Catching up with Anastasia Knight

Back in February, I did an interview with Anastasia Knight, an adult film star who was new but I had seen getting a lot of popularity. A lot has happened since February, and we lost touch, but I recently sent an email to her to see if we could do a second interview and to my surprise after a couple weeks she responded. In the interview that follows,  we talk about what she’s been up to, possibility of retirement, and if there is ever going to be an interracial scene. Scroll down to find out more!
How is everything since we last talked? Everything is great, lost some people, gained some new ones. Everything is swell at the moment, its honestly getting better every day.
Have you been getting booked more? Yes i have, im always booked up, but since it is June now, everything is a lot slower than usual.
Getting recognized more? Yes i have i also have gotten alot more offers and i am pretty excited i honestly cant wait because i am starting to get more noticed and i get tons of emails every day about acting, modeling, shooting content with random people. I am enjoying life at the moment.
Some people thought you were retiring for a minute, is that a possibility anytime soon? Honestly no, if something better comes along then maybe but in the meantime i will keep doing porn.
So we can expect to see Anastasia knight for awhile? Definitely going to be seeing me for a while.
What has been your absolute favorite scene to work on so far? My favorite scene will always be with bryan gozzling, hookuphotshot. He is so respectful and dirty as fuck i love it, it gets me all riled up.
I’ve seen you tweet about interracial scenes. Is that happening anytime soon? Yeah it’ll be coming in a month so expect it! by Dickdrainers
What is something interesting your fans can learn about you right now, what’s something we dont know about you? Well i like to research about random stuff, i say learn something new every day because that is the best way to live. And i used to write music for when i played piano.

Interview with adult film star Harmony Wonder

How did you come up with your stage name?
Cause im wonderful
How old are you?
How many scenes or movies have you done? Do you have any particular favorites?
Definitely too many to count.. One of my favorites definitely might be the pussy palace.
pre rolled cones
What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I really enjoy competitive gaming lol
What is one food you don’t hate but you would be ok with never eating again?
Have you ever been recognized by one of your fans or just anyone in general? what happened?
I havent yet!
Anything funny ever happen on set?
Ive had many things happen on set before, however, let it be known that mostly, its bc im a clumsy person.



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5 models you should be following on Instagram right now.

@DopeDealerTV is an Instagram account that I followed recently and I have been working with. They post rappers on the come up much like Saycheese and Worldstar but they also post models and baddies on Instagram that are on the come up. For every baddie you see on DopeDealerTV that you already know of or follow there is about another 5 you don’t.

Speaking of 5, with this post we are highlighting 5 models that you should be following on IG now. Make sure you follow DopeDealerTV and these 5 models on IG.






Who is Slaylonie?

Someone you should keep an eye out for, that’s who.

First off she is known as both Lalonie, which I assume is her real name, and by her social media handle Slaylonie on both Twitter and Instagram.

Before I get to exactly who she is, let me say that every now and then on this blog I deviate from Hip Hop / Rap and highlight (sometimes interview) a person that is in the realms of pop culture and I believe it’s worth documenting the fact that I think they are  dope and going to be big. That is why this blogs name is CuratedFlame. My best examples would be when I started writing about Clairo, the singer last year and when I interviewed the porn star Anastasia Knight.

I was actually hoping to interview Slaylonie and its still on the fence if that’s going to happen because it’s been a couple weeks since she told me to send her the questions. I was going to wait to write about her but I keep seeing her post fire on Instagram and Twitter and I just made the decision now to write this. I won’t be able to give you to much information since I am waiting to hear back from her but I can give you some quick info on who she is and why I think she’s so “flame”.

First off, the answer of who is Slaylonie can’t be answered with one word or sentence.

She clearly already has a fan base with 13.5k followers on IG and 25.8k followers on Twitter. So to some she is nobody new.

But why does she have the following?

When you first go on her twitter page you will see in her bio that it say’s “wholesome gang 👑 bipolar illustrator from southern california, I draw what I don’t want to forget🌷“I

I’ve tried googling “Wholesome gang” but idk if it really connects to anything. But the “illustrator” part is true, she makes amaaaazing art which you can see some examples of below;



Why the art I think resonates with people is because besides it being dope af,  she’s an artist who isn’t afraid to be personal with it, which continues to lack in this era somehow.

Now besides being an amazing artist, she is also a model and a “local nude dealer”;slay23slay22


I really see her becoming big in some way or another in the next couple years and you should be following her now if your not!

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Exclusive photo set with instamodel Destiny J (@trini_.killa)

CuratedFlame’s first interview with a Instagram model and influencer was with Destiny J aka @Trini_.killa .When I first wrote about her, which was 13 days ago, I said that she had 128.6k followers, and her account has now gone up to 130.3k followers. That’s a 1.7k growth in less than two weeks! For comparison my page @curatedflame has had a growth of 150 followers in the same time span.

To check out the exclusive photo set we are dropping in collaboration with her keep scrolling down. In this photo set you will find some never before seen pictures that haven’t been uploaded to Instagram as well as some of her best photos on IG mixed in.

If you want to find out more about her then check out her interview > here. 

image1 (12).jpeg

image1 (10).jpeg


image2 (5)image4 (5)


image5 (2)image6 (1)





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Who is @Himynamesteee?

pre rolled cones

This article is blowing up because Himynamestee is apparently starting to get a lot bigger. So I feel like I had to update it to try and help answer the question for all the ones who found this article typing in “Who is Himynamestee?”.

If you are on twitter or instagram chances are you have seen a picture or video of a girl going by the name of “Himynamesteee”. But my question, and yours, is who is she? is she just a model or a instagram influencer? When I tried to reach out to do an interview with her but her manager responded saying her “day rate” was $3k. “Day Rate”? so is she an actress or video vixen? Mind you this was 2 months ago.


I did a little digging on the internet and here is what I was able to find: NOTHING!LOL Besides someone saying in a lipstick alley forum that she used to be a “Mysticjokesgirl“.

For the life of me I can’t seem to find much information about really who she is lol. But I am hoping to maybe be able to get an interview with you. I’ll keep you posted.




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Interview + photo set with instagram model & influencer , @slimgvl

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you will know that my two main tools for finding people to interview and/or showcase on this site are Instagram and YouTube. Recently while on my instagram explore page I found the profile of @slimgvl.

Who is @slimgvl?

The way I would describe it to someone who doesn’t know her or what she does, is I would say “she is an instagram model and influencer, someone who takes great pics and shares dope content”.

From the way she says it she is someone who is creating a platform to  share quality content,advice for getting a toned physique, and sharing beauty tips and her traveling experiences. Which is true, that is what she is doing!

Stats for her IG account: 

That engagement rate is pretty amazing compared to some of the other accounts I’ve analyzed. If you don’t know, an engagement rate is when you add up the total amount of likes and comments on the last 20 posts for an account and then divide that number by the amount of followers.

To find out more about slimgvl in our exclusive interview and to check out some of her photos, keep scrolling down!



Where are you from? I’m from Germany but live in Georgia

What locations does instagram tell you are the top locations for your followers?

  • New York
  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • Los Angeles
  • Augusta, GA

How many photos do you take a day? It’s not really a set amount but I take several per day depending on my mood. It doesn’t take long to take a picture that I want to post.


When did you start ur ig page? I started my page last summer just for fun, then with each post my page gained more and more attention and it turned into what it is today.

What inspired you to be an influencer? I noticed how influential and big Instagram has become so I thought it would be great to have my own platform where I could create and share quality content. Having a platform can really open doors and give you great opportunities to network with other people.

For those who dont know what do you do? Its pretty straight forward, I create different looks, share tips and advice to achieve a toned physique, updates, travel experiences and any other things I feel like sharing.


For anyone interested,  what are your rates and for what services? I haven’t been big on promo as of yet because my audience is still growing , but I have done shout outs and promotions in the past and I charge 5-10$ depending on how long it stays up. I can post products, shout outs, videos and anything of that sort.

How long have you been an influencer? 9 months

Whats been the hardest part of getting to where you are now? Taking good pictures just comes natural to me, so it wasn’t really hard in that sense. Initially I didn’t think it would get this big though, I was like maybe I’d get around 400 likes, but then as my account grew my posts kind of blew up. My experience with social media has been largely positive. I don’t give negative opinions and irrelevant people the time of day and just do me cause ultimately they have no life.


What is the most money you made from a client to your influencer services? 100$ from a sponsored brand post

Is this all you do. Any other jobs? My main focus right now is getting my degree and working on my modeling career which calls for a relocation to California.

Tell us something that people would be surprised to find out about you? I’m great at painting, drawing and interior design.


Whats your process for a photo before it gets uploaded? Sometimes I adjust the brightness, grain or saturation of the picture and add edits like hearts and flower crowns.

Whats one food you dont dislike but you could live without ever having again? Tacos


More photos:


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Interview and photo set with instamodel and influencer K.Wettt

K. Wettt is an instagram influencer and “baddie”, one of the girls I would expect to see in a Tash type beat video. I reached out to her and she responded back asap! Check out some pics and scroll down to find out more about her!


How many photos do you take a day?  I take about 100 photos every other day, trying to get the perfect one lmao.

For those who dont know what do you do?  I’m an Instagram “baddie”

When did you start ur ig page? I started ig when I was 11 and didn’t start taking it serious till about 16. So my old Instagram is really embarrassing and cringey 😭

What locations does instagram tell you are the top locations for your followers? My biggest follower base is Atlanta and Sacramento


What inspired you to be an influencer? I guess you could say👀 I just love looking good for the gram .. and then showing it off. Also the people who inspired me were the girls who were confident and sexy😍 and the ones who make it look so easy. Those were the people who really created my image.

For anyone interested,  what are your rates and for what services? I do $5 promos and I also represent clothing for $ or a reimbursement in their line (:

Whats been the hardest part of getting to where you are now? Well my ig photos didn’t really take off till last year, so I think that’s fair to say that, that’s when I actually became an influencer.

What is the most money you made from a client to your influencer services?  The most I made for my services was 200 and that was to host a party 🎉


How much would you say you make monthly on average?  I make at least 500 a month, and I’d say that’s pretty good for only having 14k.

Is that all you do. Any other jobs? Oufside of the glorious Instagram photos, I do sports including softball.. messy lmao

Tell us something that people would be surprised to find out about you?  I’m 5’11!

Whats your process for a photo before it gets uploaded? I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to photos! I have a TON that I haven’t uploaded because something as little as an eye lash is off lmao. I’ll usuallf take about 200 and then go through and pic my favorites and edit the lighting on my favorite one.. on a good day

Whats one food you could live without ever having again? I hate pancakes. I could live with out that forever. Ew.

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