Lil Toe is back!

I have been obsessed with the rapper Lil Toe since I first discovered him in early 2017 and he’s probably one of the artists I have written about the most on this site. In fact I just checked and there are at least 14 articles that are expressly about him on this site.

I’m also definitely dressing up as him for halloween this year, so yeah definitely a stan with Lil Toe. However just like I am a stan with Eminem, Boosie, Young Buck, and Ilovemakonnen, that doesn’t mean I can’t tell when one of these artists releases something that’s weak or I simply don’t like. So with some of toe’s more recent tracks, admittedly, I haven’t been feeling them. Song’s like “Dick on fleek” or “Side bitch song” haven’t really struck a chord with me but that’s changed with his newest track and visuals “Search Me Up”.

Lil Toe is at his best in search me up so if you haven’t given this artist a chance yet, you need to do so now!

Major replay value for me, and hopefully for you to.

Also sidenote, look at the cover photo above for the video and tell me that doesn’t look exactly like Kid Trunks with a ski mask on.

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Lil Toenail releases new “F*ck Sh*t” music video and it confirms my belief that he will blow up

Early last year, Lil Toenail released a bunch of tracks sporadically on YouTube and all of the streaming sites. The way that I found him was because somehow or another he was able to market himself through Spotify. Now I am not exactly sure how this is accomplished but for some reason his music kept getting suggested to one of my best friends Jon, aka MostNope. I don’t have Spotify, I have YouTube red, so I had no idea about him until one day my boy sends me a screenshot of this dude and I am like “yo I gotta see what the eff this is about”.

Well…if you have been a reader of this blog for awhile, or you are someone that met me in one of my many uber / lyft rides, or if you even know me personally. Then you know that I have been an unabashed huge fan since that day Jon sent me that screenshot. Honestly Lil Toe is probably in my top 5 if not 3 most streamed artists of 2017.

One of the songs he released in that period of last year was a song called “F*ck Sh*t” which was a banger and even got to the point that it was remixed by Riff Raff. Well now Lil Toe has dropped a music video for it, sans riff raff, and it premiered on NoJumper yesterday which is dooope af.

To me Toe has that “je ne sais quoi” something that’s just a little extra that can’t be explained that draws you to an artist. Also from personal anecdotal experience 95% of the people I have shown Lil Toe’s music have become instantly enamored with this artist just like I did. Please understand that this isn’t a small test group either that I am talking about, this doesn’t only include my friends and acquaintances. It also includes probably 100 rides out of the 1,100 uber rides in 5 months I did last year and sometimes those rides had up to 4 people in the car. I would say a conservative estimate would be that I showed his music to 150 people in Uber Rides last year and the real majority of them fxcked with it.

I just really see this guy blowing up if he continues to release bangers and quality content which he will.

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Lil Toenail “PIPE DOWN” (PROD. JOJI)

Lil Toe is back with a new banger and I CAUTION TO YOU if you are going to listen to this in your car that you adjust your bass so that you don’t blow out your speakers.

Pipe down you aint really from the hood
Pipe down [hold up] bitch i wish you would
Pipe down ima leave yo ass shook
I dont fuck with fake niggas i could read them like a book

I Iike to rock designer
Eat at bennihanas
Whip out anaconda
Put it in yo momma
I dont wear no condom
My gun hot like sauna
Pull up to the barber
100 dollar Lineup
Pull up with the scope on the roof aye
Pull up with a dick i might put it in her tooth aye
Pull up run your pockets ima take all of your loot aye
Bitch ima pirate lemme take all of yo booty (arrg)

(joji pass me the pistol)

You kissin on her lips, she was kissin on my cock
If you fuck with lil toe end up w a red dot
If you fuck with lil toe you gon end up on fox
If you fuck with lil toe end up up gettin shot
I keep a mask on i dont fuck w opps
Bitch im trading coins, what the fuck is a stock?
I might buy a Honda and do doughnuts in the lot
You dont get (real) plays using SoundCloud bots

“Lil Phenomenon” a list of 63 rappers named Lil

Whether you are a passive fan of hip hop / rap music or a super fan, you know the stereotype or the old joke, with rappers calling themselves “lil (put name here).”  In fact, it was someone last night that I was driving around for Uber (my main gig) who said to me, “why do so many rappers call themselves lil?”

Now this person I was driving, wasn’t a fan of hip hop, and only had two examples to name which were Lil Wayne and Lil Peep. But still the fact that someone who doesn’t listen to Rap was still able to lament about how so many rappers call themselves lil, really renewed an interest in writing an article idea I have had for some time.

