Pre-rolled cones “Ben Franklin” rolling papers




They are back for a limited time only!

This Ben Franklin $100 bill cone is different from any other in my shop. Measuring at a length of 120 MM, it is 22mm longer then the other cones in my shop with designs and colors and 10 MM longer then the cross cone.

Show up to the party or festival in style with these and you will be sure too impress and look like a baller.

These cones are made with detail, in fact, look at the third picture above and check out the serial number that is printed on all the $100 bill cones.

About the rolling papers:

– 120 MM long.

– Ultra thin and slow burning.

– Natural coloring made from edible, tasteless hempseed oil and natural pigments.

– Natural palm pulp rolling paper.

– Beautiful and unique style.

– The non-smokable tip/crutch is made with safe, food grade finish materials.🌻

*Available worldwide.
*Free U.S. shipping on all orders.

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