Sixteenleo is “No Pretenda”

I’ve been out for awhile, starting the next phase of Curated Flame.

In that time, I have been contacted by dozens of wanna be rappers, sending me various dms or emails and unfortunately, I just haven’t been impressed. That is, until now.

Sixteenleo, might not have the best name, and he’s still very raw and early, I mean he literally only has 19 followers on Soundcloud right now. But he impressed me enough that I am writing for the first time in a couple months.

When I first got his email and saw that he said I have “heavy anxiety and that’s why I been in my room making music for the last two years” I rolled my eyes, I am not even going to lie though. I’ve heard this before, from this generation of rappers whose top 5’s all have at least 4 “Lil’s”.

Then when I started listening to his first track, I liked it, but I was kind of annoyed that I liked it. I’m thinking to myself, this kid’s just doing it as a joke, but you know what, fxck it. I think it might not be a joke, he’s really committed to the craft, he switches up his flows, and his awkward flows are even dope.

If his tracks, Rick James and No Pretenda, are any inkling of what his music is going to be like in the future, then I think this dude is going places. His style sounds like a blend of Lil Pump & Hooligan Chase and I fux with it heavy.

Hooligan Chase drops “A Dam Shame” and it might be his best beat yet

This might be the best beat ever made by Hooligan Chase!

The lyrics are classic Hooligan Chase which is in the vein of Riff Raff, but more lyrically intelligent, and down to earth / relatable. But it’s the beat that’ll keep you heavy replaying it. This beat reminds me of the feeling of spinning around in a field on a spring or summer day, on acid, while the little floaties on all the dandelion flowers before they bloom blow away in the wind.


Editors note: Hooligan Chase is probably the rapper I am most proud about finding out about and interviewing before anyone knew them. Admittedly his interview isn’t the most read, its the #3 on most read for rappers,  with Icy Narco #2 and ILOVEFRiDAY #1, getting the most views.  But even though his interview isn’t the most popular yet. Hooligan Chase makes the music I listen to the most and I really believe he is here to stay in Hip Hop / Rap.

Hooligan Chase says “Vamonos!”

Hooligan Chase is back with another self produced banger called “Vamonos!” where he waxes poetics about topics ranging from getting brain, to screwing on a weekday, to wondering about is it to late to sleep with JoJo.

I think this is only the beginning of Hooligan Chase. Check out this underground banger and get on the bandwagon before its to full.

“Im 18 with a bullet!” HVSTLVY reminds me of a grimier G-Eazy

I just found out about HVSTLVY because of the interview I just published with Dre.StillPoppin.

and I listened to the dudes music and for some reason it’s sticking with me.  The same way, Hooligan Chase and Icy Narco, left me with an impression early on. HVSTLVY is kind of doing the same.

HVSTLVY almost reminds me of G-Eazy and 36 Mafia… A grimier G-Eazy or Hooligan Chase.

I think he’s a little bit a way from gaining real traction with his music, cause I don’t think the choruses are fully there yet, but his flow has flashes of greatness. To understand where I see the flash of greatness and the comparisons, listen to the song below, but also specifically the part from 2:14 to 2:31.  I almost listened to this song 4 times already because of that specific part especially when he exclaims “Im 18 With A Bullet!”

“Cookie in my cone”- Hooligan Chase

Cary, North Carolina is not the city you would expect to be housing one of the rappers who is blowing up in 2018. But Hooligan Chase is creating his own lane. Now here is with his new track “Cookie in my cone”…

Hooligan Chase – Lone Ranger (Official Music Video)

Hooligan Chase is back at it. This time with a new music video for Lone Ranger off his newest tape “She Devils”.

Anyone else think Hooligan looks sick in this video? like he’s going through withdrawal?

The ultimate list: interviews with 86 Hip Hop Producers

New additions to the list as of 2/12/2018

  1. 2 Piece
  2. A2R Beatz
  3. AyBe
  4. Dvtchie
  5. IndiaOnDaTrack
  6. FrankGotThePack
  7. KOB
  8. King Drum Dummie
  9. Lil Rambo Beats
  10. MilanMakesBeats
  11. Paris The Producer
  12. ReeseyGotIt
  13. Shanti Seng
  14. YDNA

New additions to the list as of 1/19/2018:

