“s/o to xnxx, they got the best porn” -Interview with London Yellow (of GlassHead)

So I know you as London, is that your rap name?

Ayeee! what’s cracking? So yeah my real name is London and my skin is yellow.. so I guess my rap name is London yellow 📒

I myself am surprised and I know others would be as well to know, you don’t smoke weed right?

So as of recent I started smoking weed. I’m not really in to it that much. I’d never buy it to smoke it.

Can you breakdown GlassHead Entertainment? What do yall do? who exactly are the members/affiliates?

So Glasshead started cause when me and Jazzo met all we did was music music music. After that we made created glasshead over facebook text on wifi cause niggas was broke #brokegang.  We met sweetbabydayday after making glasshead who wanted to do skits and that’s when we started making videos and that’s become what we are. Glasshead a brand type shit but free from all that buji ass  corporate shit. We make videos, music, art, clothing, and praise Glassman the Glass Lord our imaginary friend.
Here’s who’s in glasshead: London Yellow, Cap Jazzo, Sweet Baby Day Day, Ginger, Solly MONSTER, and Tensor.
We aren’t official affiliated with any one but shoutout Gaijin that’s my n word.

You know me personally, Im observing two schools of rap in pittsburgh going on right now. Theres the street stuff with Wopo, Stunna, Hardo, etc and then theres this alt wave with you, cap jazzo, Romance Nyogu, Marcus Salvator, and more. Where do you see Pittsburgh Hip Hop / Rap going? Pittsburgh has a real dope scene, lots of talent and big heads. I can see Pittsburgh big blowing up once people start being more genuine to there fellow artist lol. All I gotta say about hag is look at the alt and fucking learnnnnn.

What are your thoughts on house shows? House shows. Fire, as long as that sound system is figured out and being monitored in case of on strange issues. It’s crackin.

What are the top 3 songs you are currently listening to?My Top three songs right now are demons by joji, Biking by frank ocean and this right here https://soundcloud.com/hometreees/lev-gypsy-damp-forest
That’s my nigga Vic and his homies creation they’re doing some wild ass shit over in Colorado.
Where are you from? My body is from Pittsburgh pa, my mind just spawned in it.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? I guess the coolest thing to happen is making that video for fathers heartthrob and it’s blowIng up at almost half a million views and fathers manager posted it on his facebook and father retweet it. That was lit.

What did you do today? Today I woke up. One day that won’t be true, so I appreciate that.
Who are your biggest influences? I have massive different influences from the gorillas gucci mane, shit this list would be endless but to name the most important.. Cartoon Network and adult swim back in the early 2000s that shit fucked my life up, Nintendo 64 and specifically majoras mask, brain feeder and odd future. On a side note tho I never took music serious until I herd goblin and that basicly got me actually buying albums and recording music.
Want to give any shoutouts? Shout out Gaijin again he’s making moves with his filming and editing shit! And hays great to see cause me and him been grinding left and right since the day we followed each each other. Shout out AWFM aka a weirdo from Memphis, that’s really my nigga mang, were due to swing that way and do some shows with him and  unapologetic records. Shoutout Viczinner and his homies. Shout out Colonoy Collaspe. Long live Mulatto. Shout out xnxx, they got the best porn.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I think people would be surprised to know I don’t read books just reallly don’t got the  attention span for them, in school I learned how to scan threw a book with out reading shit and get the test answers right, yeah I’m that serious. The only books I ever read were the Bible (no I ain’t religious)  A goosebumps book or two, and the lord of flies .

What are your plans for 2018?
2018 I’m making at a Fuck ton of videos for us in glasshead and a shit load of videos for other artist who peep we on some whole other shit to the point that they are willing to pay us.