So today with my car in the shop I decided to put some research into finding out more about this “lil” phenomenon.

pre rolled cones

A couple of the things I sought out to do:

  1. Find out an exact number of how many rappers I could find whose stage name starts with Lil.
  2. See which names are the most creative, funny, unique, etc.
  3. Compile a list so that other aspiring rappers don’t make the mistake of picking a name that is already being in use which to many up and coming artists don’t take into account.

Criteria for the list:

  1. Rappers listed on Soundcloud, YouTube, and Genius who are actively putting out music or relevant in some manner even if they are not currently releasing music.
  2. I tried to not include rappers whose names might have included “lil” before but have now been changed, for example Lil Boosie (who now goes by Boosie Badazz) and Lil Capp (who now goes by Capp)

By the numbers:

  1. 63 Rappers who stage name begins with Lil
  2. Most popular first letters for the second part of their name: D (6), W (6), M (5), B (4), F (4), S (4)
  3. Top 6 most creative and / or unique names: Lil Bootycall, Lil Housephone, Lil Icepack, Lil Toenail, Lil Ugly Mane, Lil Windex

All the rappers named Lil:

  1. Lil Aaron
  2. Lil AJ
  3. Lil B
  4. Lil Baby
  5. Lil Barnacle
  6. Lil Bootycall
  7. Lil Boom
  8. Lil Chief Dinero
  9. Lil Cray
  10. Lil Chuckee
  11. Lil Debbie
  12. Lil Dicky
  13. Lil Durk
  14. Lil Duke
  15. Lil Dripp
  16. Lil Droop
  17. Lil Eytch
  18. Lil Flash
  19. Lil Flipp
  20. Lil Foxx
  21. Lil Frost
  22. King Lil G
  23. Lil Housephone
  24. Lil Icepack
  25. Lil Jay
  26. Lil Jojo
  27. Lil Jon
  28. Lil Keke
  29. Lil Kim
  30. Lil Kleine – One of the biggest rappers out of the Netherlands.
  31. Lil Larcenie
  32. Lil Lonnie
  33. Lil Mama
  34. Lil Mister
  35. Lil Mosey
  36. Lil Morty
  37. Lil Mouse
  38. Lil Nizzy – I just want to add that I found this rapper on accident. I was actually thinking of someone called Flatline Nizzy but I had forgotten their name so instead I Youtube searched Lil Nizzy and I found this rapper. That’s how crazy this is getting, you can literally make up a name and search it and there probably already is a rapper with that name. wtf does lil nizzy even mean?
  39. Lil O
  40. Lil Peep (R.I.P.)
  41. Lil Phag
  42. Lil Phat (R.I.P.)
  43. Lil Pump
  44. Lil Rob
  45. Lil Reese
  46. Lil Scrappy
  47. Lil Skies
  48. Lil Slugg
  49. Lil Snupe (R.I.P)
  50. Lil Toenail
  51. Lil Tracy
  52. Lil Troy
  53. Lil Twist
  54. Lil Ugly Mane
  55. Lil Uzi Vert
  56. Lil Wayne
  57. Lil West
  58. Lil Will
  59. Lil Windex
  60. Lil Wop
  61. Lil Wyte
  62. Lil Xan
  63. Lil Yachty

pre rolled cones

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Rappers who deserve to be on the 2018 XXL Freshman list

Quick 3 minute podcast I recorded before work about the 3 rappers I think should be on 2018 XXL freshman list but will probably be snubbed!

The instrumental in the background is a beat by the producer highself who we did an interview with that you can check out here

“Wake Up, Get A Bag” Interview with producer 2 Piece

I found out and was able to get in contact with the producer 2 Piece because my homie   Chupi.  For those who don’t know, 2 Piece, is a go to producer for my favorite artist of 2017, Lil Toenail! He produced Lil Toe’s biggest hit to date “Wake Up” and he actually produced my favorite Lil Toenail song “Why Do You Look Like A Frog?” and to quote the NotoriousReg on Genius, that song is “one of toes most lyrically masterful songs in his collection. It truly brings a deeper meaning to hoes and frogs.”

But that isn’t all 2 Piece has done. He’s also produced for a good number of the rappers making a name for themselves on Soundcloud and YouTube. To find out more about who he has worked with,  his relationship w/ Lil Toenail, and a whole lot more, keep scrolling down.

White Email Pack

Where are you from?  I was born in Tampa, but was raised most of my life in West Palm Beach

How old are you? I’m 18.

Major Credits? (artist/song)

  • Lil Toenail – Wake Up , “Why Do You Look Like A Frog?”
  • Wetbackmanny – ROB ROB ROB YO HOE
  • song – Chosen
  • Chxpo – momma wonder
  • Lamb$ – Freeze
  • $not and Lil $ecret – COLD
  • Redda – World War 3 Ft. Luh Fiji

Anything funny or crazy ever happen in this game we call rap?

