Who is Callari?

WHO IS CALLARI? By @MusicOfCarolina Edited by @nicejewboy https://soundcloud.com/callari/tracy-i-would-prod-callari-5heriff How did you get your name? Do you pronounce the L’s? Callari is actually my last name. My producer name used to be OleMcDonald (no troll) but my friend Lone and I made a song and he was like. "This producer name looks retarded, imma use … Continue reading Who is Callari?

What can MikeBeatz do for you?

MikeBeatz is someone I am going to be working with a lot in the future.  We have an interview coming soon but until then I thought I would let y'all know about him a little bit. First off, he makes dope beats; https://www.instagram.com/p/BiK0WD2gbgQ/?hl=en&taken-by=mikebeatzcom But not only does he make dope beats he also offers many … Continue reading What can MikeBeatz do for you?

Just a thought about marketing yourself as a producer.

I was having a conversation with the producer Maxo Koolin today and I asked him about a producer he works with and if he could connect me with him for an interview. Maxo said definitely and that the producer would be excited to do it! He told me about how the producer I want to … Continue reading Just a thought about marketing yourself as a producer.

“Red Lace” [Gab3 x Kid Cudi x Lil Peep] (type beat)

New beat from producer Apostle Beats who dm'd me on IG. I f8xed with it so I am premiering it on the YouTube channel for CuratedFlame. https://youtu.be/lb8GJBPMvyM Download link: https://traktrain.com/apostlebeats#13 Producer: Apostle Beats CuratedFlame Links: Send beats and artwork to rappers now!  YouTube[get CF to 1K] Facebook [get CF to 1k] Twitter[get CF to 1K] Instagram[get … Continue reading “Red Lace” [Gab3 x Kid Cudi x Lil Peep] (type beat)

Interview + 5 beats with SonoBeats

"One of my best friends was an EDM producer and just looking at the way he creates melodies and every component required to make a beat just really pushed me to be as creative as him."

Interview with producer $A aka Surfing Martian

he's putting in work pushing out mad beats, working with Jimmy Wopo, and is sure to be a name you will be hearing a lot about from soon.

Interview + 5 beats with Prod. Cecil

Prod.Cecil is a producer I found on YouTube and I keep seeing his name around. He is prolific, with at least 220 beat videos on his page, and his stats are impressive, 5K+ subscribers and 870k+ views.  His most viewed video is a Playboi Carti type beat video that currently sits at 230K views; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2Qr6mrZt0M  So … Continue reading Interview + 5 beats with Prod. Cecil

Interview + 5 beats with prod. by Morteh

"The dopest thing that’s happened is getting messages from huge artists saying they fxck with my sound. Acknowledgement is the best feeling."