Interview + 7 beats with NodGod

Most of the producers I interview I have found because they produced a specific song, they had an impressive resume, or because of my hours of searching on YouTube for beats. This time though I am interviewing a producer I found through instagram because of him following the CuratedFlame account, being an engaged follower, and also his consistent uploading of high quality beat snippet videos.

Now it isn’t unheard of for a producer to upload beat snippet videos on Instagram, most of the producers I follow do this. But the same way that some producers turn other music videos into their beat videos for YouTube, NodGod does the same but seems to not only do real High Quality videos but he also focuses on Instagram way more then YouTube. And for him it seems to be working out well! I really liked his beats and I see him getting bigger so I reached out and you can find out more about him and check out his beats by scrolling down!


No major placements yet, but I’m hoping to achieve that milestone by the end of the year.

How old are you? 

Dirty 30

funniest reason/excuse a rapper ever gave you for not having the money for a beat on time? 

I don’t send tracks out until the money hits my account so no late payments, but I did have a rapper offer me a Walmart gift card once.

Where are you from?  

I was born and raised in middle Tennessee, about an hour south of Nashville.

How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it? 

I started when I was 15, but I just played around with it as a hobby here and there. I didn’t actually start taking my music seriously until this January when I created my Instagram.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?

Honestly nothing to crazy yet, I’m still star struck when big names like my music posts still lol.

Who are your biggest influences? 

I grew up watching Johnny Juliano, I don’t think it’s possible for that guy to make a garbage beat. Anything 808 Mafia of course.

If someone where to ask whats your story,  what would you say in a quick summary?

I’m just a guy that loves his family and is passionate about his music, that’s all you need to know about me.

Want to give any shoutouts? Yea, shoutout Curated Flame for exposing all these up and coming artist and producers. Shoutout @prod_by_aybe that guys out here grinding and always showing love.

What do you find is the best platform or avenue of selling your beats?

Honestly, I make most of my money from Instagram, it’s just so easy to get your music in front of people.

Do you have any other income streams?

I work a 9 to 5 just like the next man.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? Most people are surprised that I was in the Army for 5 years.

Whats your process for making a beat? Twist something up, play around with some melodies and add some drums, if I have beat block I’ll usually just take a break and come back.

Where does your sound come from? I listen to a lot of Memphis artist but I wouldn’t really say I have a Memphis sound, I don’t know I’ll leave that up to y’all to describe lol.

What do your beats normally cost? 

$30 Lease / $200 Exclusive

What is the most you have made from one beat?


What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use?

FL Gang all the way, it’s so user friendly.

How many leases or beats do you think you sold in 2017? 

Zero, I just started posting in January.

What are your plans for 2018? 

I would love to get that first major placement, that’s really going to be a huge milestone for me as a producer.

Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018?

I think @1Taykeith bringing back the Memphis wave hard.

CuratedFlame Links:



📸Instagram: @nodgodofficial

🦉Twitter: @nodgodofficial

“Money ain’t shit when you living a dream” Interview With ReeseyGotIt

I found ReeseyGotIt first on IG then looked into his work and had to reach out for an interview!

major credits? (please list specific songs by the 
These arent really major but to me its sort of a milestone but i have alot of songs with PoloBoyShawty. On Friday (the 19th) he dropped “Grade A Freestyle” its fire af go peep👀 (shoutout to SMG Cuzo & SoloVision & Polo of course)
I have 2 songs out wit Comethazine, “Fantasy & El Camino”)
How old are you? 
17 Years Old
Anything funny or crazy ever happen in this game we call rap?
The Evolution of Fashion & Lyrics
Where are you from?  
Baltimore MD
How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it?
Ive been trying to produce since late 2011, i had Magix Music Maker, that was my start. Then down the road i got into Dubstep & EDM heavily in 2012. I officially started in 2015 on my iPhone using iMPC & FL Mobile. I still use FL Mobile to this day, theres never an excuse for me why i cant make a beat anywhere.

I got into producing because of Dubstep, even though ive made only made 1 Dubstep track it still means alot of how i started. Change goes a long way.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?
Besides people fucking with me and showing love, i get people who look up to me, wanting to be as good as me and even better. I got to work with someone i looked up to before i even knew what producing REALLY meant. Im workin with one of my favorite artist / producer. So far thats the best right now. Money aint shit when you livin a dream.
Who are your biggest influences? 
PoloBoyShawty & Michael Jackson…I know its a weird combo but it is what it is
Want to give any shoutouts?
Shoutout to me for being me and only me and being unique #selflove

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?

