GlokkNine’s newest track is a “fiesta”

GlokkNine’s visuals and audio for his song “Fiesta” are pure fire. Since his track 10 percent I haven’t had a new song from him that I was banging to hard. But that has definitely changed with this “fiesta” release. Lord knows I will play this song every damn time I go to Florida.

Sidenote – I wish I was there when GlokkNine first heard this beat. I already know he geeked tf up! This songs bpm and just overall sound is FIRE AF and matches GlokkNine and the whole Florida sound perfectly. Shouts out to the producer TayMasterChef because he is a muhfxcking maestro!

Another sidenote – personally I am in the group that thinks GlokkNine has his own sound and the Kodak Black comparisons are just easy criticisms. However, I already know Kodak Black is pissed af he didn’t hear this beat first! If I was a producer on the come up in Florida tryna get a fat stack I would definitely submit the same beat to Glokk and Kodak and make them bid it out over it.



Gucci Mane deads the Bali Baby rumors

Recently the rapper Bali Baby has been causing a little bit of a stir because fans of hers noticed she was wearing a 1017 Records chain that apparently Gucci Mane gives to his artists he signs.


Gucci Mane has remained quiet on the subject and Bali Baby has neither denied nor confirmed it. However she is adding fuel to the fire because she also uploaded a pic about 4 hours ago on Instagram and it was again her wearing the chain.


Now if Bali Baby was signed to Gucci it would be awesome because that would be the first female artist signed to him but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Sorry to disappoint fans of Bali Baby but she is unfortunately not signed to Gucci Mane, well at least not yet. The reason I know this is because the tweet sent out by Gucci Mane a couple hours ago…


The first female artist signed by Gucci Mane is Asian Doll. I am surprised but hella congrats to Asian Doll and who knows maybe Bali Baby will be the second.



Asap Rocky’s “Testing”, Spotify royalties, and why you need multiple revenue streams.

This is being written out of a response to multiple things for me, that’s usually why I write these articles.

  1. A pretty notable producer offered me a portion of the publishing for every placement I helped him or her acquire.
  2. With rappers, I tend to see a lack of understanding that they are a business.
  3. Recently I saw on Twitter that an account that is focused on Rap music made a post saying “Congrats to Asap Rocky, his new album “Testing” just surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify”. Which is awesome and congrats to him but I was really curious about how much money 100 million streams is going to generate for Rocky and everyone involved, and how much 100 million streams in general would generate.

How much does 100 million streams generate in Spotify royalties?

In 2017 it was reported that Spotify was paying $.0038 per stream but in 2018 that has apparently increased to $.00397, which any increase is great. But if you do the math, 100 million x $.00397, only equals $397,000. That’s less than $400k in royalties and that’s before the label, producers, and whoever else get a slice of that. $397k probably doesn’t even recoup the cost for the album which is why I stress that you start thinking of multiple revenue streams whether you are a rapper or a producer.

Asap Rocky is an intelligent guy and at this point a vet in the game so he knows that he needs to have his hands in multiple pies. So not only will he be receiving royalties for his vocals and lyrics, but Rocky is also listed as a co producer on 9 out of the 15 tracks on the album meaning he will get a nice slice of the mechanical and publishing royalties doled out to the producers on the album.

However I wonder what kind of royalties will even be seen by the producers because for the most part the albums tracks are all co productions, with each track typically having 2 to 4 co producers. If you are a producer who only had one or two beats on the album, the royalties won’t be the greatest, but if your ASAP or Hector Delgado, who have 9 production credits, or Mario Loving, Nesbitt Wesong, FNZ who all have 4 credits, those couple pennies for each track will add up.

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Why you need  multiple revenue streams as a rapper?

Earlier this year Joey Badass made a post that went viral breaking down how he made roughly $1.3 million in the first 2 or 3 months of 2018. He broke it down as

  • 100k+ from features
  • 120k (front end) for an endorsement
  • 250k+ from ghostwriting
  • 300k from royalties
  • 500k from touring (I am sure that includes merch)

Obviously Asap Rocky does the same + more (modeling,acting) and he also got himself listed as a co producer 9 times on his album.

Publishing (from a producer’s perspective)

So like I said earlier, one of the reasons I wrote this, was because a producer offered me a portion of the publishing for every placement I help him acquire. If a placement is acquired and gets put on an album, I would be listed as one of the producers for that song. That’s awesome and I am pursuing this as we speak, however, with my amount only being 20% of publishing, even if the song is a hit and get streamed a lot my earning’s will be nice but they won’t break the bank. Here are some examples of what I, or you, could make as a co producer on a track that gets a lot of streams on Spotify.

