CuratedFlame Music Video Roundup

Aight so I am back in full swing. If you haven’t read any of the previous articles where I talked about my absence or seen on the CuratedFlame instagram, I was away for a month and a half, 2 months, working on a tv show shooting in my city. But the job is winding down until it eventually stops in November, so I am back to focusing heavily on CuratedFlame.

This article is really just a round up of music videos that I think are worthy of checking out and I think you might end up finding a few gems for your catalog. I will try to drop more articles like this when I have a whole bunch of new music to show you.

Artist: Hobo Johnson  Song: Father

Thoughts: Hobo Johnson is an artist I wrote about before when he first came to my attention when his song “Peach Scones” started making a buzz and I immediately started fxcking with his music. Due to his style he’s one of those artists who not every song they drop is going to be a banger to you so I only currently have a handful of tracks that I listen to by him, like “Peach Scone”, “Demarcus Cousins & Ashley”, and “Before Kill The Internet”.

But now he’s got a new banger called “Father” which is classic Hobo Johnson, slice of life paint a picture of various scattered topics composed of lyrics spoken over a musical backing that seems like it could have been a score for any Wes Anderson or Diablo Cody film.

Artist: Lil Dusty G Song: “Dead End”

Thoughts: Lil Dusty G is another artist that I wrote about earlier this year, just like Hobo Johnson, in fact I wrote about him about a month earlier then Hobo. First time I saw his music, I knew he was going to go far even if I wasn’t messing with it to hard. But with this track, I have probably listened to this song 1 to 3 times a day since it was released a month ago, and my only gripe is that it isn’t longer.

Artist: Big Baby Scumbag Song: Victoria Secret

Thoughts: This just looks like it was a fun video to make. Also I think Big Baby Scumbag must be signed to Awful Records now? or apart of that collective cause this video was released through them. So if he is signed to them now, then congrats on that bro.

Artist: Jack Karowak  Song: Traveler

Thoughts: good stoner, college rap, vibes and lyrics but damn that is not a rap moniker I agree with. 

Aritst: Clairo Song: “Better”

Thoughts: I been telling the hip hop world about Clairo. The following video for her has been on my playlist for the last month or so and I don’t see that ending anytime soon.

Artist: Anxiety Attacks  Song: GPS

Thoughts: I actually don’t like this next song, I just want to point out that this dude’s rap name is “Anxiety Attacks” lol props for creativity. Thats in the same realm as “Wifisfuneral” and “ITSOKAYTOCRY”.


Clairo just dropped a new song quietly

Clairo just dropped a new song quietly on her Soundcloud about 2 hours ago. Clairo continues to build her sound and brand with a vaporwave meets bedroom pop from the girl next door aesthetic and the lyrics and sound are original yet sound familiar. I love her music and its simplicity yet depth and I can’t wait to watch Clairo become huge.

Watch her become a festival favorite this year and next.

Clairo goes to the diner for her “Flaming Hot Cheetos” official music video

Clairo is an artist who is being championed as the queen of bedroom pop. And sure maybe that’s what she is.

All I know is I just love her music.

Up until recently she was making all of her music in her dorm room (like Mike Posner). Now though she’s getting mad attention and she actually worked with “Fader” and their label to release it, so I suspect she is now signed to them.

This is Clairo’s first official music video and its for her song “Flamin Hot Cheetos” and I won’t lie it’s not the direction I thought the video would be for this particularly song, I am also surprised they picked this song to make a video for instead of her James Deen produced banger “Girl”. But I love this song, I love Clairo, and I am happy as hell to finally have an official music video from her… And apparently other people are as well because its been up for only an hour and it’s already at over 34,000 views.

Also keep an eye out for spanish bed room pop singer/rapper Cuco who makes a cameo.

Beats + Interview with Hip Hop Producer DEADMAN 

I have highlighted beats and done interviews with some of the biggest producers on the internet in the game, such as mjNichols, godlikepariah, Dansonn, and more. But there’s a certain joy I get when I find a producer that is still early in the game, but I just know is going to be something special. I don’t know if they’ll be the next metro boomin but they are going to contribute something important to the hip hop game in the future. And recently I discovered a producer who I think is going to do just that, and their name is DEADMAN 死人 

I first found this producer because I was looking for beats that sampled Clairo and if I am not mistaken, I believe DEADMAN 死人 is actually the first producer to upload a beat that sampled clairo.

The beat I found was this:

After that beat I listened another one that blew me away as well:

(Somehow this producer only has 55 followers on YouTube and has sold one beat so far? Come on!)

So after hearing those two beats, obviously I had to interview whoever this producer was. Below you can check out the interview as well as more beats they have produced.

Interview with DEADMAN 死人

Major Credits? I guess forest98 would be my most major credit so far.

How old are you? 17.

Where are you from?  I currently reside in New Jersey.

How long have you been producing? A little less than 5 months.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? To be honest, this interview would probably be the dopest thing since I started producing.

Who are your biggest influences?  
Some of the biggest influences are Ove, SAMPLE GOD, J. Dilla, and 904TEZZO in terms of my production.

Want to give any shoutouts? 
Sure. Shoutout to forest98, Arsenyte, and HEMI POD. They’re three of my favorite artists on SoundCloud and they deserve much more success than they already have. Next, shoutout to my friends Astralities, Lil Child, WAKEUPSHAWTY, and wintrs!. They’re some of my best friends and have supported me since I started producing.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?
Even though I use one a quote from an anime as a my producer tag, I really don’t find myself watching too much anime.

What do your beats normally cost? It honestly depends on how good I find them to be. While one beat could be $5, another could be upwards of $50. It just depends.

What is the most you have made from one beat? About $10.

Who are the favorite artists you have produced for? 
forest98 and WAKEUPSHAWTY

Do you use Hardware or software? 
I use a pirated version of FL Studio 12 to produce my music.

How many leases or beats, do you think you have sold in your career? 
I’ve sold 1 beat so far.

what are your plans for 2018? 
To work hard and continue producing until I get where I wanna be career wise.


Check out these 2 beats! / Deadman is my new favorite producer!

ive probably listened to these two beats about a combined 50 times in the last 24 hours.

so whats gucci? first off they are the first person to do a clairo type beat..flex!

(this beat is sold but still available for non profit use)

(this beat is free because empire copyrighting one of the samples, just make sure you give the producer credit)

CLAIRO is back with some LOFI Pop / Hip Hop tinged music: “Girl” — Clairo

Song: Girl

Artist: CLAIRO

Production: James Deen

Clairo is truly one of my new favorite artists. Everything she does makes me like her more. One parts Regina Spektor, One parts Elle Goulding, 2 parts original




Clairo is the next Regina Spektor


To some people, I am pretty late. However, Clairo is still majorly under the radar. so get woke. Clairo in my opinion is the next Regina Spektor because she is alternative rock esque pop esque folk esque but she is also heavily inspired by hip hop. If you listen to more of her music on Soundcloud and other places there are track that she sings on that are originally hip hop beats.

Clairo is also like Mike Posner in a sense as well. Because she is doing all of this in her dorm room.