When people found out i was using FL Mobile for a while they were shocked as hell because of the quality. That should show you if you are creative it doesnt matter what you use.
Whats your process for making a beat?
I currently dont have one but eventually I’ll develop some and experiment
What do your beats normally cost?
Between $20-50 im not money hungry at all so if you really want a beat from me and all you have is $20, i take that as respect and you care about me.
What is the most you have made from one beat?
$250 , i sold an exclusive
Any stories on how you got some of your placements? 
  1. So my first placement was Comethazine – El Camino and the 2 producers i collabed wit did the melody and i did everything else. When i found out that i had a placement i didnt even know who Comethazine was. I hit him up wondering why i didnt get credited from it nor did i get paid.
  2. Theres was a time i used to spam Polo’s email to get a placement , i even tried to pay him to get a placement. I was beyond desperate bruh, that nigga just matched my aesthetic. A couple months later he hit my DM:
 *The song he was talkin about is called “Bentley Coupe” currently unreleased but theres a snippet on YouTube
What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use?
FL Mobile & FL 11. Theres no reason but FL was everywhere and recommended so I adapted quickly.
How many leases or beats do you think you sold in 2017?
Between 100-150 beats
what are your plans for 2018?
“Keep doing what youre doing because its keeping you going”
*Me to me
Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (producer wise and rapper wise)
  • ReeseyGotIt
  • PoloBoyShawty
  • Amazement
  • Pierre Bourne
  • Flaasko
  • Cuban Montana
  • And MusssaPhilippe

ReeseyGotIt Links:


CuratedFlame Links:



“Need That Pack” Interview with Dvtchie

I first found out about Dvtchie because I saw he produced a track for Supreme Patty and then I started seeing his name over and over on YouTube. I figured I gotta reach out to him and see if we can do an interview. Scroll down to find out more about this producer.

major credits? (please list artist and song) Supreme Patty- “17” (Prod. Dvtchie x Zach808)
What’s the story behind the Supreme Patty placement? Supreme Patty Stole my beat and he didnt credit me n zach (he still didnt credit him)
How old are you? im 19
Where are you from? Im from Bronx, NYC
 How long you been producing? What got you into it? Ive been producing for 2 years. i always was musically talented i was a bystander next to two rappers who are still my homies to this day and they told me to make beats my friend had the program pulled (i played the drums, flute, guitar and ive been in a drumline)
Whats the dopest thing to happen so far? 100k views on one beat
Who are your influences? Southside, Pierre Bourne, MF DOOM
Whats your strategy for youtube?  I have no strategy i just post
Want to give any shoutouts? Shoutout to Team MoneyVated (IG; @teammoneyvated)
Whats something people would be surprised to know about you?  I make beats in 10-15 minutes
What’s your process for making a beat? Smoke then Look for a sample if i cant find a sample i work on a melody
What do your beats cost? $100 lease $ 400 exclusive
What’s the most you made from one beat? $500
What software do you use? i use FL Studio its very easy
What did you make last year selling beats? about $1000
What’s your plan for 2018? Get more Placements
What does youtube monetization look like for you? can you give an example of what you might have earned off of at least one of your beat videos? (views/earnings) Pretty Good, On my need that pack beat i got about $200 (106K VIEWS)
Dvtchie links:
  • IG: Dvtchie
  • SnapChat: andy.0325
  • Twitter: 1kDvtchie


Interview w/ Hip Hop Producer & Type Beat King Fly Melodies

Fly Melodies is a Hip Hop Producer I have been trying to do an interview with for awhile. He’s one of those producers that are on a short list that I just haven’t seem to have been able to get an interview with for some reason even though I keep reaching out. Seriously the list for awhile has been;

  • Fly Melodies
  • CorMill
  • Kid Ocean
  • CashMoneyAp
  • Izak

Well now I can say that I can cross Fly Melodies off that list because he finally hit me back with answers to the questions I asked him:)

Now before we get to the interview lets talk about who Fly Melodies is. If you are someone like me who is always looking for beats, then most likely you are typing “(insert rapper name here) type beat” and usually one of the producers who almost always has 1 of the top viewed tracks is Fly Melodies. Example: The video below is #10 most viewed XXXTENTACION type beat on YouTUbe.

