4 more Instagram models and strippers turned rappers

Since the writing of that article I have come across a handful of other strippers and instagram models who are attempting to turn an online following into a music fanbase, with varying degrees of success.

Exclusive photo set with instamodel Destiny J (@trini_.killa)

check out the exclusive photo set we are dropping in collaboration with Destiny J, aka @trini_.killa. In this photo set you will find some never before seen pictures that haven’t been uploaded to Instagram as well as some of her best photos on IG mixed in.”

Interview + photo set with instagram model & influencer , @slimgvl

“I noticed how influential and big Instagram has become so I thought it would be great to have my own platform where I could create and share quality content. Having a platform can really open doors and give you great opportunities to network with other people.”

12 questions with Anastasia Knight

Anastasia Knight is an adult film actress whose face I have seen popping up more and more. I found her … More