Curated Old Flame: Sexton “Whippin” Official Music Video

A curated old flame is a track that has been out for over a month that is still under the radar. This girl is what I imagine Tally from The Rap Game wishes she could be. No offense Tally, I still fux with you.

Curated Old Flame I didn't find anything else out there by Lil Dude but the beat is just hella catchy and I find myself coming back to this song every now and then in the past month since its release.

Curated Beats Vol.1 Fridolf is a producer out of Sweden I found at the tail end of last year. Being from Sweden probably might explain why some of his beats can sound so perfect for a music festival. Either way the beat above sounds so amazing and to me seems like that Wes Anderson tinged, Passion Pit … Continue reading Curated Beats Vol.1

What happens when you mix DMX and $UICIDEBOY$?

Apparently you get whatever in the hell this is. I want to be clear that I am not giving a recommendation for the song above. That is not my ish but I am looking up something else for a different post and I stumbled upon 6ix9ine who I am surprised that me or Guess … Continue reading What happens when you mix DMX and $UICIDEBOY$?

New flame: What are you sayin? I want to say this sucks. I really do. But I can't because I've probably listened to this song/watched this video 10 times in the last two days. There's a little YouTube/rap scene going on that's apparently on the rise. It's Atlanta and southern female "street rappers" that are HEAVILY INFLUENCED by three things, … Continue reading New flame: What are you sayin?

New flame: Jahn Rome I found Jahn Rome a couple weeks ago after seeing a recent video of his called "Issues" that you can find at the bottom of this article. First though I would like you to check out an older track of his called "From Here" uploaded in November of 2016 and still somehow only has … Continue reading New flame: Jahn Rome

[FREE] Chance the Rapper x Nebu Kiniza x MadeinTYO Type Beat The producer Kid Ocean, which I recently learned is from New York (though he does not make "new york" beats)continues his streak of putting out banger instrumentals with his most recent one "nada". The producer uploads new beats every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday and this one was apparently uploaded less than an a half … Continue reading [FREE] Chance the Rapper x Nebu Kiniza x MadeinTYO Type Beat


I highly recommend checking out Kid Ocean's catalog on YouTube, there are literally dozens upon dozens of bangerz waiting for a rapper to come tear them to pieces. Definitely not new to the scene by any means seeing as how his account account on YouTube was first created in January of 2012. Even though … Continue reading “Nlooh”