5 models you should be following on Instagram right now.

@DopeDealerTV is an Instagram account that I followed recently and I have been working with. They post rappers on the come up much like Saycheese and Worldstar but they also post models and baddies on Instagram that are on the come up. For every baddie you see on DopeDealerTV that you already know of or follow there is about another 5 you don’t.

Speaking of 5, with this post we are highlighting 5 models that you should be following on IG now. Make sure you follow DopeDealerTV and these 5 models on IG.






Haylee B is the new Ashley Alban

Recently got a dm on the CuratedFlame instagram from instamodel @hbkat who wanted a s/o. We got to talking and she said that she would love if some producers used her pics in their type beat videos on YouTube.

So feel free to use any of the pics below for your type beat videos BUT please make sure to give her credit in the description of the video by having “model in the video: IG @hbkat”


image1 (2)image2 (1)



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Can these white gurlz rap?

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to music, some of you might like them, some of you might not that.

Some might think these baddies got bars.

Some might think these baddies are… bad.

1st. CA$HRINA “UP FLEX” Official Music Video