“WIFI Connections” Sana Leako [CuratedFlame x DopeDealerTV Exclusive]

DopeDealerTV is an instagram account that CuratedFlame has been working with closely for the last few weeks. Currently they have over 120,000 followers and are only growing. Well recently Sana Leako, a rapper that this blog has written about before, sent both of us the same unreleased track and wondered if we would release it together. … Continue reading “WIFI Connections” Sana Leako [CuratedFlame x DopeDealerTV Exclusive]

BBGBabyJoe is up next!

BBGBabyJoe is one of those rappers who is somehow a secret to the majority of the rap world but still has a strong buzz bubbling somewhere because yesterday I peeped his video "IRAQ" thats only 3 weeks old and it isn't on a channel as big as worldstar BUT the video somehow has racked up … Continue reading BBGBabyJoe is up next!

Introducing Florida rapper, YNW Melly

I actually just got put on to this recently released from Jail, Florida Rapper, YNW Melly aka Melly The Menace, by another currently locked up Florida rapper, s/o to Tank Chamberlain. This video has been out 5 days and is already at over 500k views. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ggX5QkuINo https://twitter.com/dopedealertv/status/1009116677970321409 https://www.instagram.com/p/BkMOnh5j02Q/?taken-by=dopedealertv CuratedFlame Links: YouTube[get CF to 1K] Twitter[get … Continue reading Introducing Florida rapper, YNW Melly

“Grow the brand” Interview and more with E-Trou

Besides having one of the most viewed Mac Miller type beats, E-Trou is one of the producers in the crew at the very top of the "type beat" game, Taz Taylors "Internet Money".

Interview + 5 beats with TayloredByDrew

Drew Taylor aka TayloredByDrew is a producer from Canada I reached out to because I have seen his name around on YouTube for a good minute now. He steady uploads "type beats" for everyone from Cardi B to PNB Rock and his videos get plays. To find out more about this producer and to check … Continue reading Interview + 5 beats with TayloredByDrew