In a little over 20 months, this Hip Hop producer has released 189 videos and racked up as of this writing 33 K + subscribers and 6,876,565 views on his YouTube Channel.

Besides that, he has collaborated with one of the other artists on the list of producers earlier, CorMill.

Also he has gotten some pretty interesting placements if you ask me, like Rico Nasty and Lil Skies. Two artists that will be blowing up in 2018… So you can be sure any producer they worked with is going to have their stock rise.

Now keep reading to find out more about Fly Melodies, check out some of his beats that are still available for sale, and to see/hear some of his placements!

So who are some of your major credits?
Lil Skies – Understand me, Lil Skies+Pollari – Off The Goop (co produced with Sexysnake), Yvng Swag – Flock On Me, Jay Critch, Rico Nasty, CHXPO etc..

How old are you? I am 24 years old.

Where are you from? Hungary, Europe

How long have you been producing?I started producing about 2 years ago.

 What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? Made a lot of dope music, with dope artists, and got to known great people via music.

 Who are your biggest influences? London On Da Track, CashmoneyAP, Zaytoven, Cardo, Trell Got Wings,

 Want to give any shoutouts? S/O to CorMill, Izak, Birdie Bands, JP Soundz, Sexysnake, Lowkey, Decicco, Kidkeva, KingWill, Menoh, Foreign, Tash!!

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? I used to do freestyle football back in the years, I could do hard ass tricks, and long combos with the ball back then, haha, it was fun.

 Whats your process for making a beat? Usually I start with chords, then I add the melodies and the drums, I really have to be in my zone to make some unique beats.

What do your beats normally cost?

  • MP3 lease – 20$
  • Wav Lease – 35$
  • Trackouts – 75$
  • Unlimited – 125$
  • Exclusives: 200$ – 2000$

What is the most you have made from one beat? Probably +1500$

 Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements? Nothing crazy man, people just found my beats on youtube

 Do you use Hardware or software? Fl Studio + Alesis Q49 MIDI , also I have an MPK Mini

 How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? Hahaha, tons of leases, 1000+

What are your plans for 2018? Work with more dope artists, and blow up this year

Do you receive royalties for any of your beats? this is something that a lot of younger producers don’t know to much about so if you can share any insights on royalties, that would be highly appreciated. Yeah, be cautious what u sign, If it’s something serious, you have to involve a lawyer. I have already signed bad deals, it was for smaller projects, but I have not seen a penny from those. Everyone wants the best for themselves, ain’t no fairty tales here, y’all better get it, this is straight business, so If you want a good deal you have to stand up for yourself as a producer and be serious, and never underestimate your beats and give them for cheap.


CuratedFlame Links:

● Twitter 

● Instagram

● Soundcloud 

● YouTube 

Fly Melodies Links:




“Lifes Good” interview with Hip Hop Producer Casok Beats

 Major Credits?
    • Famous Dex “lifes good”
    • chxpo “boom” and “freebandz”
    • G.U.N. ft Trill Sammy “Today”
    • Soulja Boy “guap”

How old are you? turning 17 soon

Where are you from? out of reach

How long have you been producing? Been producing for about 2 years
What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? Dopest thing to happen.. Probaply building a little fanbase in youtube and seeing that people like what i create, and making friends through producing
Who are your biggest influences? Biggest influences come from alternative rock mostly. Nine Inch Nails, The Cure to name a few
 What is something people would be surprised to find out about you? I dont really listen to rap music that much anymore.
Want to give any shoutouts? Shoutout Sytrus Gang Got a lot of help from my bros when i was startin to take this seriously in start of 2017
 Whats your process for making a beat? melody first and then mess around
What do your beats normally cost? 30 lease 200-500 exclusive
What is the most you have made from one beat?  500 USD most ive made from a beat
Do you use Hardware or software? FL Studio 11

How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? im really not sure, maybe 50
what are your plans for 2018? Plans for 2018 are to stop slackin and make good music
CuratedFlame links:
Casok Links:

He still respects the sh*t out of women – Catching up with Tash (interview)

(this first video is very close to a million views)

 do u still respect the shit out of women?

