Sixteenleo is “No Pretenda”

I’ve been out for awhile, starting the next phase of Curated Flame.

In that time, I have been contacted by dozens of wanna be rappers, sending me various dms or emails and unfortunately, I just haven’t been impressed. That is, until now.

Sixteenleo, might not have the best name, and he’s still very raw and early, I mean he literally only has 19 followers on Soundcloud right now. But he impressed me enough that I am writing for the first time in a couple months.

When I first got his email and saw that he said I have “heavy anxiety and that’s why I been in my room making music for the last two years” I rolled my eyes, I am not even going to lie though. I’ve heard this before, from this generation of rappers whose top 5’s all have at least 4 “Lil’s”.

Then when I started listening to his first track, I liked it, but I was kind of annoyed that I liked it. I’m thinking to myself, this kid’s just doing it as a joke, but you know what, fxck it. I think it might not be a joke, he’s really committed to the craft, he switches up his flows, and his awkward flows are even dope.

If his tracks, Rick James and No Pretenda, are any inkling of what his music is going to be like in the future, then I think this dude is going places. His style sounds like a blend of Lil Pump & Hooligan Chase and I fux with it heavy.

Stop comparing yourself to Lil Pump.

I have to get this off my chest because I just had a rapper hit me up and submit music to me in my DM’S on IG.  As a blogger and just as a consumer in general, when your presented with an opportunity to listen to an unknown person’s music, I know for me at least I have several things working in my head. What I mean is, whether I get a submission from someone or I am scrolling on YouTube, I look at the thumbnail and the name of the artist to decide if I am going to press play.

When I got a submission from Wuddha for his song “The Count UP”, I didn’t even want to listen based simply off of his name and the thumbnail for the YouTube link which is a grainy stock picture of a money counter. You look at the thumbnail directly below this and tell me that, without me obviously writing about it right now, with no previous knowledge of this song, it just comes in front of you on IG or YouTube, your going to listen to this song? I don’t think so.

I am not being rude or jaded, but you have to understand that consumers and bloggers are presented with so much content daily. You have to grab us somehow and a single picture video that was made on some app and has the watermark, isn’t going to make someone want to listen to your music. And don’t tell me you can’t afford a real music video or something better in general because I know artists in your same shoes of having no budget and they still can come up with capturing content.

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London Yellow of Glasshead is able to make insanely capturing content with no art school training. Dude taught himself on YouTube tutorials.

But back to Wuddha, this guy reallywanted me to listen to his song. So I did just to be polite and I wasn’t impressed. T told him I listened but I didn’t want to outright tell dude that I didn’t like it, so I said “K. I did and?” So he asked my opinion, and to be honest I don’t think the song is absolutely horrible and I wouldn’t boo him off a stage but in my opinion the song was nothing unique or interesting. It’s run of the mill same old same old trying to be something that other people can already do better. But I didn’t want to be rude and deter someones dreams so I said “u could do better” and he said “Of course, but is it fire or trash” and I responded “ehh”. This is what gets me though, Wuddha proceeded to tell me that he knew his song was better then Gucci Gang and in fact he’s still trying to convince me in my DM’S.

I have heard so many up start rappers compare themselves to Lil Pump or say there song is better than Gucci Gang. Um yeah… So the fxck what?! First of all Wuddha, straight up your song is not better than Gucci Gang, and in fact it sounds like you actually had that in mind when you made the song. To all of the other rappers who have had the same thought I beg of you to just ignore it. Gucci Gang is an anomaly, Gucci Gang is an outlier, Gucci Gang is something completely different and wasn’t as forced as the garbage you will end up putting out thinking your going to make the next Gucci Gang. Do you know how many songs I heard in 2017 and 2018 so far, that deserve to have more attention than Gucci Gang? Way to many…

And before you think “damn, nicejewboy really went in, why did he have to name the rapper though? He could have left his name out and not linked the song.” Yeah that was my intention but Wuddha told me he wanted me to credit him in the article. Lol cause of course.


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Lil Pump’s “ESSKEETIT” Official Music Video is pure teenager got rich quick floss.

Lil Pump’s music video for the track that bears his infamous catchphrase “Esskeetit” is pure floss, pure teenager got rich quick extravagance and debauchery. I mean throughout the video there are cuts of him destroying a car for the f*cks of it. Thats money. lol. This is like the “g-d’s plan” video for the soundcloud/xan generation.

Rappers who deserve to be on the 2018 XXL Freshman list

Quick 3 minute podcast I recorded before work about the 3 rappers I think should be on 2018 XXL freshman list but will probably be snubbed!

The instrumental in the background is a beat by the producer highself who we did an interview with that you can check out here

Interview + 5 beats with Hip Hop Producer & YouTube Trapper BricksOnDaBeat

BricksOnDaBeat is one of the kings of the YouTube producers. The man is doing serious work and putting up numbers!

In 16 days, it will be the third anniversary of when he signed up for YouTube and in that time he has racked up the following numbers:

  • 121, 307 subscribers
  • 29,995, 422 views
  • 6 videos with at least 1 million views!

Update: This article was originally published on January 13th, 2018, and as of April 25, 2018 his numbers have grown to:

  • 158,795 subscribers
  • 8 videos with at least 1 million views!

Those are crazy numbers! but if you listen to his production work and read the interview below you will quickly understand he is able to do this for multiple reasons that include;

  1. He actually makes type beats that sound like type beats for the rapper in the title.
  2. He has a good ear/eye for whose going to be up next and knows those will be the artists other rappers are looking for beats of. For example one of his most recent beats is an Icy Narco X Lil Pump type beat:


Major Credits?

