YBN Dougie “Did It”

YBN Dougie is an up and coming rapper out of Texas with a smooth @$$ flow I have been hyping for a minute, and he’s back, this time with an official mixtape release and a little teaser video to support it.

Check it out and go run his views up, I really think dougie has a potential to be a big name in this hip hop shxt. His flow is beyond smooth and its only a matter of time before people his music starts filtering out of his hometown of his Dallas.

22Gz “Sniper Gang Freestyle”

I hadn’t heard of 22Gz until I was perusing WSHH and his video came up. This was 6 days ago and since then this track has been on steady repeat on my YouTube Red and Spotify.

I am not usually into “diss songs” but 22Gz is a straight savage in this track which serves as a diss to a variety of rappers that include, Tory Lanez, G Herbo, D Savage, and 6ix9ine.

And the craziest lyric of them all is something that I find a little risky for a rapper to be saying at this moment and time, towards the end 22Gz says, “Killin nxggas & I rap about it, like I’m Melly Nxgga”. I don’t know man, with the rising amount of florida rappers being investigated and charged for crimes, simply because of rap lyrics… I wouldn’t be so brazen but hey thats what makes 22Gz stand out, and thats what makes rap…RAP.


Ok so this article is actually about two artists, Enchanting who is an RnB singer I think? I don’t normally post the type of music she makes however her song with BooGotti Kasino caught my eye recently. After initially writing this article about BooGotti and how he’s featured on her track “Brickz”, I saw on Spotify that she has a an album and that the first track on the album is titled “Codeine Sex”.

I don’t know why, but the fact that she had that song as the first song on her album just made me want to feature it lol. Now as for who BooGotti Kasino is? yeah he might not be  a household name yet, I mean he still has under 100k followers on IG, but I have been seeing his name more and more frequently in the last couple weeks on YouTube and Instagram. Whenever my brain picks up on the fact that I have been seeing an artists name more than usual I know that they are soon to be blowing up. Mark my words you will be hearing the name BooGotti Kasino way more in the next 6 months.

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Stop comparing yourself to Lil Pump.

I have to get this off my chest because I just had a rapper hit me up and submit music to me in my DM’S on IG.  As a blogger and just as a consumer in general, when your presented with an opportunity to listen to an unknown person’s music, I know for me at least I have several things working in my head. What I mean is, whether I get a submission from someone or I am scrolling on YouTube, I look at the thumbnail and the name of the artist to decide if I am going to press play.

When I got a submission from Wuddha for his song “The Count UP”, I didn’t even want to listen based simply off of his name and the thumbnail for the YouTube link which is a grainy stock picture of a money counter. You look at the thumbnail directly below this and tell me that, without me obviously writing about it right now, with no previous knowledge of this song, it just comes in front of you on IG or YouTube, your going to listen to this song? I don’t think so.

I am not being rude or jaded, but you have to understand that consumers and bloggers are presented with so much content daily. You have to grab us somehow and a single picture video that was made on some app and has the watermark, isn’t going to make someone want to listen to your music. And don’t tell me you can’t afford a real music video or something better in general because I know artists in your same shoes of having no budget and they still can come up with capturing content.

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Thanks @worldstar

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London Yellow of Glasshead is able to make insanely capturing content with no art school training. Dude taught himself on YouTube tutorials.

But back to Wuddha, this guy reallywanted me to listen to his song. So I did just to be polite and I wasn’t impressed. T told him I listened but I didn’t want to outright tell dude that I didn’t like it, so I said “K. I did and?” So he asked my opinion, and to be honest I don’t think the song is absolutely horrible and I wouldn’t boo him off a stage but in my opinion the song was nothing unique or interesting. It’s run of the mill same old same old trying to be something that other people can already do better. But I didn’t want to be rude and deter someones dreams so I said “u could do better” and he said “Of course, but is it fire or trash” and I responded “ehh”. This is what gets me though, Wuddha proceeded to tell me that he knew his song was better then Gucci Gang and in fact he’s still trying to convince me in my DM’S.

I have heard so many up start rappers compare themselves to Lil Pump or say there song is better than Gucci Gang. Um yeah… So the fxck what?! First of all Wuddha, straight up your song is not better than Gucci Gang, and in fact it sounds like you actually had that in mind when you made the song. To all of the other rappers who have had the same thought I beg of you to just ignore it. Gucci Gang is an anomaly, Gucci Gang is an outlier, Gucci Gang is something completely different and wasn’t as forced as the garbage you will end up putting out thinking your going to make the next Gucci Gang. Do you know how many songs I heard in 2017 and 2018 so far, that deserve to have more attention than Gucci Gang? Way to many…

And before you think “damn, nicejewboy really went in, why did he have to name the rapper though? He could have left his name out and not linked the song.” Yeah that was my intention but Wuddha told me he wanted me to credit him in the article. Lol cause of course.


