Reviews and why they should matter to you as a beatmaker

I know a lot of people in this game focus a lot on getting customers but then never do, what I would call, customer maintenance. I mean, ok, say you sold 250 beats this year, great! But how many of those were repeat customers? 

The common mistake producers make when sending beats

I was doing my rounds looking for rappers and producers, and compiling emails. When I saw a femcee on the come up who gets beats sent to her often from producers familiar with her subgenre. Well idk if she made this post because of a specific incident or she's just aware of how proper business … Continue reading The common mistake producers make when sending beats

Interview and more with producer BenihanaBoiBeats

...dude has been putting in work, producing for artists from the U.S. like King Lil G all the way to French rap star Django. In fact he produced the beat for the video below that has 22 Million views. 

Interview + 6 beats with SkynnyDoubleY

As my site grows, my instagram is growing as well. I am currently at 1250+ followers, not crazy numbers I know, but a good amount of my followers and non followers who like my pics are people that even if I don't know who they are they definitely meet the criteria for people I would … Continue reading Interview + 6 beats with SkynnyDoubleY

Interview + 5 beats with TayloredByDrew

Drew Taylor aka TayloredByDrew is a producer from Canada I reached out to because I have seen his name around on YouTube for a good minute now. He steady uploads "type beats" for everyone from Cardi B to PNB Rock and his videos get plays. To find out more about this producer and to check … Continue reading Interview + 5 beats with TayloredByDrew

Interview with producer BearMakeHits

You know for someone so new to the production game, you wouldn't expect BearMakeHits to be getting the type of views on YouTube that he does. I mean I know producers with way more subscribers getting less views on there videos than this kid is. I cant find one video of his with less than … Continue reading Interview with producer BearMakeHits

“Kickin Sh*t” Interview with producer TNTXD

TNTXD is a producer who I found out about recently because he is part of a production team that calls themselves the "Fly Way". The team consists of the following producers; ill Will Beatz Nebula Beatz BearMakeHits Yung Tago Yung Lando TNTXD TreOnTheBeat Nique Buzzin MikeDexclusive A little intro in to who TNTXD is and … Continue reading “Kickin Sh*t” Interview with producer TNTXD

Life After Panda: Interview with Hip Hop Producer Menace

"...we discussed many topics including his beat making process, how much a producer with a hit on his hands like Panda is charging for beats nowadays, and did he really only make $200." (click to read more)