Always. gotta love the ladies, it will never change.
u 18 yet? 
Nah I turn 18 in June. Im still a young nigga. 
whats the plan now.  u going 2 go 2 college and do music as well?
I plan to go to college and continue to do this beat thing. I just hope it blows up more than it has so I can make a living off of this.
what do royalties look like for a song with an artist, were u get an 80/20 split and the song isnt a billboard charter?
If the song isnt, on the billboards, me and the artist make a deal as if he is to profit off the song, I will get 20% of it. As long as they keep up there part of the deal everything is straight. I normally don’t see royalties that much unless the artist has clout with a fanbase that purchases the music.

i want to get more in depth about royalties and artists splits.  like whats the split when u sell an exclusive to an artist. examples of what do u get from youtube for your videos?

Me and the artist would split the royalties 80/20 (I recieve the 20%)

From youtube normally with videos over 100k I may see about $100 or way more. other wise, youtube pays extremely well.

– for example for a beat where i got around 200k views I made $293 off that video.

so how was 2k17 for u? 
Well, 2017 was a crazy year for me. Only the summer until the new year though. During the summer I attracted a lot of buzz out of no where and my subscriber count jumped up. My views were shooting up and people were purchasing beats consistently. I linked up with two other producers. (Banbwoi and Leanbwoy) and we collabed on a few beats and a we got placements, with artist like D Savage, GrownboiTrap, and Yung Bans. A few rappers started to DM me like Comethazine, PontiacMadeDDG, CheedaDaConnect, Matt Ox and I have songs with them. And I posted a video on Youtube that is almost at 1 Million views. Overall I feel like 2017 was a great year for me. 
lets talk about the placements u have coming up this year in 2018? how did u secure these placements? they reach out 2 u.  u reach out 2 them?
I got some of these placements, by working with Leanbwoy and Banbwoi. Also just based off my following my youtube, where A&Rs for Smokepurpp and Comethazine hit me up to send beats out to. I sent beats out to Dex and some other rappers, and they just hopped on the beats. Recently, I haven’t been getting much placements because I don’t really like sending out beats, and not get paid off it. I would rather get my money up than get a little bit of extra clout. 
what made you decide 2 start rapping? was this a plan from the get go? 
Thouxanbanfauni. I fucked with his music so hard that it inspired me to make a song. and post it on soundcloud. At first I was pure trash and didn’t sound right on a beat. But recently I dropped a few songs, and people love them so I think I might juts keep rapping, while producing.
who are some producers and rappers that you think will honestly be a part of the new wave? like who should we be looking out for in 2018?

Rapper wise, Duwap Kaine, Candy Paint, BoofboiIcy, Bandmanfari, Lil Tracy and Lil Tecca are gonna be apart of the new wave. 

Producer wise, Banbwoi, Leanbwoy, zJakkies, ThatBoySlim, Fly Melodies, Kid Keva, Izak, Dvtchie, KanKan. They gonna be on top of the youtube beats with me. 

Interview with producer Red Drum who has created beats for big names like Kodak Black & Smokepurpp and is helping craft the sound of new artists like Icy Narco.

