ILOVEMAKONNEN quietly releases a new EP

As a super fan of ILOVEMAKONNEN, I have to take the good with the bad. Also I have to ride the rollercoaster. I mean, since 2014, Makonnen has provided me with dozens upon dozens of tracks that I love and connect with. Buttt in the last year and a half his output has slowed down tremendously and the songs he has released were way to experimental or freestylish for me.  And that track he did with Rae Sremmurd, sounded way to Blink 182 for me. Also I have to understand that he just lost someone he loved (Lil Peep) I can’t expect to much from him right?

Well, about 11 days ago he quietly released an EP that is a 4 track collaboration with the producer Ronny J. Again, Makonnen is back on his freestyle stuff but the last two tracks “Lonely Thoughts” and “Kick It” are fire. I personally think “Kick It” is the best track he has released in at least a year.