  1. Fly Melodies (Lil Skies, Jay Critch, Rico Nasty)
  2. Bubbymane (yung gravy)
  3. Chupi (Matt OX, Comethazine)
  4. Mazza (co producer of “Mans Not Hot”, flstudio11 / grime/ drill/ trap specialist)
  5. Menace (The producer of Panda by Desiigner and way more)
  6. King Wonka (Kap G, Jay Fizzle, Sauce Walka)
  7. Sexysnake (lil skies)
  8. Black Mayo (lil mosey “pull up”)
  9. TrillGotJuice (to many to list lol)
  10. Casok Beats (Trill Sammy, Soulja Boy, Famous Dex)
  11. Gustav Strazdins (tyga)
  12. Highself (makes the best 6ix9ine type beats and has major foreign rap placements)
  13. Bricksondabeat (OT Genasis, Higher Brothers, 30 million views on YouTube)
  14. Kid Keva Pt. 2 (Lil Bootycall, comethazine)
  15. Yung Tago (10 million+ views on YouTube, Blac Youngsta, Jay Critch and more)
  16. Thomas Crager (Huey Mack, 6 million views)

The first 56 Hip Hop Producers:

  1. 30HertzBeats
  2. Alex Collins  (Produced for Logic, Kevin Flum, and more)
  3. Amethyst Rxckstars (production duo) and Amethyst Rxckstars part 2
  4. Arrogant Key 
  5. Ayodlo Beats (produced for Lil Dicky, T Pain, Asap Rocky)
  6. Arbus Beats 
  7. Banbwoi 
  8. BeatJoven
  9. BeatMenace
  10. Birdie Bands (Produced for Wiz Khalifa, Trill Sammy, Ski Mask, and more)
  11. Cxdy
  12. Dansonn (Produced for RZA, MC Jin, and more)
  13. Deadman (fresh to the game but I think will be a groundbreaking producer soon)
  14. DenogishBeatz
  15. Dollie – (Produced for Global Dan)
  16. Duse Beatz ( Produced for drakeo the ruler, jay 305, G perico, yukmouth ( from the luniz), San Quinn, sad boy loko)
  17. Faded BlacKid (Lil Pump , Smokepurpp, Duwap Kaine, A$AP Ferg , Chris Travis, Xavier Wulf)
  18. False Ego
  19. Fiend
  20. GLOhan (Produced for Lil Uzi Vert, Famous Dex, Gucci Mane)
  21. Godlikepariah  (Produced for artists such as Lil Yachty, Matt Ox, and Comethazine to name a few)
  22. Goost Beats
  23. JI Beats 
  24. Jett Dean ( Lil Xan, Duwap Kaine, and more)
  25. Koncept P (Producer of 6ix9ine’s hit single “Kooda”)
  26. KP Beatz (Thouxanbanfauni)
  27. KC Supreme (Produced for artists such as Snoop Dogg and Skylar Gray)
  28. KWT beats  (Collaborated with CashMoneyAp and produced for Supreme Patty, Rick Ross and more)
  29. KidKeva
  30. Kyber
  31. Leanbwoy (Produced for Yung Bans,Ron$oCold,Famous Dex)
  32. Lil Szn (Kid Ocean protege)
  33. Lowsock
  34. Lucid Soundz 
  35. Luke White (produced for XXXTENTACION & Mick Jenkins)
  36. LewisYouNasty ( Produced for Famous Dex, Trippie Redd, Rich the Kid, Jay Critch, Lil Duke, Joe Moses, Drakeo, Chxpo.)
  37. Mike Medusa (Lil Skies)
  38. mjNichols – (produced for artists such as Dave East and Ramirez)
  39. Musikal Beats 
  40. Nayz and part 2 
  41. NEDARB (Lil Peep, Ghostmane, and many more)
  42. Nineteen94
  43. Nonbruh (Lil Toe, SavageRealm, Wetbackmanny)
  44. Origami
  46. RED DRUM (Icy Narco, Smokepurpp, Kodak Black)
  47. Sarcastic Sounds
  48. SoMuchSauce (Unotheactivist, Rich The Kid, Thouxanbandfauni, Key!, Robb Banks, Famous Dex,, A$AP Ant, Diego Money and many others)
  49. Syndrome 
  50. Tantu Beats – (Famous Dex, Higher Brothers, Fashawn and more)
  51. Tash and Tash Prt 2 (produced for D Savage, GrownboiTrap, and Yung Bans.  Comethazine, PontiacMadeDDG, CheedaDaConnect, Matt Ox)
  52. Thundaa
  53. Tunami (all of his beats are absolutely free)
  54. TreOnTheBeat (DDG, Famous Dex, Tee Grizzley)
  56. Xay Scott (Lil Uzi Vert, Lil B, Soulja Boy, Rich The Kid, Wiz Khalifa, Glo Gang)

“My nose runny and these hoes funny” check out the new Hooligan Chase mixtape “She Devils”

hooligan chase if you dont know, is a rapper hailing from North Carolina.

I first started listening to him in May and immediately was hooked by his stoner/suburb druggy asshole aesthetic.

now he is out with his new tape that i highly recommend.

Listen to She Devils by hooligan chase #np on #SoundCloud