Nipsey Hussle reveals exactly how much streaming companies are paying musicians.

Nipsey Hussle has long been known for his openness about how much money he makes from rapping. Well earlier today he posted this on twitter:


So there you have it folks!

Its the middle of October so lets make this song a hit!

If you watch the video and listen to the words, you will understand why I titled the post the way I did.

But to my thoughts on the song: Why do I have the feeling that if this song was sung by a guy it would be more popular? Now I don’t have any real backing to this belief. It’s just there are songs that are less catchy and less lyrical that get more love that are sung by dudes that get more love. I am sorry but I just feel that this song is better then anything Khaled has done. And I fux with Young, Dumb, and Broke heavy.

Mahalia’s song Sober is a smooth fun song about a break up and love, in the middle of October. Maybe because the music video was released in the middle of July it didn’t get as much wave as it should of. Well I think we should fix this, watch the video and I promise you the song will get stuck in your head. Show it to your friends.

This song is a mixture of POP, HIP HOP, and RnB rolled into one and I like it. I don’t really fux with RnB so I think this is a great crossover track ready to just blow up.

This Ole King (Official Music Video) + One new fact of the day.

I guess this could be called a fact or a definition but today while looking up one of my favorite bands I saw they released an “official 360 degree video” for one of their most recent singles. I went to film school and maybe I forgot or just didn’t pay attention that day but I was like what is a 360-degree video?

Well, a 360 degree video is one that is, also known as immersive videos or spherical videos, are video recordings where a view in every direction is recorded at the same time, shot using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras.

Anyways for your enjoyment. Please check out WHY? and the single for the song “This Ole King” off their most recent album “Moh Lean”.