4 more Instagram models and strippers turned rappers

Colorful Pre Rolled Cones

Previously I wrote an article called “3 strippers turned rappers not named Cardi B” that has gotten a steady stream of views daily since I posted it. Since the writing of that article I have come across a handful of other strippers and Instagram models who are attempting to turn an online following into a music fanbase, with varying degrees of success. Below you can find four of the more successful, interesting, or entertaining, ones that I think need to be showcased.

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Curly Redd is an exotic dancer from Florida who has been making a name for herself on Instagram posting some of the craziest twerk videos and videos of herself at different events. She has grown her following to 219K followers and has branched out into other categories such as appearing in videos with instagram comedians like @tpindell and into the music category with her first official video release “Only Up From Here”.

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MikeilaJ is an instagram model / twerker who I have posted before on my IG account DopeDealerTV and she has a healthy following of 88.9k on IG currently. One thing that I have noticed she is doing is creating a little buzz for herself by posting videos like this;

Now you might be saying, “aight so what, whats different from her doing that” well her song is playing in the background and if you look at the comments you will see people asking, “what song is that?” and how she responds saying she hasn’t actually released it yet. It comes out, October 21st actually.

Update: Mikeilaj’s first official video is out now.

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Baby Doll Forbes is an instagram model and brand ambassador with a following of over 463K on instagram. I have followed her for awhile on multiple accounts I run and have never seen anything that would have led me to believe she was trying to be a rapper BUT lo and behold a couple of days ago, I am scrolling and I see this freestyle video from her;

Screenshot 2018-10-23 16.06.19

Ty.ni is an exotic dancer and “published urban model” who has over 227k+ followers on Instagram where she mainly posts videos of herself twerking or dancing at the club. She currently has only one song out that I know of.

Colorful Pre Rolled Cones

Lil Toe is back!

I have been obsessed with the rapper Lil Toe since I first discovered him in early 2017 and he’s probably one of the artists I have written about the most on this site. In fact I just checked and there are at least 14 articles that are expressly about him on this site.

I’m also definitely dressing up as him for halloween this year, so yeah definitely a stan with Lil Toe. However just like I am a stan with Eminem, Boosie, Young Buck, and Ilovemakonnen, that doesn’t mean I can’t tell when one of these artists releases something that’s weak or I simply don’t like. So with some of toe’s more recent tracks, admittedly, I haven’t been feeling them. Song’s like “Dick on fleek” or “Side bitch song” haven’t really struck a chord with me but that’s changed with his newest track and visuals “Search Me Up”.

Lil Toe is at his best in search me up so if you haven’t given this artist a chance yet, you need to do so now!

Major replay value for me, and hopefully for you to.

Also sidenote, look at the cover photo above for the video and tell me that doesn’t look exactly like Kid Trunks with a ski mask on.

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Dream Doll “Bundles”

Dream Doll is back with a new video and as for the visuals its classic Dream Doll, a bunch of high production, good entertainment value, and tons of plastic. But this song is kind of mediocre.


“Pyrex & The Egg Beater” : Meet YBN Dougie, the Dallas rapper up next.

I have been writing fewer posts on the blog recently because of two reasons;

  1. I recently took over as the content curator of two nice size instagram accounts.
  2. I want to keep the posts on this blog to strictly the best content I can for you all, the readers.

Now I know I especially haven’t done an interview with a rapper in a minute or anyone for that matter, but recently I saw a posse cut and the first rapper on the track was someone going by the name YBN Dougie.

This was the verse I saw;


Bruh if you listen to that verse and don’t come away thinking “daaamn that homie just killed it” or something to that effect, then I don’t trust the music ear you claim.

I mean I keep my rapper interviews to a minimum because I want to be the site that is known for showcasing the artists that will blow up next. So far I have interviewed Elle Teresa, Hooligan Chase, Icy Narco, IloveFriday, and GlokkNine, and now I think that if Dougie continues to put out music with the flare he showed in that above verse, he will be the next one to blow.

Find out more about this artist by scrolling down;

Where’d you get the name YBN Dougie?

