Drake’s music earns over $120K in streaming royalties a day.

Recently I have been doing a lot of research into streaming and the royalties/earnings it can generate for musicians. One of the reasons being is because I myself own the rights to a buzzing hit on the underground / internet hip hop scene. Using distrokid I have gained first hand access to information such as what the two major giants are currently paying per stream, on average Spotify is paying $.0030734967 per stream and Apple Music is paying $.0068986784 per stream.

Knowing this information and doing the math at how many streams it would take for the song I own to make me serious money I started wondering what artists like Drake are making from streaming. I know I am not the only one wondering this so that is why I made this article!

Key Drake streaming stats:

What are these stats worth? 

All the different streaming sites have different royalty rates that have changed over the years and for the most part they have gone down instead of up. At the same time streaming rates have been going down, in contrast, Drake’s popularity has been increasing, so I believe using the current rates I have been seeing on my distrokid account will be a fair average for Spotify ($.00307) and Apple ($.0068). For the other streaming sites that account for the other 27 Billion streams that Drake’s music has generated, I will use the rough average of .005 that other music analysts use.  Now that we have the rates lets answer how much money has Drake’s music been generating?

Apple Music

  • Drake has at least 10 Billion streams on Apple Music; which would generate $68.986784 million in earnings.
  • I was curious how much this meant Apple Music was paying out to Drake and his various labels a day. So I looked it up and found that the Apple Music app was officially released June 30, 2015 and they announced that Drake had been the first artist on their platform to hit 10 billion streams on July 19th, 2018.  That means it took Drake 1115 days, to hit 10 billion plays! $68.98674 million divided by 1115 days equals on average, earnings of $61, 871.51 a day!


  • Drake’s 13 Billion streams on Spotify,  using the current rate of $.0030734967 per stream, should have generated at least $39.9554571 million.
  • Drakes first album was released June 15th, 2010 and the article stating he had at least 13 billion plays came out August 8, 2018. Thats 2,976 days to accumulate 13 billion plays / $39.9 million, which basically means Spotify is paying the Drake empire roughly $13, 425.89 a day.

Other streaming sites:

  • The article I read about Drake being the first artist to accumulate 50 billion streams was published on August 8, 2018. As the article states, 27 billion of these streams came from other sites besides Spotify and Apple Music. Well there are over 100 streaming sites and they all have different royalty rates but an industry average when doing calculations like this for earnings, is $.005. Which means those 27 billion plays should have generated roughly $135 million!!!
  • Using the same length of time that we did for Spotify, which was 2976 days since Drake dropped Thank Me Later. That’s $135 million divided by 2976 which equals out to $45, 362.90 a day!


  • Drakes music generates around $120, 660.3 A DAY!  That’s over $5,000 an hour!
  • Drakes music has generated roughly $243.9 million in total streaming royalties from June 15, 2010 to August 8, 2018. I was curious so I looked it up and saw that it has been 69 days since the publishing/release of the announcement that he hit 50 billion plays. So I took the average amount his music is earning a day ($120,660.3) and multiplied it by 69 which equals out to $8,325,560.7. This means Drake’s music has generated over $250 million in total streaming earnings!


I know a bunch of people are going to read this and be like “damn, Drake made a quarter billion off streaming! He’s making over $100k a day from streaming!” But no that really isn’t the case. That $250 million is being split up a whole bunch of ways;

  1. Universal Republic gets a 25% distribution fee.
  2. Aspire Music Group, Young Money, and Cash Money records all get a piece.
  3. Drake.
  4. Songwriters.
  5. Producers.
  6. Featured artists

Thats up to 8 different ways (including all labels) that the money is being split BEFORE taxes but at the end of the Drake is still making a huge amount of money from streaming daily. In general the point of this whole article is to show producers and rappers the power of streaming. Yes, you most likely won’t ever hit 50 billion streams but I know of plenty of quote on quote nobodies who have millions and/or tens of millions of streams and the whole point I am trying to make is that it stacks up.

Sidenote: I read an article recently about how Sting makes $2,000 a day from the song “I’ll be missing you” over 30 years after its release. Can you imagine how much “Drake” will be pulling in 30 years from now?

Gutta100 might have just released his breakout hit

Gutta100 is an artist from the ever so populated with talent, Florida, who recently began creating a buzz due to his initial release “Why They Mad” .

He’s still a far way from blowing up but I think it might happen now sooner then later due to his visuals and track “Hockey”.

