GlokkNine’s “Leonardo Da G9” video & his new mixtape

GlokkNine has been an artist I have been listening to for a hot minute now and I have been watching his career grow and grow and grow. So imagine my surprise when I see he has released a new music video and this is the first one that I know of, that is not directed by Drewfilmedit.

Why does this matter?

In the grand scheme of things, it doesnt. But I have just become so use to hearing “if drew didn’t film it, then it aint filmed right” at the beginning of every glokknine video.

GlokkNine needs to get back to working with that kid cause drews tagline is almost as good as metro boomin’s or halfpint filmz.

In the meantime, you should check out his newest tape Lil Glokk That Stole Khristmas and you absolutely musttttt listen to his track “Xmas Song” which I pray he does a video for!

GlokkNine’s newest track is a “fiesta”

GlokkNine’s visuals and audio for his song “Fiesta” are pure fire. Since his track 10 percent I haven’t had a new song from him that I was banging to hard. But that has definitely changed with this “fiesta” release. Lord knows I will play this song every damn time I go to Florida.

Sidenote – I wish I was there when GlokkNine first heard this beat. I already know he geeked tf up! This songs bpm and just overall sound is FIRE AF and matches GlokkNine and the whole Florida sound perfectly. Shouts out to the producer TayMasterChef because he is a muhfxcking maestro!

Another sidenote – personally I am in the group that thinks GlokkNine has his own sound and the Kodak Black comparisons are just easy criticisms. However, I already know Kodak Black is pissed af he didn’t hear this beat first! If I was a producer on the come up in Florida tryna get a fat stack I would definitely submit the same beat to Glokk and Kodak and make them bid it out over it.



The labels are in a bidding war over Florida rapper GlokkNine.

GlokkNine just released his newest music video;

and its another banger that will surely become a classic for the people calling themselves early GlokkNine fans in a year or two.

Who is this artist?

GlokkNine is an artist I interviewed in March, because I found him on YouTube. A quick rundown of who he is; he’s a 17 yr old rapper out of Florida, who makes street raps that any Boosie or Kodak Black fan would love. If you want to learn more about him from his own words, check out our interview.

Right now he is quickly rising to the top of the Florida trap rap scene and I just learned today from a credible source in the industry, that there is already a bidding war for him between the major labels. I was told this earlier today and afterwards I was on twitter promoting his interview when I came across this tweet of his on 6th of May;glokknine2.PNG

I wonder whose going to be the label he signs to?

If you have any ideas on what label or if he should stay indie? don’t hesitate to comment.

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Stream GlokkNine’s debut mixtape “Bloodshells Revenge”

Check out GlokkNine’s debut mixtape Bloodshells Revenge and make sure to check out his first interview > here!

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GloKKNine drops more heat with “Sun Down”

GloKKNine is putting rappers on the come up to shame with the way he is continuing to release a steady stream of fire. Randomly dropping track after track on his YouTube channel. No waiting for a whole mixtape, no teasers or bs like that.

Besides dropping two music videos on WorldStar and other places, in the last month, he has also dropped 9 audio tracks on his channel. His most recent one, Sun Down, was released only 13 hours ago and it currently sits at 7k+ views. And damn is this song fire. Mark my words, in a couple years, people will be saying this track was a classic GloKKNine track.

With “Sun Down” the 17 y.o. spitter laces street raps over a gritty summer style beat, imagine Boosie’s “I remember” or a Speaker Knockerz like beat, that was crafted by a producer called ArcazeOnTheBeat who I am now determined af to do an interview with.

Check out this song below and get on the GloKKNine wave.


Other thoughts on GloKKNine and his wave:

Some are going to say that he has a Kodak Black flow or sound but I don’t think that’s true at all, GlokkNine is simply a product of his enviroment, a florida boy who grew up on Boosie and Kodak Black and others that influenced the Kodak sound. And honestly even if he did sound like Kodak, don’t pretend like it would be the first time someone used a kodak flow and blew up.

Something rappers and people tend to forget in this game we call the music industry, is that it is one thing to have a lot of streams, followers, views or likes but what you need to really pay attention to is the engagement. Because all of the previous can easily be bought or influenced.But something that is harder to buy and create, is audience engagement and that is something that I look for when I am examining an artist whether it be a rapper or a producer. For example, GlokkNine clearly has a strong fan base in Flordia and other states as seen by the tweets that come up when you search GlokkNine on twitter;


GlokkNine continues to create his own lane with “Crayola”

With his newest video, “Crayola”, GlokkNine continues his fight for the title of hottest rapper coming out of Florida. When Kodak Black gets out he needs to align his brand with GlokkNine or he might just have his spot taken as the young king of Florida, if GlokkNine doesn’t already do it in the time Kodak is in.

GlokkNine is going to blow up this year.

I first heard about GlokkNine when he released a video called JailHizeeBlues 2 weeks ago, I watched it. Thought yeah this is kinda dope, but IDK if I want to post it.

Well now that video is at 116K views in two weeks. Should have trusted my gut and posted it then but I didn’t. Anyways I kind of forgot and then just now I went on YouTube and in my recommended videos section I saw that GlokkNine had just released a new video yesterday called “Armed & Dangerous”. I watched the video and this one sold me. I d k if it was the beat or the flow or the lyrics or everything combined.

*Check out the part where they are all standing in front of a police car on the basketball court. Lol how does this even happen? Did they rent the police car (I mean yeah duh.) but like how? Are the cops not going to see this video later? 

Anyways I really think GlokkNine is on his way to blowing up. Last year I told yall to keep an eye out for Lil Toe, Hooligan Chase, Ketchy The Great, Icy Narco, Rico Nasty, and Bali Baby. and they are all blowing up in their respective manners. Well now I am telling you to keep an eye out for GlokkNine! I feel like he’s the next in line for the lane/succession that is Boosie then Kodak Black. and with Kodak Black’s legal troubles there is a wide open lane for GlokkNine right now.

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