If you like ILoveMakonnen check Onji out!

I have no clue who Onji is. However I really like the above video and track, dude with the man bun goes in. White ILOVEMAKONNEN. Mr. Makonnen has recently dissapeared/let me down as of late. So maybe this could be the guy to hold me over until Makonnen comes back.  Onji if you are reading this please let me know if you are down to do an interview.  There’s more tracks below to check out if you are interested, I have yet to do so, but I will definitely make my way back.




Hottest new rapper out of Florida!

Sorry everyone about the delay in posting content. I have been swamped with family and personal matters and I am just now getting back into the swing of things.

You probably have not heard of him yet cause he is just now starting to gain traction and release music but this rapper I found, Tank Chamberlain, is killing the game right now.

Tank Chamberlain is part of the new school of Trap / Mumblecore Rap but I have the feeling that he is on the verge of something and might be able to cultivate a little niche if he puts his head to the ground.

Check out the video above for a taste of his music and head to soundcloud where he has even better bangers!



New Banger to add to your playlist.

This right here, this right here is good hip hop and good art!

track to download

Check Out More Info About The Samurai Shin “The Prelude EP”

Core Demonstration & Samurai Shin: “Two Katanas”

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Interview with Hooligan Chase

I first heard Hooligan’s music while on an internet rabbit hole and I came across his tracks birthday, now some of my personal favorites by Hooligan Chase include;
  • Birthday
  • Aw Pobrecito
  • Cuckoo
  • Hoolihoes
To describe his work. I would say Hooligan makes interesting, caustic, creative, art trap, RAP… If John Mulaney went under the wing of Lil Yachty and Riff Raff, I imagine Hooligan’s music would be what was made. Oh and he produces a majority of the beats he raps on! Though he won’t admit to having any production influences, which I simply can’t believe. His beats are so f*cking crisp and artistic, yet no influences? aight homie *eyeroll.  Anyways, I found out a lot about the artist by the name of Hooligan Chase and below you can too.
1. How did you come up with the name Hooligan Chase? Have you had any other rap names?
Hooligan Chase: Coming up with that name was easy, i knew i wanted to have my real name in there and ima fucking hooligan so idk it kinda just came together lol. i havent had any other rap names but i’ve had hella producer names cuz i’ve been producing for a minute.
2. Who are you?
Hooligan Chase: I am hooligan chase, a scumbag white boy probably wearing dirty clothes
3. Where do you hail from? Does that any influence on your music? 
Hooligan Chase: I’m from Cary, North Carolina and it really has no influence on my music whatsoever. My town is like preppy and southern lol. Ima rare breed
4. Are you involved in your local rap scene or no?
Hooligan Chase: Depends what u mean by involved, like everybody round here fuck w my shit but im not like involved w any other rappers here or anything.
5. What’s the dopest thing to happen to you since you started rapping and releasing product?
Hooligan Chase: i’ve been getting my dick sucked way more than i used to, so thats cool
6. The beats you rap on are pretty fire. Who makes the beats? 
Hooligan Chase: I make all the beats myself actually. Only song i have thats not produced by me is that turkey bacon song
7. Who are your biggest producing influences?
Hooligan Chase: I dont really have any producing influences but i used to love like 9th wonder and madlib, guys like that
8. Who are your biggest rapping  influences?
Hooligan Chase: I listen to a lot of old rap like M.O.P., Outkast, Pharcyde, shit like that. I also am inspired by shit like Paramore or Gorillaz. I fucking love Paramore lol
9. What are your goals? 
Hooligan Chase: My goals are to basically jus fuck up the rap game lol. Calling it the rap game is so cliche I know but I just want as many people as possible to hear my shit.
10. Who has been your favorite artist(s) to work with?
Hooligan Chase: I literally have worked with nobody lol. I sell features to random people that hmu jus cuz im broke as fuck and need money but all of them suck so yeah i really haven’t worked with anybody.
11. Do you have any advice for other rappers?
Only advice I have for other rappers would be watch out cuz im takin yo spot bitch
12.Have you sold a lot of beats? 
Hooligan Chase: ive sold a good amount of beats yea.
13. What do you charge for beats?
Hooligan Chase: i usually sell like $40 leases and $100 exclusives.
14. If not producer influences. Do you have any sounds, art, video game, pop culture influences? when making your beats. 
Hooligan Chase: Nah i dont really have any influences when it comes to making beats
15. What do you charge for features?
Hooligan Chase: i only charge like 40 for features, everyone always tells me i should charge more but i really dont care
16. I haven’t seen any music videos for your songs that I could find, why so? 
Hooligan Chase: i have yet to make a music video, one day
17. Have you been doing any shows? where at?
Hooligan Chase: Haven’t done a show yet either but i really want to

Hooligan Chase is Skateboard Trap Art Rap

As I get older, my musical taste are changing. I came into hip hop an Eminem Stan, Then it was Immortal Technique, then it was Just Jack and Atmosphere, years later, it was Speaker Knockerz, Boosie Badazz & Young Buck were the greatest and you couldn’t tell me nothing. What I am saying is that its clear that as we get older are music taste’s change, especially with rap, which is a genre one can use to reflect the lifestyle and personality you are currently living.

Nowadays if you ask me who are the rappers that get the most play from me, and I will tell you ILoveMakonnen, with Chance The Rapper, a distant second. As I get older, I get weirder, I have more appreciation for art, and uniqueness. Maybe that’s why for some reason I fux with this artist I just found called Hooligan Chase. I have no idea who the fuck he is.

I was contacted on Reddit by someone who gave me a tip about an interesting YouTube channel and there was about a dozen videos to pick from. For some reason the name “Hooligan Chase” piqued my interest. Now I am on a rabbit hole trying to wade through the catalog this artist has available online.

I call this Skateboard Trap Art Rap or Experimental Trap Art Rap. Idk. It’s not as easily as digestible as ILoveMakonnen by ANY means. This is art rap that is beautiful but also caustic, in a literal and figurative sense.  Hooligan Chase somehow hits halfway between G-Eazy and XXXTENTACION and f*ck it I like it. It bangs! I hope to hear a lot more from whoever this guy is.

*Dude raps on top of a cuckoo beat!!!