“Money ain’t shit when you living a dream” Interview With ReeseyGotIt

I found ReeseyGotIt first on IG then looked into his work and had to reach out for an interview! major credits? (please list specific songs by the  artist) These arent really major but to me its sort of a milestone but i have alot of songs with PoloBoyShawty. On Friday (the 19th) he dropped “Grade […]


Made the beat for Lil Skies hit “Fake” but his talent certainly isn’t – Interview + 4 beats with Hip Hop Producer Mike Medusa

One of the reasons I started this whole blog was because I notice stuff. By that I mean I consume and observe a lot of information and I can notice when steam is starting to build up around an artists career. For example, since the passing of Lil Peep, I have started to notice another […]