Merry Christmas from Nicejewboy! Here’s a guide on how to sell to beats and 400+ emails for free!

I might be the nicejewboy but like any reform jew in the American diaspora, I get the christmas spirit too:)

I also am continuing to grow and pursue other endeavors such as my new business which I sell rare and/or unique rolling papers and pre – rolled cones on etsy and my site

Anyways to all you producers, videographers, and graphic designers, I hope you can get something out of this to help your business grow!

September Email Pack (

Original email pack (344 rappers)

How to sell beats guide

In return for being able to download this and the others for free, all that I ask, is that you do one of the following;

If you could do any of the following above, that would be great and really help me out with my other endeavors. I never got in this to make money from producers so now that I am starting to see a little bit of success with my other business interest it just doesn’t feel right to keep charging producers for these email packs and guide when I could be helping others continue to their growth hopefully.

Send beats to rappers today with my free October Email Pack.

I am releasing this FREE october email pack for two reasons;

  1. I know there are producers and graphic designers who can’t afford the email pack I sell which is why every now and then I drop free or super cheap email packs to help yall out. Because at the end of the day I am hoping that one day one of you will be the next sonny digital or metro boomin and will shout me out in an interview like “I got my first placement off one of these email packs from this site” or something like that. Idk that just would be so cool!
  2. There are a hella bunch of producers and graphic designers who are skeptical of my email pack and I get that. I don’t really give off to much info about it like all the artist on the email pack but that’s because if I did give out to much info, well then what would you need me for? But hey heres a free email pack of 34 rappers for you to check it out, obviously it just a minor representation of my full email pack which is stacked at over 400+ rappers and growing.

Listed below is only 10 out of 166 of the rappers on the September Email Updates

  1. $tupid Young –
  2. 1bandobaby –
  3. 22 Da General –
  4. 2C Gump –
  5. 4waymarlo –
  6. A.G. Brizzle –
  7. Aayookd –
  8. Almighty Beezy –
  9. Anwar –
  10. Autogang Lotti –

Listed Below is some of the rappers that were listed on the 5, 6th, and 7th official updates in July. Rappers were removed because I can’t give away to much sauce for free:)

7th official update: July 13, 2018

  1.    Sexxy. Red: [Going viral due to her track “ah thousand jugs” she def likes samples]
  2.    S3nsi Molly:  [Female rapper, chill flow but street]
  3.    Anwar: [ lucki ecks meets $uicideboys  ]
  4.    YBN Dougie: [ rapper that blew me away on a feature he did and I really see going places ]
  5.    Snowprah : [ female rapper that someone said sounds like ski mask the slump g-d]
  6.    Lardi B : [White female rapper, might be parody, Cardi B meets JellyRoll]
  7.    YP Dinero:
  8. Foolio:

6th Official Update:   July 9th, 2018

  1.     Blacc Zacc:
  2.     Kenny Gee:
  3.     Ice Burgandy:
  4.     Autogang Lotti:
  5.  Paid Pat:
  6.  Lil Zay:
  7.  1bandobaby:
  8.  Trap Boy Freddy:
  9.  Big Wondu:
  10.  Mad Muzik Cali:
  11.  Yo Gutta:
  12.  Sherwood Marty:

Free October Email Pack By CuratedFlame!


If you want to send beats to over 400+ rappers today purchase the email pack that I have available today which includes one month of updates for free for $9.99.

5th official update: July 2nd, 2018

Riff Raff  wants country beats:  

Rappers who paid me for promo and I know buy leases / beats:

  •   JidScan:
  •   Jeremy Whitehouse:
  •   Foreign Blake:
  •   Jordan Barone:
  •   Lil Dash:


Email Pack + 1 Month Subscription of Updates

This is the curated flame email pack which currently contains the contact emails for over 400 rappers. This list is comprised of rappers who fit the following categories; Major Label Artists, Established rappers in other countries, and artists on the come up. Included in your purchase is one month of free updates and each update typically contains 30+ new rappers.




Send beats to 400+ rappers!

So you might of noticed I haven’t posted to much content in the last couple months and that is because of two things;

A. I was working on growing a couple instagram accounts;

B. I got a job working on a tv series, its a great opportunity and short term gig [ends in November] and very time intensive.

But the lack of posting is going to change starting today, however that isn’t what this post is about. It’s about letting you know that even though I haven’t been posting, I have had to keep supplying the customers who have purchased my email pack.

If you don’t know about this email pack, it started in March of this year, when I began offering a small list of around 36 rappers whose emails I had accumulated while creating this blog. This email pack is for producers who want to send their beats to rappers.  Eventually that list of 36 rappers grew to 344 by July and in that time, close to 70 producers bought the list and when you buy the list you get a 1 month to 1 year subscription of updates added to your order.

The reason I am letting you know this is because even though I haven’t been updating the site, I have still been updating and curating the email pack for the producers who ordered the list. So if you have been interested and lurking but have been yet to purchase the list, just know its still going on and I’m still delivering heat.

In September so far I have dropped 2 massive updates adding over 100 new rappers to the list. Check out my store to order the email pack today!



Don’t do what this hip hop producer did when submitting beats.

Just had a conversation with a producer who reached out to me recently looking for help with securing placements. He reached out to me because he bought my email pack and on that email pack,if you cop it, you’ll see there’s a couple big artists I can help you submit beats with.

So I said to him if you have any type beats for three of these artists that I know looking, send them over. He sent me ONE beat.