  • 100,000 stream x $.00397 x 20% = $79.40
  • 1 Million streams x $.00397 x 20% = $794
  • 10 Million streams x $.00397 x 20% = $7,940
  • 100 Million streams x $.00397 x 20%=$79,400

In this day and age with most tracks seemingly having multiple producers, this is the reality, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Co producing can be away to get your hands into multiple “revenue streams” from your catalog. Some producer’s I know are fire at drums so producers come to them for the drums and now they have dozens of tracks in their catalog generating income simply for doing the drums, or for the melodies, etc.

The whole point of this article is to cement to you that if you are a rapper or a producer you should constantly be thinking about ways to generate money from your brand.

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Roy Purdy and Elle Teresa show up in Famous Dex’s new music video.

Famous Dex releases a second official video for his track “Japan”. This should be called a official video remix. Like maybe that’s the new wave to keep getting monetary success off of a project. That’s just a thought but besides that Famous Dex completely understands that for him to continue his growth and maintain his success that he needs to keep releasing visuals. That’s what has gotten him to where he is now.

Low key this dude or him and his team must have the craziest video budget.

The first video was released two months ago and has already racked up 41 Million plus views and I am curious to see what this video does.

In the video it documents Famous Dex’s trip in Japan and in the video Elle Teresa is heavily featured and Roy Purday and his gang make an appearance as well.

Check out the nterview with Elle Teresa the girl in the video who is actually a rapper herself.

“WIFI Connections” Sana Leako [CuratedFlame x DopeDealerTV Exclusive]

DopeDealerTV is an instagram account that CuratedFlame has been working with closely for the last few weeks. Currently they have over 120,000 followers and are only growing.

Well recently Sana Leako, a rapper that this blog has written about before, sent both of us the same unreleased track and wondered if we would release it together. Check out his track “Wifi Connections” below and make sure you go follow DopeDealerTV.


Boosie Badazz tells the truth about rappers selling drugs.

It’s my birthday today and I am just chilling right now smoking watching some YouTube videos and I came across an interview with one of my favorite rappers, Boosie Badazz.

Even though Boosie might not have intended for his interview with DJ Vlad, which actually came out in December, 2017, to be an informative piece for future rappers it should still be looked at as one.

In part 3 of his interview with DJ Vlad, Boosie touches on an important topic that a lot of rappers on the come up don’t seem to get. So many, me myself in my younger years and many friends and family members, have fallen victim to this belief that you can sell drugs and rap or that they go almost hand in hand. But the truth is they really don’t.

You can’t be a successful drug dealer and a rapper at the same damn time. It’s just not possible for various reasons.

  • You have to big of a name you can’t go unnoticed and as someone who used to be a very active hustler, if you have a name in the streets yeah it might be easier to sell some product but your also going to have value to your name if someone can claim they robbed you or more.
  • Let’s be real. Selling drugs and rapping, like as a real career, just isn’t going to be manageable. You are going to be the worst dealer ever. Like when Lil Pump says and “I still slang meth”.  No you don’t. Meth is not a drug like weed or coke. I can maybe see it if your a weed or a coke dealer. But Meth is a drug you buy multiple times a week. How you going to manage selling to your clientele when your doing all those shows? And if you do manage to still be slanging that meth or whatever, your going to end up like 03 greedo. Who is currently in the middle of his breakout year but in a couple months will have to turn himself in for a 20 year sentence.
  • And even if your thinking “well the rapper doesn’t have to be selling to each one of his customers, that’s what his underlings are for”. Alright well then you get a Ralo situation and good luck with that.

Boosie really said it best in this 15 second clip below.


The labels are in a bidding war over Florida rapper GlokkNine.

GlokkNine just released his newest music video;

and its another banger that will surely become a classic for the people calling themselves early GlokkNine fans in a year or two.

Who is this artist?

GlokkNine is an artist I interviewed in March, because I found him on YouTube. A quick rundown of who he is; he’s a 17 yr old rapper out of Florida, who makes street raps that any Boosie or Kodak Black fan would love. If you want to learn more about him from his own words, check out our interview.

Right now he is quickly rising to the top of the Florida trap rap scene and I just learned today from a credible source in the industry, that there is already a bidding war for him between the major labels. I was told this earlier today and afterwards I was on twitter promoting his interview when I came across this tweet of his on 6th of May;glokknine2.PNG

I wonder whose going to be the label he signs to?

If you have any ideas on what label or if he should stay indie? don’t hesitate to comment.

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BBGBabyJoe is up next!

BBGBabyJoe is one of those rappers who is somehow a secret to the majority of the rap world but still has a strong buzz bubbling somewhere because yesterday I peeped his video “IRAQ” thats only 3 weeks old and it isn’t on a channel as big as worldstar BUT the video somehow has racked up 1.6 million views.

The song is a banger and I am telling you this guy is up next!