J.I. from The Rap Game delivers a BANGGGER!

J.I. is probably my favorite ever to be on the show The Rap Game and I feel like he is finally delivering on the potential and promise he showed when he was on the show. This song is fire. The first verse is classic NYC and then he switches up his flow for the second verse and its just fun and crazy.

Effective Music Marketing Part 2:

In this post I will be discussing specific unsaturated markets for marketing and promoting your music too.

Why do I believe they are unsaturated markets?

In the previous post, I have already discussed how hip hop is the most played genre in the world, so when targeting consumers/potential fan’s, you should be targeting almost all groups. The problem is for most people, and I do mean most, like all the way up to the major labels, the racial demographics they tend to go after when promoting and marketing are Caucasian and African American.

Which isn’t to say you shouldn’t be doing that as well as those are the two races that make up the majority of hip hop listeners in the U.S. However, there are two races that the entertainment industry in general tends to forget about when marketing, Native American’s and Hispanic/Latin American’s. Due to this, I see an opportunity for up and coming artists to gain more fan’s because currently these are groups that aren’t being as bombarded with content as  other categories of consumers.

Why Latin American’s and Native American’s?

There is a long history of Latin American’s in Hip Hop as well as they have their own Hip Hop scene. However I believe that when it comes to non Latin hip hop artist’s they are often forgot about as a key target market.

Latin American’s and African American’s are the two highest growing populations in America.  While African American’s account for 14% of America, Latin American’s account for 17 percent of the US. There are an estimated 55 million Latin American’s in the U.S. and 60% of that population is in the millennial age demographic that you would be marketing your music to! Like I said in the previous post, getting new fans/customers of your music, is all a number’s game.

Native American’s are so important to remember when marketing your music because;

  • They have their own thriving and growing hip hop scene (https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/reservation-rap).
  • Two, the everyday lows and high’s, that currently most native american’s are experiencing on reservations, is what hip hop music embodies.

Even if your music isn’t about struggle, trapping, etc. I am simply saying that Native American’s are an often forgot about target demographic and if added to your marketing plan, could help you see more results and add to your fan base.

States with large Native American Populations

  • Alaska (104,871),
  • South Dakota (71,817)
  • Washington (103,869) …
  • Minnesota (61,000)
  • North Carolina (122,110) …
  • New Mexico (193,222) …
  • Arizona (296,529) …
  • Oklahoma (321,687) …

States with large Hispanic American Populations


Some specific areas that have established Hip Hop Scenes and under the radar:

  1. Saskatchewan, Canada
  2. Milwaukee, WI
  3. Cleveland, Oh
  4. Baltimore, MD
  5. Washington, DC
  6. Dallas, TX
  7. Waterloo, IA aka little chicago


If I have missed any places, please leave a comment.



Bubblegum Hooker Trap Rap: Bali Baby – Banana Clip Official Music Video

I’ve posted about Bali Baby before. She is one of the girls in the scene that I like to call Bubblegum Hooker Trap Rap. That is not to be offensive at all, seriously just look at the three artists at the top of this scene and tell me they don’t all look like / have the same lyrical content of an escort. Bali Baby, in my opinion, is the best out of the three that I have seen thus far, Rico Nasty, Bali Bay, and Asian Doll.

This video was released six days ago and is currently at 26,190 views. If Bali can create more work like “Pretty” and “Banana Clip” I see her making a sustainable career and making a major impact this summer.

Curated Old Flame: Sexton “Whippin” Official Music Video

A curated old flame is a track that has been out for over a month that is still under the radar. This girl is what I imagine Tally from The Rap Game wishes she could be. No offense Tally, I still fux with you.

New flame: What are you sayin?

I want to say this sucks. I really do. But I can’t because I’ve probably listened to this song/watched this video 10 times in the last two days.

There’s a little YouTube/rap scene going on that’s apparently on the rise. It’s Atlanta and southern female “street rappers” that are HEAVILY INFLUENCED by three things, the late great Speaker Knockerz (R.I.P.), Lil Kim, and cartoons from childhood.

I haven’t dove all the way down that YouTube hole yet but two of the bigger artists seem to be Bali Baby, whose in the video above, Asian Doll, and Rico Nasty. I will talk about the other two in another piece.

1. Just like the artist Bali says throughout her video, I am sure if you played this to most people they would say “What are they sayin”.
2. I imagine this is what my little sister would listen to.
3. This is the definition of Ratchet. But damn if it isn’t entertaining and catchy.
4. New genre – Bubble Gum Hooker Trap Rap.
5. This song is awesome but the rest of her catalog is mehhh at best.

Side note: If a pretty white girl gets her hands on this Speaker Knockerz/Cartoon shit and does a passing job at it, I’m telling you they will blow da fux up. Someone should either call Tally from The Rap Game or someone should make absolutely sure she doesn’t find out about this recipe! It’s one or the other.