The type beat that he sent me was nothing along the lines of the rapper he was submitting for. I wont say who the artist is, but just know its a mainstream but street rapper. I sent the producer an email saying that I would have to pass but if he had any others please send them along. Then I dm’d him because of the conversation we had the other day where he reached out to me looking for help so I dm’d him and said the same thing in the email.

What did the producer respond back? “Bruh I already sent you a (major artist) type beat.” Ok? well I said to him “bruh it sucked and that’s why I am wondering if you have any more to submit?” and his response was that the type beat he sent was his first attempt making that type of beat and that he doesn’t even listen to the rapper he submitted for and “I only make what I listen to and what my mood is. I don’t make beat’s with an artist in mind.” The fxck? why did you send me the beat in the first place then. Your wasting my time and yours.

Listen, producers, I am by no means saying to only make type beats. All I am saying is don’t do what this producer that I am writing about did. If someone says to you hey “I am looking for beats that fit these 3 big names” and you don’t listen to their music, or like their music, or have anything that would fit them. Don’t submit it.

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Just a thought about marketing yourself as a producer.

I was having a conversation with the producer Maxo Koolin today and I asked him about a producer he works with and if he could connect me with him for an interview. Maxo said definitely and that the producer would be excited to do it!

He told me about how the producer I want to interview is in a all producer collective that is on the come up. Which excites me because like I told Maxo, I have wanted to interview collectives before over time and I have tried, but the two times I have tried, eventually there is at least one or two producers in the group who don’t think it is worth their time or good for their brand. Maxo agreed with me on the bewilderment of this because it’s more exposure so how is it not worth your time?

Later on in our convo I had an opinion and hypothesis that I expressed to Maxo and I am now going to state in this article.


It’s 2018. This mysterious producer shxt is lame and not going to work for you in the long run.

If you are a producer who isn’t already established yet, and I mean really established like this is your career and you make a healthy living off of it. Then you are still on the come up and if you want to make a career out of this, in this day and age. The fans and potential fans want to know and connect with you.


The first producer, who pulls a rapper and no I don’t mean raps and I mean, flexes. Really flexes. They are going to build a huge fan base. Now I mean, showing off the money they make from producing, showing what they are doing with the money. Like the same way tekashi and lil pump and so many rappers did and do.

This is not a knock, but Taz Taylor, essentially did this somewhat and he almost did it right, but he fxcked it up with his beefing with so many people and then now being somewhat still secretive.

I really think that the first (and a few of the others after the first) who really follow the blueprint of rapper flexing. They are going to blow up.

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Interview + 5 beats with MB13 Beatz

If you don’t know who MB13 Beatz let me give you his crazy YouTube stats:

  • 56,879 subscribers
  • Kevin Gates beat that has 1.1 Million + views
  • Channel has 16.4 million + views.

major credits?

  • Mozzy – Afraid
  • A Boogie ft. Don Q – “They Don’t Wanna See”
  • T.I. & YFN Lucci (Song Unreleased)

Anything funny or crazy ever happen in this game we call rap? I think getting a placement with A Boogie & Don Q at 14 years old was pretty crazy for me.

Where are you from? United Kingdom

How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it? I think it was late 2012/13 when I downloaded GarageBand for iPhone and started making beats on there but I’ve always been into music and wondered how certain songs were made etc. I used to watch a lot of ‘Behind The Beat’ videos too which inspired me to make my own beats.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? Being able to make a living off making music & having the opportunities to work with some of my favorite artists.

Who are your biggest influences? Artists such as Lil Durk & Speaker Knockerz really influenced me into making the music that I do but also the people that show support towards my work inspire me to continue making & building up the sound that I have.

Want to give any shoutouts? Shoutout to @DaveDashO for giving me the opportunities to work with him & the likes of Mozzy & many other artists too. Also, big shoutout to my brother. Me & him have built the MB13 Beatz brand from the ground up & he has contributed to a lot of the success that the brand has had on platforms such as YouTube.

What do you find is the best platform or avenue of selling your beats? Both YouTube & Beat Stars are what I use mainly to market my work but I would definitely like to look into & try other platforms such as Facebook to see what affect they have.

Do you have any other income streams? Not currently but that’s something I’m looking to focus on for this year.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know? Probably my age. A lot of people don’t expect it if I tell them my age.

Whats your process for making a beat? I always start with the melody first, usually a piano & then I build melodies around that until I feel like I can start adding the drums.

What do your beats normally cost? Leases vary from $29.95 – $199.95, depending on which license you choose & exclusive prices also vary, depending on which beat it is.

Any stories on how you got some of your placements? To be honest, a lot of them just came from posting the beats online or networking with artists/producers & sending beats out.

What Hardware or software do you use? is there any reason why you like to particularly use what you use?

Software: FL Studio 11

Laptop: MSI GP72 7RD 17.3”

Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB

Keyboard: Komplete Kontrol S88

What are your plans for 2018? My main focus is really just trying to improve & accomplish more than I did in 2017, which is happening already. I’m planning on going out to California/L.A very soon to work as well which should be a good experience.

Who do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? (producer wise and rapper wise) I see a load of artists & producers that have a lot of potential, some of them being my bro Plugoz (@therealplugoz) Bryce Oliver (@bryceoliver) & Lil Block (@lilblockfamous), I know they have big plans for the near future.

 MB13 Beatz links:
 • Email:
• Instagram:
• SoundCloud:
• Production Catalog:
• Free Downloads Playlist: