“Red Lace” [Gab3 x Kid Cudi x Lil Peep] (type beat)

New beat from producer Apostle Beats who dm'd me on IG. I f8xed with it so I am premiering it on the YouTube channel for CuratedFlame. https://youtu.be/lb8GJBPMvyM Download link: https://traktrain.com/apostlebeats#13 Producer: Apostle Beats CuratedFlame Links: Send beats and artwork to rappers now!  YouTube[get CF to 1K] Facebook [get CF to 1k] Twitter[get CF to 1K] Instagram[get … Continue reading “Red Lace” [Gab3 x Kid Cudi x Lil Peep] (type beat)

C. Scott delivers his new beat tape

https://cscott.bandcamp.com/album/through-the-trees C. Scott just dropped this beat tape today for 4/20 as a "A quick little batch to burn to or whatever whatever." Also if you haven't peeped yet he put this out recently-- https://itma.bandcamp.com/album/distance-fog

“YMX, You made this sh*t?” Check out these 3 beats by YMXBeats

With the sound this youngn' from Cameroon is putting out, I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from him in the future. 

Interview + beats with CJonesBeats

CJonesBeats, falls into that category of producers, like Deadman and Lil Szn. People I have interviewed and showcased the beats of way before they got any serious placements or cracked 1k subscribers on YouTube. I think it already is, but just in case it isn't, I have to make it be known that I am … Continue reading Interview + beats with CJonesBeats

“Grow the brand” Interview and more with E-Trou

Besides having one of the most viewed Mac Miller type beats, E-Trou is one of the producers in the crew at the very top of the "type beat" game, Taz Taylors "Internet Money".

Interview and more with producer BenihanaBoiBeats

...dude has been putting in work, producing for artists from the U.S. like King Lil G all the way to French rap star Django. In fact he produced the beat for the video below that has 22 Million views. 

Interview + 6 beats with SkynnyDoubleY

As my site grows, my instagram is growing as well. I am currently at 1250+ followers, not crazy numbers I know, but a good amount of my followers and non followers who like my pics are people that even if I don't know who they are they definitely meet the criteria for people I would … Continue reading Interview + 6 beats with SkynnyDoubleY

Interview + 5 beats with TayloredByDrew

Drew Taylor aka TayloredByDrew is a producer from Canada I reached out to because I have seen his name around on YouTube for a good minute now. He steady uploads "type beats" for everyone from Cardi B to PNB Rock and his videos get plays. To find out more about this producer and to check … Continue reading Interview + 5 beats with TayloredByDrew