Rolling Papers “Party Pack” of pre rolled cones




The party pack is for someone who wants to get a bunch of different colored and designed cones. Instead of having to pick just one, you can order this and get a sample of all the different types we carry.

Show up to the party with our pack of creatively designed cones and you will be sure to impress.

There are multiple options available for the party pack:

Party Pack Mini ($8): 4 different cones of different colors and designs.

Party Pack (Original) $13.50: 8 different cones, spread out over a variety of colors and designs. No pack is the same.

Party Pack XL ($24.95): 12 different cones, spread out over a variety of colors and designs, including our famous cross cone / trifecta joint.

After you order you can message me, if there is any specific cones or designs you want in your order.

About the rolling papers:

– Ultra thin and slow burning.

– All cones measure 98mm except for the ben franklins which measure at 120MM and the Cross Cones which measure at a length of 110 MM.

– Natural coloring made from edible, tasteless hempseed oil and natural pigments.

– Natural palm pulp rolling paper.

– Beautiful and unique style.

– The non-smokable tip/crutch is made with safe, food grade finish materials.🌻


*Cannabis is not included*

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