Well my brother gave me the name dougie when I was little but not til I meet yung rich porter then I became YBN Dougie Yung Boss Nigga… THE REAL YBN U FEEL ME

What jobs have you had before this rap shit?

Well no cap I was arrested as a kid I was on probation all the way up to this year February so I was forced to get a job hear n there but the shit never worked out.

Have you done any shows yet?

yea latest big shows opening up wit my dawg uno Loso for yella beezy n I just did the after party wit lil baby for vlive.

Where are you from? Does it have any influence on your music?

Im From Oak Cliff HighLand Hills to be exact n yea but most of my music is really based on my life n wats going on at the moment, most time my mixtapes are fast so it really be like a moment or what’s going on in a period of time in my life.

Are you involved in your local rap scene or no?

yea of course  I’ve been making music since I was 13, some body should know me 😂

The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fired. Who are your favorite producers you been working with? 

I RATHER NOt RELEASE THE SAUCE 😂 but I give a couple drumdummie cash a.p and more but most of my mixtapes are non profit but hopefully it become a time when I can get with the producers I work wit yo make a album fasho fasho.

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Politically Incorrect – Tom MacDonald

“Yall are so addicted to being hopeless victims, yall could crash a plane and blame the road conditions”

Besides sounding very much like an angrier version of G-Eazy, Tom MacDonald delivers a stand out track and visual.

“Rover” Lil Ronny MothaF

Lil Ronny MothaF is an artist I only became aware of by name recently but it turns out I been listening one of his songs for awhile.

Turns out that maybe I have been to one to many strip clubs or maybe Pittsburgh happens to be a region that this song got heavy play in, but I thought the song “Throw That Ass In A Circle” was way bigger then I guess it actually is.

However it seems the video for the track has only gotten 2.1 million views on YouTube in 3 years, way under what I would have expected for the amount of times I have heard this song in a Pittsburgh nightclub or strip club.

But wait it gets better.

The artist who made that song seems to have been making an evolution of sorts on the underground and now his music has taken a more aggressive approach and I honestly like it.

His videos vary in views and I didn’t seem to find to much information on his transformation out there but for an example of what he’s growing into check out his new music video, Rover.


Ok so this article is actually about two artists, Enchanting who is an RnB singer I think? I don’t normally post the type of music she makes however her song with BooGotti Kasino caught my eye recently. After initially writing this article about BooGotti and how he’s featured on her track “Brickz”, I saw on Spotify that she has a an album and that the first track on the album is titled “Codeine Sex”.

I don’t know why, but the fact that she had that song as the first song on her album just made me want to feature it lol. Now as for who BooGotti Kasino is? yeah he might not be  a household name yet, I mean he still has under 100k followers on IG, but I have been seeing his name more and more frequently in the last couple weeks on YouTube and Instagram. Whenever my brain picks up on the fact that I have been seeing an artists name more than usual I know that they are soon to be blowing up. Mark my words you will be hearing the name BooGotti Kasino way more in the next 6 months.

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“Hallelujah, pink paradise” Have you heard of ANWAR yet?

“Shinigami are g-ds or supernatural spirits that invite humans toward death, and can be seen to be present or interpreted to be present in certain aspects of Japanese religion and culture.”

I guess that Anwar is very into Japanese culture, but this is definitely not uncommon. The Japanese culture has long had a love and fascination for it from the hip hop community. Anwar’s song is not my normal go to type of song but I can tell that a lot of people will fux with it. Beyond that, I’ve found myself thinking about the song since I first watched the video two days ago, much like Baby Jay’s recent track “Out The Rain”.

Maybe it’s about to be the time for the black emo rapper to shine. Because from what I have seen, they have yet to get the same attention that the hip hop outlets that cover the emo rap scene, have been for the most part, throwing exclusively to white emo rappers.

Congrats to Koncept P on his first plaque!

Big congratulations are in order for Koncept P, the producer behind several 6ix9ine tracks, and also one of my favorite producer interviews I have done so far. Why are big congratulations due?  Because the homie got his first Gold Plaque due to producing 6ix9ine’s “Kooda” single!

Big ups, Homie!

sure this is one of many more to come for him.