GlokkNine’s newest track is a “fiesta”

Sidenote - I wish I was there when GlokkNine first heard this beat. I already know he geeked tf up! This songs bpm and just overall sound is FIRE AF and matches GlokkNine and the whole Florida sound perfectly. Shouts out to the producer TayMasterChef because he is a muhfxcking maestro!

Stop comparing yourself to Lil Pump.

I have to get this off my chest because I just had a rapper hit me up and submit music to me in my DM'S on IG.

Foreign Blake isn’t afraid to “Get Silly”

I get submissions from about 5 to 10 rappers and their representatives everyday but due to my site and it's social media's not having the same recognition as Elevator or NoJumper or SayCheese yet, unfortunately I don't get the greatest submissions. That's why I rarely post music of people who submit but every now and … Continue reading Foreign Blake isn’t afraid to “Get Silly”

Interview + 5 beats with SonoBeats

"One of my best friends was an EDM producer and just looking at the way he creates melodies and every component required to make a beat just really pushed me to be as creative as him."

Interview with Gina Gunz

I found out about Gina Gunz because of her appearance in the video below, "When you hit the blunt 4" by 8JTV. Turns out she's more than an instagram comedian, she's a jack of all trades. I reached out to her and she was more than happy to do an interview! Find out more about … Continue reading Interview with Gina Gunz

Free email list #1

@garyvee inspired me so here's what I'ma do. So far I've accumulated 137 emails for rappers. And I am going to continue to do this. Yall have seen me pushing my email lists cause yeah I want to make some $$ but my main goal is to help producers and graphic designers come up and … Continue reading Free email list #1

Montana of 300 isn’t broke he’s an innovator

Let me make this clear. I am aware of Montana of 300, I know about his skills and talent. But I have never been a "fan" of him. I've had friends who could be considered Stans of his music but I have never been one to bang his music. There is no real reason I … Continue reading Montana of 300 isn’t broke he’s an innovator