Obviously it isn’t reinventing the wheel, but I found myself amused at several lyrical quips throughout the song. Honestly I see this dude going somewhere I really fxcking do.

Sidenote – I feel like Gutta100 definitely missed out on using the following lyric that I came up with after hearing the song first time, “Who you calling commercial? Bxtch I aint no geico”.

Ilovemakonnen is looking for beats!

In case you missed it, Ilovemakonnen posted on his IG letting producers know the email for beat submissions. I took a screenshot and posted it on the curatedflame IG and on the curatedflame IG story but just in case you missed it, I created this post.

So if your a producer who thinks they got the fire, send him beats asap. I needs all the new music from makonnen I can get.

Screenshot 2018-10-09 14.37.25.png

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Lil Gotit “Don’t Hate Me” verges on ironic

Alamo Records artist “Lil Gotit” is a rapper I just only now heard of but he seems like he has the potential to raise his profile up and become a bigger name. Sonically the track his dope and definitely sounds like thugga man himself made this track which depending on your opinions can be good and bad.

Here’s the thing when the video starts and Gotit begins your immediately drawn in however the second he got to saying “YSL”, it was cemented for me that he is a huge Young Thug fan. Which doesn’t stop me from appreciating the song however it’s just if you were already wondering if the dude is influenced by Young Thug, you don’t have to ask yourself anymore after that.

Overall the song is dope and has replay value and will keep me clicking his videos whenever I see them pop up.

*If your wondering who the guy prominently featured throughout the video sitting next to Lil Gotit is, its Hoodrich Pablo Juan, another artist on the Alamo Records label and someone whose had a name buzzing online and in the streets for yeaaars.

Pittsburgh Duo, Social House, releases visuals “Magic In The Hamptons”

I just discovered this song on YouTube though the video has already been out for three days racking up over 750k views. Originally I had no idea who the fxck “Social House” was and then seeing the make up they had on the video I was like what the fxck is this so I did a little research.

And turns out this duo, consisting of “Mikey” and “Scootie”, are from my hometown Pittsburgh, Pa! What?! That’s awesome and it makes me so geeked to see Pittsburgh artists making a name for themselves.

Now don’t get it twisted they don’t currently still live in the Pittsburgh area, they both have been in LA for a couple years now I learned in an interview they did with the prelude press. Moving to LA on two different journeys they ended up working at the same production house and working together on multiple projects writing and producing for big names across genres.

Now they are trying to push their own music instead of make music for others and well shxt, they made a banger. Originally released in June, the track has racked up over 1.5 Million views on YouTube and the video for it, like I said earlier, got released 3 days ago and racked up 750k views so far. The video directed by Cole Bennett is dope and overall I see this song getting way more attention now that the video is out!

Sidenote – Chance The Rapper and Kyle both need to hop on a remix of this.


Shouts out to Lil Yachty for having making such a relatable yet lame, and corny lyric, sound so fxcking dope. “I’m a mama’s boy, so you gotta meet my mamma first!”

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Email Pack + 1 Month Subscription of Updates

This is the curated flame email pack which currently contains the contact emails for over 400 rappers. This list is comprised of rappers who fit the following categories; Major Label Artists, Established rappers in other countries, and artists on the come up. Included in your purchase is one month of free updates and each update typically contains 30+ new rappers.




GlokkNine’s newest track is a “fiesta”

GlokkNine’s visuals and audio for his song “Fiesta” are pure fire. Since his track 10 percent I haven’t had a new song from him that I was banging to hard. But that has definitely changed with this “fiesta” release. Lord knows I will play this song every damn time I go to Florida.

Sidenote – I wish I was there when GlokkNine first heard this beat. I already know he geeked tf up! This songs bpm and just overall sound is FIRE AF and matches GlokkNine and the whole Florida sound perfectly. Shouts out to the producer TayMasterChef because he is a muhfxcking maestro!

Another sidenote – personally I am in the group that thinks GlokkNine has his own sound and the Kodak Black comparisons are just easy criticisms. However, I already know Kodak Black is pissed af he didn’t hear this beat first! If I was a producer on the come up in Florida tryna get a fat stack I would definitely submit the same beat to Glokk and Kodak and make them bid it out over it.



Dream Doll “Bundles”

Dream Doll is back with a new video and as for the visuals its classic Dream Doll, a bunch of high production, good entertainment value, and tons of plastic. But this song is kind of mediocre.


What have I been up to? [Instagram]

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