Drake’s music earns over $120K in streaming royalties a day.

Recently I have been doing a lot of research into streaming and the royalties/earnings it can generate for musicians. One of the reasons being is because I myself own the rights to a buzzing hit on the underground / internet hip hop scene. Using distrokid I have gained first hand access to information such as what the two major giants are currently paying per stream, on average Spotify is paying $.0030734967 per stream and Apple Music is paying $.0068986784 per stream.

Knowing this information and doing the math at how many streams it would take for the song I own to make me serious money I started wondering what artists like Drake are making from streaming. I know I am not the only one wondering this so that is why I made this article!

Key Drake streaming stats:

What are these stats worth? 

All the different streaming sites have different royalty rates that have changed over the years and for the most part they have gone down instead of up. At the same time streaming rates have been going down, in contrast, Drake’s popularity has been increasing, so I believe using the current rates I have been seeing on my distrokid account will be a fair average for Spotify ($.00307) and Apple ($.0068). For the other streaming sites that account for the other 27 Billion streams that Drake’s music has generated, I will use the rough average of .005 that other music analysts use.  Now that we have the rates lets answer how much money has Drake’s music been generating?

Apple Music

  • Drake has at least 10 Billion streams on Apple Music; which would generate $68.986784 million in earnings.
  • I was curious how much this meant Apple Music was paying out to Drake and his various labels a day. So I looked it up and found that the Apple Music app was officially released June 30, 2015 and they announced that Drake had been the first artist on their platform to hit 10 billion streams on July 19th, 2018.  That means it took Drake 1115 days, to hit 10 billion plays! $68.98674 million divided by 1115 days equals on average, earnings of $61, 871.51 a day!


  • Drake’s 13 Billion streams on Spotify,  using the current rate of $.0030734967 per stream, should have generated at least $39.9554571 million.
  • Drakes first album was released June 15th, 2010 and the article stating he had at least 13 billion plays came out August 8, 2018. Thats 2,976 days to accumulate 13 billion plays / $39.9 million, which basically means Spotify is paying the Drake empire roughly $13, 425.89 a day.

Other streaming sites:

  • The article I read about Drake being the first artist to accumulate 50 billion streams was published on August 8, 2018. As the article states, 27 billion of these streams came from other sites besides Spotify and Apple Music. Well there are over 100 streaming sites and they all have different royalty rates but an industry average when doing calculations like this for earnings, is $.005. Which means those 27 billion plays should have generated roughly $135 million!!!
  • Using the same length of time that we did for Spotify, which was 2976 days since Drake dropped Thank Me Later. That’s $135 million divided by 2976 which equals out to $45, 362.90 a day!


  • Drakes music generates around $120, 660.3 A DAY!  That’s over $5,000 an hour!
  • Drakes music has generated roughly $243.9 million in total streaming royalties from June 15, 2010 to August 8, 2018. I was curious so I looked it up and saw that it has been 69 days since the publishing/release of the announcement that he hit 50 billion plays. So I took the average amount his music is earning a day ($120,660.3) and multiplied it by 69 which equals out to $8,325,560.7. This means Drake’s music has generated over $250 million in total streaming earnings!


I know a bunch of people are going to read this and be like “damn, Drake made a quarter billion off streaming! He’s making over $100k a day from streaming!” But no that really isn’t the case. That $250 million is being split up a whole bunch of ways;

  1. Universal Republic gets a 25% distribution fee.
  2. Aspire Music Group, Young Money, and Cash Money records all get a piece.
  3. Drake.
  4. Songwriters.
  5. Producers.
  6. Featured artists

Thats up to 8 different ways (including all labels) that the money is being split BEFORE taxes but at the end of the Drake is still making a huge amount of money from streaming daily. In general the point of this whole article is to show producers and rappers the power of streaming. Yes, you most likely won’t ever hit 50 billion streams but I know of plenty of quote on quote nobodies who have millions and/or tens of millions of streams and the whole point I am trying to make is that it stacks up.

Sidenote: I read an article recently about how Sting makes $2,000 a day from the song “I’ll be missing you” over 30 years after its release. Can you imagine how much “Drake” will be pulling in 30 years from now?