Probably seeing my bro Lil Toenail perform with his pants down at Trapcircus. That shit was hilarious!

How long have you been producing? Why/How did you get into it?

I’ve been producing for almost 2 years now. I got into producing from just appreciating the beat in songs more than the lyrics which led me to creating and finding my own sound.

What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started making music and releasing product? 

As cliche as it sounds, the come up and the fans bro. It’s crazy to think that there’s rappers and people all over the world who fuck with my sound, and would even pay me for some

beats. I never thought that I could go from a no name producer to someone with a recognizable name and sound.

Who are your biggest influences? 

My biggest influences in music would definitely be people in the underground scene such as, UnoTheActivist, Fauni, D Savage, Duwap Kaine, and Lil Candypaint who’s music I’m always listening too. Some producers are Mexikodro, Pierre Bourne, 16yrold, and Brentrambo who all started their own wave.

Want to give any shoutouts?

I wanna give a shoutout to my bro Chupi who I’ve grinded with, and grew up with in this music shit. I also wanna give shoutouts to my brother Lil Toenail, Rorysdeath, Brickboydior, Swirl, Bossup2k, Yung Pyrrx, and a collective I’m apart of – Problem Youth.

What is something about you people would be surprised to know?

What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I have a passion for not just producing but graphic design, video editing, and mixing songs too.

Whats your process for making a beat?

My mood. Mood is everything to me. I don’t have a specific style so sometimes I’ll want to make grimy trap beats, and other times I want to make chill, relaxing beats. I usually look for some inspiration through songs from artists I’m currently listening to or samples. Once I find a good melody, I’m pretty much done. The drums come easy to me.

What do your beats normally cost?

My beats normally cost 30$ for a regular lease, and 150-200$ for an Exclusive

What is the most you have made from one beat?

The most I’ve made from one beat was an exclusive for 500$

Any story or stories on how you secured some of your placements?

Most of my placements were random as fuck. I usually came across them when searching for new Music. My Chxpo and placements were features other rappers paid for. Lil Candypaint and Comethazine had an unreleased song with my beat called ‘Polar Pop Wok’ that got leaked. It’s just all really random but it’s still crazy to find out that rappers I fuck with are using my beats.

I saw you produced wake up and why do you look like a frog for lil toe and I have to know… How did you even link up with lil toe? what are the stories behind those tracks? Did you already have the beats ready for toe? 

I actually came across Lil Toenail through Toe’s friend Wetbackmanny who I also got a song with. I hit him up about working after I found out he made his song ‘you look like a frog’ and we instantly clicked. He gave me his number and we talked about more music opportunities, I sent him some more beats, and he really fucked with what is now ‘Wake up’ which is doing crazy numbers. Toe even managed to get Wake Up on a local radio station ! Toe is my brother for real and we both work well together. We even got another song coming soon with a new music video that’s gonna go crazy for sure.

Do you use Hardware or software? is there any reason why you like to particularly use this?

It really doesn’t take much to start producing at home. I just keep it simple.

How many leases or beats do you think you sold in 2017?

I don’t have an exact number but 2017 was definitely my year. I’d say I’ve sold probably around 200+ leases, including exclusives in 2017

What are your plans for 2018?

Network myself through YouTube, grow more locally, and establish good friendships. Trusting, and meeting good people is everything in today’s music industry, and I hope to expand my connections through more placements and features.

Who or what do you think will part of the new wave in 2018? 

Image and being something new and fresh. For example, Lil Toenail wears a toe costume everywhere he goes and despite some hate, it’s creative as fuck and he’s blowing up with a huge following. I’ve noticed that a lot of new rappers are doing something different and refreshing and doing it in their own unique ways. Those are the rappers who will blow up this year.

Lastly, do you receive royalties from any of your beats? Can you give an example?

Currently, I haven’t received any royalties from songs I have with artists. I have some songs with millions of views from A French rapper, and Spanish rapper. Most of 2017 was me building my name

And reputation. I believe that in the future, when I’m working with bigger artists, I will start signing contract and getting royalties but right now I’m just working on free placements.

Editors note: The french and spanish rap songs he is referring to in the last question are  Duki – Mil Colores (spanish), and the french song was Zola ft. Key Largo – Cru … both have over a million views

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Lil Toenail finally releases music video with PINK GUY

Lil Toe teased this music video way back in 2017 and released at least 2 music videos before finally dropping on January 16th!

“Go Out” is more akin to his “wake up” track slow dark (yet still somehow uplifting if you listen close) lyrics over a slow dark beat.

Subscribe to the youtube channel and check out the undiscovered bangers playlist we are constantly curating!