Is “Dat Way” the song that breaks Elle Teresa to the American market?

I think this is the song that’s going to get Elle Teresa’s name out further in the states. This song bangs and sounds like the perfect blend of Japanese & American Sugar Trap…

Elle Teresa x Yuskey Carter

Gang Gang.

Elle Teresa drops her newest video right as buzz starts to increase about her due to her alignment with Famous Dex.

They have yet to release music but I am sure it is on the way.

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Elle Teresa is back with that Astroberry Shake feat. Yuskey Carter

I told yall about Elle Teresa and Yuskey Carter as well, last month. Well now both are back with a collaboration called Astroberry Shake. Its some pink trap bass boosted booty japanese rap booty music that goes tf in!

Interview with Producer and Rapper Yuskey Carter

Remember I said the east was rising! and Yuskey Carter is one of those on the come up. He plays double duty as both the producer for Elle Teresa and as a rapper with his own career himself.

I was able to get him to do an interview after doing the one with Elle, so scroll down to check out more!

What rappers / producers do you manage? Elle Teresa
How old are you?  32, soon to be 33.
Where are you from? Shizuoka, Japan
How did you get into the management game? One day I suggested Elle to start “rap”, and after a month she came back with 10songs! then I thought she is something.
So I started working with her. First I invited her to join a song in my album. Around the same time I decided to leave my previous label. I changed my artist name and started my own label “West Carter Music”.
What did you do before this? I was building my career as a rapper (with different rapper name), working in my previous label with my homies. It was fun.
any advice to aspiring rappers or producers? Just listen to your favorite music everyday. If you find anyone cool, then give them the respect that they deserve.
Get close with foreigner friends haha
What does a  manager do? I don’t make beats so I just come up with the ideas of the songs, beats, MV.  Thinking of the strategy for my label’s next move.
Any crazy stories from this game we call rap/hip hop?
Everyday is crazy with Elle Teresa.
What are your plans for 2018?
Elle is releasing the new album in March, and we are working on more albums already.
I’m thinking of release my own songs. Looking for new artists to work on as well.

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Interview with Japanese Femcee Elle Teresa

Elle Teresa is a Japanese Femcee who I believe is poised to have a breakout year in 2018. After seeing her most recent song “Zombitch” with Bali Baby, I got in contact with her management so we could do an interview.

How old are you? 20 y.o

How did you come up with the name Elle Teresa? Have you had any other rap names?

Elle is my real name and when I started to rap, my boss suggested to have a “last name”. People had told me that I look like the “teresa” from Super Mario Brothers so I took that name and became Elle Teresa.

Where are you from? Does that any influence on your music? 

-I’m from Shizuoka Japan, where the Fuji mountain is. I was a dancer before becoming a rapper. My mom owns a dance studio so I grew up in the environment where I was always surrounded by music.

Are you involved in your local rap scene or no?

-I don’t think people from my home town really like me, but I still wanna give them back something when I become famous.

What’s the dopest (coolest) thing to happen to you since you started rapping and releasing product?

-When I performed in Fukuoka. The club was so packed that I couldn’t even use my lighter.

To know that I could get that much support and that many people wanted to see me was super cool.

The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fired. Who makes the beats? 

-My homie “LAZ¥ $TAR” and “Never child”. I would only use my homies beats.

Who are your biggest musical influences? I ask this because your music seems pretty in line with Rico Nasty and Bali Baby, buttt I see you have been making this type of music for the last 2.5 years. So I guess what I want to know is where did your pink trap style come from?

Could be many but no one changed my life. I’m the one who will change people’s lives so haha

What are your goals? 

got no goals.

what did you do 2day?

I was hanging out with my friend J stash and Yuskey, we went to VR ZONE.

How did the feature with Bali Baby come about? Did you reach out to her, or did she reach out to you? I wouldn’t mind seeing more collaborations from you two in the future.

Bali DMed me and I thought she was super cool. I was like ‘we gotta make this happen!’. It’s my first time featuring with an artist outside of Japan.

Bali was awesome in person too!!!

Have you done any shows in America yet?

I haven’t! waiting for the offer y’all.

What are your plans for 2018?

I’m releasing my first album in march, then another EP and a mix tape will follow.

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Rico Nasty – Smack A Bitch [Official Music Video]

Rico Nasty is back at it again this time around with a track / video called “Smack A Bitch” with a beat produced by Kenny Beats. This song sounds like some grunge rock infused sugar trap. If you have been paying attention to her rise, you can see that she is really coming into her sound!

Introducing Elle Teresa & her new track Zombitch ft Bali Baby (official music video)

The east is rising.

Meet Elle Teresa, her music is best described as the name of her most recent mixtape “Pink Trap” or Rico Nasty’s term “Sugar Trap”… And her music could best be described as aligning with bali baby or rico nasty but she raps in Japanese. In fact Bali Baby is featured in her most recent song and the video.

but trust me when I say Elle Teresa isn’t just popping out of nowhere and trying to ride a wave.  From what I can see on the YouTube channel that uploads her videos, she has been putting music out like this for at least 2.5 years already. In fact below is her first video which was released Oct. 1, 2015

I am hoping I can score an interview with her. stay tuned.