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GloKKNine drops more heat with “Sun Down”

GloKKNine is putting rappers on the come up to shame with the way he is continuing to release a steady stream of fire. Randomly dropping track after track on his YouTube channel. No waiting for a whole mixtape, no teasers or bs like that.

Besides dropping two music videos on WorldStar and other places, in the last month, he has also dropped 9 audio tracks on his channel. His most recent one, Sun Down, was released only 13 hours ago and it currently sits at 7k+ views. And damn is this song fire. Mark my words, in a couple years, people will be saying this track was a classic GloKKNine track.

With “Sun Down” the 17 y.o. spitter laces street raps over a gritty summer style beat, imagine Boosie’s “I remember” or a Speaker Knockerz like beat, that was crafted by a producer called ArcazeOnTheBeat who I am now determined af to do an interview with.

Check out this song below and get on the GloKKNine wave.


Other thoughts on GloKKNine and his wave:

Some are going to say that he has a Kodak Black flow or sound but I don’t think that’s true at all, GlokkNine is simply a product of his enviroment, a florida boy who grew up on Boosie and Kodak Black and others that influenced the Kodak sound. And honestly even if he did sound like Kodak, don’t pretend like it would be the first time someone used a kodak flow and blew up.

Something rappers and people tend to forget in this game we call the music industry, is that it is one thing to have a lot of streams, followers, views or likes but what you need to really pay attention to is the engagement. Because all of the previous can easily be bought or influenced.But something that is harder to buy and create, is audience engagement and that is something that I look for when I am examining an artist whether it be a rapper or a producer. For example, GlokkNine clearly has a strong fan base in Flordia and other states as seen by the tweets that come up when you search GlokkNine on twitter;


Lil Toenail “PIPE DOWN” (PROD. JOJI)

Lil Toe is back with a new banger and I CAUTION TO YOU if you are going to listen to this in your car that you adjust your bass so that you don’t blow out your speakers.

Pipe down you aint really from the hood
Pipe down [hold up] bitch i wish you would
Pipe down ima leave yo ass shook
I dont fuck with fake niggas i could read them like a book

I Iike to rock designer
Eat at bennihanas
Whip out anaconda
Put it in yo momma
I dont wear no condom
My gun hot like sauna
Pull up to the barber
100 dollar Lineup
Pull up with the scope on the roof aye
Pull up with a dick i might put it in her tooth aye
Pull up run your pockets ima take all of your loot aye
Bitch ima pirate lemme take all of yo booty (arrg)

(joji pass me the pistol)

You kissin on her lips, she was kissin on my cock
If you fuck with lil toe end up w a red dot
If you fuck with lil toe you gon end up on fox
If you fuck with lil toe end up up gettin shot
I keep a mask on i dont fuck w opps
Bitch im trading coins, what the fuck is a stock?
I might buy a Honda and do doughnuts in the lot
You dont get (real) plays using SoundCloud bots

Listen: “Lil Placeholder” by nicejewboy (prod. by MiiiKXY)

This is a track I did really for fun, that was inspired by many things including my article about all the rappers named Lil.

Oh and I definitely forgot to edit the track before I uploaded it, so even though it says 3:20 seconds, I only rap for the first minute. Since this track is available for download, like everything else on the CuratedFlame soundcloud, if there are any rappers out there who listen to this and like the song plus the beat. I encourage you to download it and add your bars to the track then email me the finished version. I will post your remix plus links to your music on the blog. Curious to see what yall got.

Ca$hrina is back with “Fancywrist” (official music video)

Yo… for real though.  I am glad to see CA$HRINA is back with more music! this video dropped last night and I think it is her absolute best work today music wise.

Her videos have always been quality and had a great aesthetic but her music lagged behind in my opinion even though there were still a good amount of people f*cking with it. I don’t think its just the hard beat produced by AVIONTHEBEAT but I also think with “Fancywrist” CA$HRINA definitely comes with a smooth flow for once and it bangs.

The visuals this time around are even lower budget with the video being made in what I can only assume is a cheap motel in New Jersey. But again its fye! LOL!

Notable lyric:

“Never popped a xan, I pop a vhs/

Wanna be my man, you have to pass the test/”

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