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“Kickin Sh*t” Interview with producer TNTXD

TNTXD is a producer who I found out about recently because he is part of a production team that calls themselves the “Fly Way”. The team consists of the following producers; ill Will Beatz Nebula Beatz BearMakeHits Yung Tago Yung Lando TNTXD TreOnTheBeat Nique Buzzin MikeDexclusive A little intro in to who TNTXD is and […]



I don’t know who this model is, she just appeared on my twitter feed. And I think this is one of a few fan pages for the model who goes by Himynametee or some variation of that, because that’s what all the twitter accounts that are pretending to be her use. There is @himynameteee , […]

“Ninety Five” : Review of DiAmond Miller’s new tape

Review written by Kaleb (@musicofcarolina) Edited by @nicejewboy “Ninety Five” DiAmond Miller wants everyone to know he’s here to stay with his latest release, “Ninety Five.” There’s a level of maturity and introspection on this tape unlike his prior releases. Much of this stems from Miller’s careful selection of just 10 beats for the tape. […]