Major Credits? Kodak Black-Bodyguard | Smokepurpp-Thats My Energy|Smokepurpp & Lil Tracy-Flip | Ugly god-Hold Up |Ugly god & Smokepurpp-Lied | On Me | It 3 | UnoTheactivist-Whats In Yo head | UnoTheactivist ft Lil Duke-Single ASF |Young Dolph-Work On My Wrist | Famous Dex-Rambo | Famous Dex -Psycho | Famous Dex-Lets Go | Famous Dex-Jump | Famous Dex-Slick Talk | Money Man-In Style | Gudda Gudda-Everyday I Do It |Icy Narco-Thump It Out | Icy Narco-Viagra Niagra |Icy Narco-Snowman | Icy Narco-Volume | Swaghollywood-Luv 2 Hard | Yung Tory & swaghollywood-talk That Shi
How old are you? 27
Where are you from?  South Los Angeles
How long have you been producing? 3 Years
How did you get into it? I Started Playing Drums In Middle School And Lasted Until High School dropped out 11th grade and slowly transitioned to Making Beats
What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? I Got Flown Out To Memphis To Work With Young Dolph And His lAbel
Who are your biggest influences? Scott Storch- Lil John- zaytoven -Beats By The Pound -Dj Toomp-Dj Paul-Juicy J-
Want to give any shoutouts? S/o To Anybody supporting and to my bros from the 808 Kartel And Ugly god
What is something about you people would be surprised to know? That I’m Hispanic lol And I Grew Up In The Roughest part Of la South La
Whats your process for making a beat? It depends On My Mood Or How I’m Feeling at That Moment
What do your beats normally cost? They round From 1k to 2k depends On The Quality Of The production
White Email Pack
What is the most you have made from one beat? 2500
Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements? Its Crazy Cus Sometimes iT Just Happens But I would Say Surround Yourself With The Right people And Grow Relationships With Rappers
Do you use Hardware or software? I Started using Software then learned hardware I learned how to use an mpc and analogue keyboards then switched back to Software Fl Studio 12 that’s My Shit hahaha lol
How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? Too Many hahaha I Made 50k In My First Year Selling Beats This Year I Made 70 k But that’s because  i Haven’t Been concentrating on selling I’m slowly trying to transition my career more exclusively
what are your plans for 2018? Platinum plaques owning property and starting a record Label
Do you receive royalties for any of your beats? Yes I do Took me A While To Learn But I Highly Advice Producers To Learn The Business And always Make Sure you register and fill Out Splits With these Artist Your Working With

Made the beat for Lil Skies hit “Fake” but his talent certainly isn’t – Interview + 4 beats with Hip Hop Producer Mike Medusa

One of the reasons I started this whole blog was because I notice stuff. By that I mean I consume and observe a lot of information and I can notice when steam is starting to build up around an artists career. For example, since the passing of Lil Peep, I have started to notice another artist named Lil Skies starting to gain a buzz. And it seems with every passing week that buzz grows louder.

I AM NOT SAYING that Lil Skies is making the same music as Lil Peep. However they do share enough similarities – they have the same aesthetic look, they are both from small towns / cities, and they make alternative types of rap. I truly feel that Lil Skies is going to be the 2018 Lil Peep. Hell, Lil Skies hasn’t even released his upcoming mixtape and I saw that it was number 17 in the world on Itunes, da fuck? pre orders are heavy for this one.

What does this have to do with the producer Mike Medusa? I saw that Mike Medusa produced a pretty dope beat for Lil Skies on one of his tracks called Fake. I immediately tried to get in contact with him cause the beat was fire and also if my prediction is right about Lil Skies, 2018 is going to be a crazy year for any producer who has worked with him.

Look at what happened with everyone associated with Lil Peep all the way down to his producers. There’s got to be at least a dozen people who have sustainable hip hop careers because they were aligned with Lil Peep. Hell, NEDARB and Bighead are two of the hottest producers in the game right now.

I reckon (*nicejewboy might be living in the east coast but he’s from the south) that Mike Medusa and all the producers who worked with Lil Skies in 2017 are going to have a whirlwind 2018. So I had to do an interview with Mike, and luckily he agreed. according to him curatedflame is the first interview he’s doing as a hip hop producer!

Get woke and read the interview + check out 3 of his beats that are still available for sale!

