GlokkNine is going to blow up this year.

I first heard about GlokkNine when he released a video called JailHizeeBlues 2 weeks ago, I watched it. Thought yeah this is kinda dope, but IDK if I want to post it. Well now that video is at 116K views in two weeks. Should have trusted my gut and posted it then but I didn’t. […]


“Ninety Five” : Review of DiAmond Miller’s new tape

Review written by Kaleb (@musicofcarolina) Edited by @nicejewboy “Ninety Five” DiAmond Miller wants everyone to know he’s here to stay with his latest release, “Ninety Five.” There’s a level of maturity and introspection on this tape unlike his prior releases. Much of this stems from Miller’s careful selection of just 10 beats for the tape. […]

The Mia Khalifa diss song you didn’t know you needed iLOVEFRiDAY is a group that is being hotly debated and discussed in some circles of the internet have been teasing that they would be releasing a diss song about Mia Khalifa. I am not really sure what the motivation behind the diss is besides Mia’s […]