Lil Toe is back!

I have been obsessed with the rapper Lil Toe since I first discovered him in early 2017 and he’s probably one of the artists I have written about the most on this site. In fact I just checked and there are at least 14 articles that are expressly about him on this site.

I’m also definitely dressing up as him for halloween this year, so yeah definitely a stan with Lil Toe. However just like I am a stan with Eminem, Boosie, Young Buck, and Ilovemakonnen, that doesn’t mean I can’t tell when one of these artists releases something that’s weak or I simply don’t like. So with some of toe’s more recent tracks, admittedly, I haven’t been feeling them. Song’s like “Dick on fleek” or “Side bitch song” haven’t really struck a chord with me but that’s changed with his newest track and visuals “Search Me Up”.

Lil Toe is at his best in search me up so if you haven’t given this artist a chance yet, you need to do so now!

Major replay value for me, and hopefully for you to.

Also sidenote, look at the cover photo above for the video and tell me that doesn’t look exactly like Kid Trunks with a ski mask on.

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Lil Toenail releases new “F*ck Sh*t” music video and it confirms my belief that he will blow up

Early last year, Lil Toenail released a bunch of tracks sporadically on YouTube and all of the streaming sites. The way that I found him was because somehow or another he was able to market himself through Spotify. Now I am not exactly sure how this is accomplished but for some reason his music kept getting suggested to one of my best friends Jon, aka MostNope. I don’t have Spotify, I have YouTube red, so I had no idea about him until one day my boy sends me a screenshot of this dude and I am like “yo I gotta see what the eff this is about”.

Well…if you have been a reader of this blog for awhile, or you are someone that met me in one of my many uber / lyft rides, or if you even know me personally. Then you know that I have been an unabashed huge fan since that day Jon sent me that screenshot. Honestly Lil Toe is probably in my top 5 if not 3 most streamed artists of 2017.

One of the songs he released in that period of last year was a song called “F*ck Sh*t” which was a banger and even got to the point that it was remixed by Riff Raff. Well now Lil Toe has dropped a music video for it, sans riff raff, and it premiered on NoJumper yesterday which is dooope af.

To me Toe has that “je ne sais quoi” something that’s just a little extra that can’t be explained that draws you to an artist. Also from personal anecdotal experience 95% of the people I have shown Lil Toe’s music have become instantly enamored with this artist just like I did. Please understand that this isn’t a small test group either that I am talking about, this doesn’t only include my friends and acquaintances. It also includes probably 100 rides out of the 1,100 uber rides in 5 months I did last year and sometimes those rides had up to 4 people in the car. I would say a conservative estimate would be that I showed his music to 150 people in Uber Rides last year and the real majority of them fxcked with it.

I just really see this guy blowing up if he continues to release bangers and quality content which he will.

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Lil Toenail “PIPE DOWN” (PROD. JOJI)

Lil Toe is back with a new banger and I CAUTION TO YOU if you are going to listen to this in your car that you adjust your bass so that you don’t blow out your speakers.

Pipe down you aint really from the hood
Pipe down [hold up] bitch i wish you would
Pipe down ima leave yo ass shook
I dont fuck with fake niggas i could read them like a book

I Iike to rock designer
Eat at bennihanas
Whip out anaconda
Put it in yo momma
I dont wear no condom
My gun hot like sauna
Pull up to the barber
100 dollar Lineup
Pull up with the scope on the roof aye
Pull up with a dick i might put it in her tooth aye
Pull up run your pockets ima take all of your loot aye
Bitch ima pirate lemme take all of yo booty (arrg)

(joji pass me the pistol)

You kissin on her lips, she was kissin on my cock
If you fuck with lil toe end up w a red dot
If you fuck with lil toe you gon end up on fox
If you fuck with lil toe end up up gettin shot
I keep a mask on i dont fuck w opps
Bitch im trading coins, what the fuck is a stock?
I might buy a Honda and do doughnuts in the lot
You dont get (real) plays using SoundCloud bots

Interview with Lil Ugly Toes

I found Lil Ugly Toes yesterday when I was on the ELEVATOR YouTube page. I watched his first official music video and I was immediately impressed by his sound and the visuals. Surprisingly this rapper only has 360 followers on Soundcloud however the video which has been up for only a day, is already at 13K views.

I immediately reached out to him to see if we could do an interview and he got back to me asap. Check out his music and our interview below!

How did you come up with the name Lil Ugly Toes? I just got to thinking one day like god damn g, I got some ugly ass toes, so I just rolled with it.
Where are you from? Kokomo, Indiana
Are you involved in your local music scene? I reside in LA right now and I’m currently connected with artists here like everyday, but where I moved from (Greensburg, Indiana) there wasn’t a rap scene.
How old are you? 20 years old.
What are your thoughts on the rapper Lil Toe? I think he’s cool I guess, I’ve only heard a few of his songs.
What’s the dopest (coolest) thing to happen to you since you started releasing product? Probably my first show when I opened up for Lil Pump in Indianapolis and a bomb threat got called in right after I performed and there was damn near a riot. That shit was on the news and everything.
Tell us the craziest sh*t you’ve ever done?Man, I’ve done a lot wild shit, but most of it can’t be talked about over the web like that, so I’m not really sure.
What is one food that you don’t hate (can’t be one that you hate) but you could live without ever having again? I think I could live without cheeseburgers. I rarely eat them shits, but I don’t hate them.
The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fire. Who makes the beats? 
I fuck with a lot of different producers. I’m picky as hell on beats, so if I hear it and I like it then I’ll get into contact with whoever made it, but Gary Stump is definitely one of my favorites and also a homie so I have quite a bit of shit with his beats.


Who are your biggest musical influences?? My biggest musical influences probably gotta be Chief Keef, Thouxandbanfauni, and Lil B aka Lil Boss aka Based God.

What are your goals? My goals are to get money, buy my pops a house, put my little brother through school, and just be happy.
What did you do 2day? Woke up to the sun in lovely North Hollywood, got up and got some breakfast with my gang and then hit the studio a couple times.
How much you charge for a feature? a show? Right now I charge $200 a feature and $1000 for a show, but those numbers are gonna be going up for sure.
What are you trying to do with music? I’m trying to make music my full-time hustle. Getting money and getting to express myself via music sounds pretty lit.
Where do you see yourself in 5 yearsLiving in the Hollywood Hills, drinking lean, and having threesomes with my girl.
What are your plans for 2018? Run a fucking bag up and make my name known to these peons.



Lil Ugly Toes

Rappers who deserve to be on the 2018 XXL Freshman list

Quick 3 minute podcast I recorded before work about the 3 rappers I think should be on 2018 XXL freshman list but will probably be snubbed!

The instrumental in the background is a beat by the producer highself who we did an interview with that you can check out here

Lil Toenail finally releases music video with PINK GUY

Lil Toe teased this music video way back in 2017 and released at least 2 music videos before finally dropping on January 16th!

“Go Out” is more akin to his “wake up” track slow dark (yet still somehow uplifting if you listen close) lyrics over a slow dark beat.

Subscribe to the youtube channel and check out the undiscovered bangers playlist we are constantly curating!