Major Credits? (artist/song) The biggest credit so far is lil skies. I hope i get to work with him again. He e-mailed dm’ed me a few months back about me sending some beats over but i didn’t have anything that good at the time. I’ll get back to him on that tho.
How old are you? I’m 23
Where are you from? I’m from The Netherlands, Rotterdam. I just moved to Amsterdam.
How long you been producing? / How did you get into it? I’ve been producing since my 17th, so 5 years now.
I got into it because of my sisters ex boyfriend who’s a big hip hop head. He told me about FL studio and that he used to make beats sometimes. Some time later he showed me the program and explained it a lil bit. I of course didn’t understand shit about it but it grew on me. A good friend of mine also encouraged me and still does to keep me going.
The very first time i knew i liked to make music was on my sisters Sony Ericson t610, there was this music creator game that i loved.
Dopest thing thats happen since releasing music? Honestly, the lil skies credit was dope. I didn’t knew about it until some guy dm’ed me on Instagram about the beat. It was like a month after the song dropped. Other than that prolly learning the program until i could make what i wanted to make faster. The lil skies beat was made in a hour or something.
Who are your influences? Allot but, Flying Lotus,Coki,Ikaz Boi, Yung (Gud),BoazvdBeats, DjStijco, Play Picasso, Pi’erre Bourne to name a few.
Shoutouts? Shoutout to my supporters my mom and sister ( no i’m not adding her ig), @slushpapi,@sexysnakebeats and @sorryantho.
Whats something people would be surprised to know about you?
I sell Saffron to restaurants, i’m gonna sell more to high end restaurants just like Ian Purkayastha ‘Truffle Boy’. Im learning to become a finance consultant and i had hoop dreams since i can remember but i blew my knee out, i can walk tho.
What is your process for making beats? 
I mostly start with the melody, it just depends on my mood nothing special. When i have a base i just make the beat as complete as i can and then later remove stuff when i’m arranging to make space for the artist. I’m gonna make video’s about me producing on my channel soon. It’s easier to just see it than explain it in text.
The most you made from one beat? From one beat $750,- . This was when i just started uploading last year –
Never heard from the guy again but that was pretty cool.
How did you get the Lil Skies placement? The placement came trough my Youtube: Artists just stumble upon some beats or really search for some type of beat and so they reach my channel, where i upload my beats btw.
 Software or hardware? Mostly software, Fl studio 11 and Logic. For hardware i just use a Roland A49 keyboard, my Macbook Pro and a couple of Rokit 5’s with a scarlet scarlett 2i4
How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? Not that much, i still do it part-time. I’m gonna change that though, i just need to upload more often.
Plans for 2018? My plans for 2018 in music are to work with allot of artist/producers,
and to link with one artist to build a sound/wave.
Do you receive royalties for any of your beats? I actually don’t yet. I’m planning on doing that but i need a couple more songs for that.

Maestro on the underground – Interview with Hip Hop Producer SoMuchSauce

Major Credits? (artist/song)
Unotheactivist, Rich The Kid, Thouxanbandfauni, Key!, Robb Banks, Famous Dex,, A$AP Ant, Diego Money and many others
Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements?
How I was able to get my first placement with thouxanbandfauni was kind of crazy. I was in my dorm room playing destiny back in 2015 and listening to some music on soundcloud and all of sudden, fauni’s song “Park My Car” started playing. I instantly paused the game and started vibing out to it. I sold the beat on my beatstore but i didn’t know exactly who bought it until i heard the song months later because I had only sold the beat once. I hit him up to get credit for the song about a week later and he asked me to send him a couple more beats that eventually turned into his songs “Gorgeous” and “Wock <3” and we’ve been working together since. 
How old are you?
20 years old
Where are you from?
Gulfport, Mississippi
How long have you been producing?
About 3 years
What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product?
Getting recognition and being included on big hip hop sites such as xxl, illroots, and hotnewhiphop.
Who are your biggest influences?
Zaytoven, Southside, Metro Boomin, Murda Beatz, Mexiko Dro
Want to give any shoutouts?
I just want to give a shoutout to everyone who supports me, it definitely goes a long way and I’m appreciative of it. 
What is something about you people would be surprised to know?
I’m really tall, about 6′ 7.
Whats your process for making a beat?
Usually before i make a beat, I kind of already have an idea of what i usually want to make, depending on my mood at the time, and i start off with adding a melody and then hihats, claps, snares, etc. Then i lay it out, play the beat over and over for a little while to check for any errors or if i want to change something up or add something; and then if all sounds well, i mix and master the beat then mix it down.  
What do your beats normally cost?
My leasing is usually from $25 to $150 depending on the particular beat.
What is the most you have made from one beat?
about $2,000
Do you use Hardware or software?
Fl Studio 11 and 12
How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career?
about 200 or 300, maybe more
what are your plans for 2018?
To travel more and to work in person with some of my favorite producers and artist.
Do you receive royalties for any of your beats? and also this is something that alot of younger producers don’t know to much about so if you can share any insights on royalties, that would be highly appreciated.
Yes i do receive royalties for a few of my beats and one thing that younger or smaller producers can stay away from are “work for hire” contracts and if the song they produced is going to be on an album or mixtape that is going to be on all major streaming cites and services; they need to get a spreadsheet and when they get a contract, read every word and detail carefully so that you are getting your fair share.