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This pre rolled cross cone aka the “holy grail” aka “The cross J” or “T joint”, or the Trifecta Cone, etc.

This is one of the most difficult to roll and very rarely do you see one being smoked, even at a party or music festival.

Not any longer! Now all you have to do is simply fill up the cone with your grinded material and then light.

Each cross cone is carefully made by an expert roller who takes their time making each one and each cone is checked for quality assurance. In fact, these cones are handmade in America and the most that can be made per week, are 200 cones. Which means at any given time, you are one of less than a 1,000 people in the U.S. and the World who has one of these cones.

More info:

– Made using high quality unbleached hemp papers (RAW).

– Each cone is BIG! Measuring 110 mm long and 63.5 mm long at the T section.

– Each cone comes with a skinny wood poker to help you when filling the cone.

– Made from unbleached, hemp paper.

– Depending on how fat you want the cross cone to be it will take 1.6 grams to 3.5 grams to fill up each cone.

*Available worldwide to customers 18 and older!

*Free shipping world wide.


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