“Billy Joel meets Drake” introducing multitalented artist Jordan Barone

Jordan reached out to me and we got to talking through email and I found out a lot about the homie. In 2015, Jordan worked at BlastOff Productions in Times Square as a full-time audio engineer. He worked with major artists such as A-Boogie, PnB Rock, Rico Nasty, and more. Jordan also operates as Chief Engineer of his newly minted Red Planet Studios, serving as a producer/songwriter on multiple artists’ projects for independent and major label releases.

In 2017, Jordan was awarded a DCA (Department of Cultural Affairs) Premier Grant through Staten Island Arts, towards his debut EP release, which also serves as the debut release for Red Planet Records, LLC. In 2018, Jordan left his full-time position at BlastOff Productions to pursue his career as an artist and focus on Red Planet Records, LLC. With his independent record label, and the debut release, Jordan Barone intends to solidify his position as a New York songwriting staple, and Staten Island hometown champion.

He has a debut single “Same Thing” out now coming from his EP “Midnight Conversation” that is set to release in September. And its creating a bit of a buzz, already doing more then 5k plays on Soundcloud;

How did you come up with your rap name?

I used to perform under a moniker, but with my recent work, which is more personal, I wanted to allow people to get to know me better so I chose my government- Jordan Barone.

What are your official projects?

Although I have credits as an audio engineer/producer on some major projects, my single “Same Thing” marks my debut as an artist. The full project is expected to drop Fall 2018.

Where are you from?

I’m from the forgotten borough of NYC- Staten Island, New York. Although we have a ton of artists from here recently, we are most known for the Wu-Tang Clan. I respect them for paving the way, and I look forward to shedding light on all the other amazing movements happening here.

Are you involved in your local music scene?

I built the most connections in the local music scene through my work as an audio engineer. I was able to bring everything I learned from my time at Blastoff Productions in NY back to to my home recording studio in Staten Island, which became a hub for the up and coming artists around the island. Through my collaboration with these rising artists, we are able to deliver quality music projects. I’m also involved with a lot of the community organizers in the north shore of Staten Island, who are responsible for the recent cultural boom of music and arts happening in the area.

How old are you?

I just turned 24.

What’s the dopest (coolest) thing to happen to you since you started releasing product?

Seeing the response has been amazing. There are people and markets that have shown support that I never would have even imagined. The best part is that I finally get to showcase my talent and voice. As an audio engineer/producer, I was working on other artists’ music. Now, there was an immediate sense of relief to publicly display my identity.

The production you find to rap on beats is pretty fired. Who makes the beats? 

I do. I pride myself on doing most of the production myself, and for my upcoming project, there is only one track that I didn’t produce.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

My music has been described as Billy Joel meets Drake. As a classically trained piano player, the singer-songwriter style plays a large part in my music, but I’m definitely rooted in Hip-Hop and R&B.

What are your goals?

My publicist told me to say ” To make a living from sharing my music with the world”, but if I’m being honest, I’m trying to f**k this game up!

What did you do 2day?

I sent some e-mails, mixed Lou The Humans new record “Fuck Your Opinion”, which got me inspired to start working on a new record of my own.

How much you charge for a feature? a show?

I don’t really charge to feature, I usually just choose who I want to collaborate with. For a show, it’s less about the money and more about just being in the right situation to properly showcase the music.

What are you trying to do with music?

Like I said, f**king up the game lol. What I mean is putting no restriction on influences or genre. If it sounds dope, it sounds dope. This is what I hope will become known as the “Staten Island Sound” since the borough is such a mix of cultures, races, and economic backgrounds.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I thought I told you, f**king up this game! Really though, five years in, I see myself 1) With a couple of projects out, 2) My independent record label, Red Planet Records, having large scale world-wide distribution, 3) World-wide tours, and 4) At least 3 artists signed to the label sharing the same success.

What are your plans for 2018?

You should know by now…and, a music video for my single “Same Thing”, a second single releasing, release of the full project, and some other cool surprises related to the project!

Jordan Barone Links:

Make sure you stay tuned for more from this up and coming artist.