https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqYFphJoFhM Ok so this article is actually about two artists, Enchanting who is an RnB singer I think? I don't normally post the type of music she makes however her song with BooGotti Kasino caught my eye recently. After initially writing this article about BooGotti and how he's featured on her track "Brickz", I saw … Continue reading “Twenty….Brickz”

Stop comparing yourself to Lil Pump.

I have to get this off my chest because I just had a rapper hit me up and submit music to me in my DM'S on IG.

GloKKNine drops more heat with “Sun Down”

With "Sun Down" the 17 y.o. spitter laces street raps over a gritty summer style beat, imagine Boosie's "I remember" or a Speaker Knockerz like beat, that was crafted by a producer called ArcazeOnTheBeat who I am now determined af to do an interview with. 

Lil Toenail “PIPE DOWN” (PROD. JOJI)

Lil Toe is back with a new banger and I CAUTION TO YOU if you are going to listen to this in your car that you adjust your bass so that you don't blow out your speakers. https://soundcloud.com/liltoenail/pipe-down-prod-joji-1 (Lyrics:) Pipe down you aint really from the hood Pipe down [hold up] bitch i wish you … Continue reading Lil Toenail “PIPE DOWN” (PROD. JOJI)

Listen: “Lil Placeholder” by nicejewboy (prod. by MiiiKXY)

...if there are any rappers out there who listen to this and like the song plus the beat. I encourage you to download it and add your bars to the track then email me the finished version.

Ca$hrina is back with “Fancywrist” (official music video)

Yo... for real though.  I am glad to see CA$HRINA is back with more music! this video dropped last night and I think it is her absolute best work today music wise. Her videos have always been quality and had a great aesthetic but her music lagged behind in my opinion even though there were … Continue reading Ca$hrina is back with “Fancywrist” (official music video)

Im Depressed, Let’s Have Sex!

Some more heat coming from that Glasshead crew I been telling you about! https://soundcloud.com/day-day-arrington/im-depressed-ft-capjazzo-londonyellow-prod-snowy

“Peter Parker” – Tank Chamberlain

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5n0q--awW4w&t=2s Florida rapper Tank Chamberlain is currently locked up  until May. Before he went in, he recorded this track that just recently dropped. Support the artist by liking , commenting, and sharing this track. If you want to learn more about Tank Chamberlain check out this interview: https://curatedflame.com/2017/08/16/freetankchamberlain-interview-with-rapper-tank-chamberlain/ #freetankchamberlain