Catching up with Anastasia Knight

Back in February, I did an interview with Anastasia Knight, an adult film star who was new but I had seen getting a lot of popularity. A lot has happened since February, and we lost touch, but I recently sent an email to her to see if we could do a second interview and to … Continue reading Catching up with Anastasia Knight

6 twerking videos found over at @dopedealertv

@DopeDealerTV is an account on IG that showcases rappers and instabaddies. Follow them today! Some of the content they post from the models they showcase are twerk videos and here is just some of the ones on the page.

Interview with adult film star Harmony Wonder

How did you come up with your stage name? Cause im wonderful How old are you? 18! How many scenes or movies have you done? Do you have any particular favorites? Definitely too many to count.. One of my favorites definitely might be the pussy palace. What is something people would be surprised to know about … Continue reading Interview with adult film star Harmony Wonder

Exclusive photo set with instamodel Destiny J (@trini_.killa)

check out the exclusive photo set we are dropping in collaboration with Destiny J, aka @trini_.killa. In this photo set you will find some never before seen pictures that haven't been uploaded to Instagram as well as some of her best photos on IG mixed in."

Who is @Himynamesteee?

I plan on keeping an eye out on tee and you should to because I have a feeling she is going to be someone we start seeing in tv shows and movies a lot and very soon. 

Interview + photo set with instagram model & influencer , @slimgvl

"I noticed how influential and big Instagram has become so I thought it would be great to have my own platform where I could create and share quality content. Having a platform can really open doors and give you great opportunities to network with other people."

Interview and photo set with instamodel and influencer K.Wettt

K. Wettt is an instagram influencer and "baddie", one of the girls I would expect to see in a Tash type beat video. I reached out to her and she responded back asap!