GlokkNine’s newest track is a “fiesta”

Sidenote - I wish I was there when GlokkNine first heard this beat. I already know he geeked tf up! This songs bpm and just overall sound is FIRE AF and matches GlokkNine and the whole Florida sound perfectly. Shouts out to the producer TayMasterChef because he is a muhfxcking maestro!

Gucci Mane deads the Bali Baby rumors

Recently the rapper Bali Baby has been causing a little bit of a stir because fans of hers noticed she was wearing a 1017 Records chain that apparently Gucci Mane gives to his artists he signs.

Asap Rocky’s “Testing”, Spotify royalties, and why you need multiple revenue streams.

In 2017 it was reported that Spotify was paying $.0038 per stream but in 2018 that has apparently increased to $.00397

Roy Purdy and Elle Teresa show up in Famous Dex’s new music video.

Famous Dex releases a second official video for his track "Japan". This should be called a official video remix. Like maybe that's the new wave to keep getting monetary success off of a project. That's just a thought but besides that Famous Dex completely understands that for him to continue his growth and maintain his … Continue reading Roy Purdy and Elle Teresa show up in Famous Dex’s new music video.

“WIFI Connections” Sana Leako [CuratedFlame x DopeDealerTV Exclusive]

DopeDealerTV is an instagram account that CuratedFlame has been working with closely for the last few weeks. Currently they have over 120,000 followers and are only growing. Well recently Sana Leako, a rapper that this blog has written about before, sent both of us the same unreleased track and wondered if we would release it together. … Continue reading “WIFI Connections” Sana Leako [CuratedFlame x DopeDealerTV Exclusive]

Boosie Badazz tells the truth about rappers selling drugs.

It's my birthday today and I am just chilling right now smoking watching some YouTube videos and I came across an interview with one of my favorite rappers, Boosie Badazz. Even though Boosie might not have intended for his interview with DJ Vlad, which actually came out in December, 2017, to be an informative … Continue reading Boosie Badazz tells the truth about rappers selling drugs.

The labels are in a bidding war over Florida rapper GlokkNine.

I just learned today from a credible source in the industry, that there is already a bidding war for him between the major labels.

BBGBabyJoe is up next!

BBGBabyJoe is one of those rappers who is somehow a secret to the majority of the rap world but still has a strong buzz bubbling somewhere because yesterday I peeped his video "IRAQ" thats only 3 weeks old and it isn't on a channel as big as worldstar BUT the video somehow has racked up … Continue reading BBGBabyJoe is up next!