxo Koolin

Email: grossmax295@gmail.com

Price: $30

6. Producer: G-dlikepariah

Producer: godlike1029@gmail.com

$40 but if you say you got this contact from curatedflame, it will only be $30

7. Producer: Reeseygotit

Email: reeseygotit@gmail.com

Price: $50

8. Killer on the beat

Email: Killerotb.producer@gmail.com

Price: free

9. MikeBeatz

Email: mikebeatzcom@gmail.com

Price: $50

White Email Pack

Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to check out the CuratedFlame Email Pack that has 153 rappers and there contact emails to send beats to. Available in two versions, with 3 month subscription ($9.99) or without subscription ($5.99).

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