I focus more on the Internet side of things rather than placements, I just let artists come to me, but I’ve worked with

  • OT Genesis
  • Higher brothers
  • Pnb Rock (dropping soon)
  • Lil baby (dropping soon)

And more

How old are you? I’m 20 years old.

Where are you from?  Toronto, Canada

How long have you been producing? Been playing around with music for years, but only producing rap/trap/hip hop seriously in 2015

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? hmm, I’d say my success on YouTube is probably the dopest thing to happen to me since I started with music, extremely blessed to be where I’m at.🙏

Who are your biggest influences? Definitely would have to be metro, zaytoven, sonny digital, SmokeASac, Bighead, etc.

Want to give any shoutouts? Definitely wanna give my brotha CrayZ a shoutout, he always keeps me motivated and on track, y’all go check him out!

Also wanna give a shoutout to my brotha Bxnkroll, he’s stuck with me since day 1 when I was first starting out online and  nobody else believed in me.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I enjoy a lot of music other than rap/hip hop as well, especially metal, rock and punk music.

Whats your process for making a beat? I usually just sit down in my studio with an idea or 2 and go from there, I always start with a melody, then add drums and percussion next, and always mix as I go along.

What do your beats normally cost? $30 for a basic lease, all the way up to $500-$2500 for Exclusive rights, depending on the beat.

What is the most you have made from one beat?

  •  If we’re talking about from placements then $2500 upfront + royalties
  • If you also consider YouTube though, I have some videos that brought in around $10,000.

10k off a youtube video for 1 beat?! damn bro.  Can u give an example of youtube earnings compared to the views for 1 of your vids? My biggest video has over 6million views and has earned over $10k

*editors note: this is the video

Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements? Not really, I’ve just let artists come to me when they wanna buy a beat, I’m not big on sending out packs to artists.

Do you use Hardware or software? A mix of both.

How many leases or beats do you think you sold in 2017? A few thousand probably, i don’t really keep track.

what are your plans for 2018? Since I haven’t really been focusing on placements, I wanna start focusing on that aspect of things more. Also to just keep up the internet/youtube grind and continue to grow my fan/customer base.

Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (producer wise and rapper wise)

I’m not really big on following other producers, but for rappers I can definitely see lil skies, Landon cube, lil Tracy, higher brothers,  Killy, lil wop, 6ix9ine, icy narco, fat nick, yung bans, and definitely my brotha Lil Wave all having a great year in 2018!

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Produced for Lil Pump and influenced by Speaker Knockerz – Interview with Hip Hop Producer Faded Blackid

I contacted Faded Blackid because I saw he produced the track “What You Gotta Say” on the Lil Pump debut mixtape and I saw that he worked with Duwap Kaine be4. It took some time but the homie finally got back 2 me:)


Major Credits? Lil Pump , Smokepurpp, Duwap Kaine, A$AP Ferg , Chris Travis, Xavier Wulf

How old are you? 19

Where are you from?  Charleston, Sc

How long have you been producing?I started making beats in the 9th grade so about 3 years

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? Producing the first track on Lil Pumps Tape with my brother Trapphones and it Going #2 on Billboard

Who are your biggest influences? Speaker Knockerz ,Metro boomin

Want to give any shoutouts?  Neilaworld , we are a producer group me and some of my homies started up

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I stopped listening to rap music for year n some change

What do your beats normally cost? As of rn my beats are $60 for a lease on traktrain

Who are the favorite artists you have produced for? Lil pump tbh I fuck with the energy he brings on all his songs, Smokepurpp cause I like how versatile he is so I can basically send him anything

Whats the story behind your LIl Pump placement? I started that beat on a tv sent it over to trapphones and sent it off to pump. They let me know it was on the tape when they called me

How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? I only been selling beats a year so enough to get me through 2017

what are your plans for 2018? To continue to grow with the members of neila world , to produce with a lot more artist , and I want to land on billboard again next year, also more pump songs

Icy Narco “Snowman”

We did an interview with Icy Narco that you can see here:


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Interviews with 27 Hip Hop Producers

In order to make it easier to find, I created this post as an updated list of all the interviews I have done with producers.

Hip Hop Producers:

  1. 30HertzBeats
  2. Alex Collins  (Produced for Logic, Kevin Flum, and more)
  3. Amethyst Rxckstars (production duo)
  4. Amethyst Rxckstars part 2
  5. Arrogant Key 
  6. Ayodlo Beats 
  7. Arbus Beats 
  8. BeatJoven
  9. Birdie Bands – (Produced for Wiz Khalifa, Trill Sammy, Ski Mask, and more)
  10. Dansonn – (Produced for RZA, MC Jin, and more)
  11. Dollie – (Produced for Global Dan)
  12. Fiend 
  13. Godlikepariah – (Produced for artists such as Lil Yachty, Matt Ox, and Comethazine to name a few)
  14. Goost Beats
  15. Koncept P – (Producer of 6ix9ine’s hit single “Kooda”)
  16. KC Supreme – (Produced for artists such as Snoop Dogg and Skylar Gray)
  17. KWT beats – (Collaborated with CashMoneyAp and produced for Supreme Patty, Rick Ross and more)
  18. KidKeva 
  19. Kyber
  20. Lil Szn (Kid Ocean protege)
  21. Luke White (produced for XXXTENTACION & Mick Jenkins)
  22. mjNichols – (produced for artists such as Dave East and Ramirez)
  23. Origami
  24. Sarcastic Sounds
  25. Tantu Beats – (produced for Famous Dex, Higher Brothers, Fashawn and more)
  26. Tash