Reviews and why they should matter to you as a beatmaker

I know a lot of people in this game focus a lot on getting customers but then never do, what I would call, customer maintenance. I mean, ok, say you sold 250 beats this year, great! But how many of those were repeat customers? 

Does posting your links on twitter work?

In fact the 3.6K visitors I was able to bring to my site through Twitter represents 26% of my monthly traffic in March.

For $1.99 I will post your link 20 times on 20 popular tweets

I only started using this tactic in February and since then it has brought over 4K+ visitors to my site and 5K+ people to my twitter profile. Not to mention the 370K+ people who have seen my tweets.

$1 music and influencer marketing

We do not sell interviews but we offer a variety of affordable and effective promotion for music. To purchase any of the promo options below please follow these instructions: Send the amount that your option costs through paypal or cashapp. For paypal please send here > For Cashapp please send to my username $petalumaal … Continue reading $1 music and influencer marketing

Using social media to promote your content

This article was made for three people in mind, a rapper, a producer, or a blogger. If you are a rapper, you are probably wondering how does this blog's experience translate into your experience of promoting your music / or trying to sell your beats? My blog is mainly a hip hop music blog and … Continue reading Using social media to promote your content

i need more content and submissions!

ALERT: CURATED FLAME NEEDS MORE CONTENT! if you are a rapper, producer, musician, manager, business, brand, artist, videographer, model, stylist, writer, fan, whoever! if its related to music, fashion, or entertaintment and you have something to say or showcase then email me! dont be shy! 100 or more people will read this, but how many … Continue reading i need more content and submissions!

Music Promotion

On Fiverr, I have completed 174 sales. I do a variety of freelance gigs such as market and demographic research, creative writing, and music marketing and promotion. If you are a musician looking to accurately and effectively promote and market your music or if you are a company trying to promote a brand or product, … Continue reading Music Promotion

How to get your music seen on 101 Hip Hop Music Blogs!

I run this dope music blog your on right now and it focuses on hip hop and rap music. In doing so, I highlight producers and rappers that I think are dope. I do this for free, because I want to share the music that my friends thank me for showing them. However, I do have … Continue reading How to get your music seen on 101 Hip Hop Music Blogs!