Is “Dat Way” the song that breaks Elle Teresa to the American market?

I think this is the song that's going to get Elle Teresa's name out further in the states. This song bangs and sounds like the perfect blend of Japanese & American Sugar Trap...

Ca$hrina is back with “Fancywrist” (official music video)

Yo... for real though.  I am glad to see CA$HRINA is back with more music! this video dropped last night and I think it is her absolute best work today music wise. Her videos have always been quality and had a great aesthetic but her music lagged behind in my opinion even though there were … Continue reading Ca$hrina is back with “Fancywrist” (official music video)

Bali Baby – Miley Cyrus (Official Music Video)

I said she was going to be a femcee to watch for in 2018   Make sure you go subscribe to our youtube channel because we gotta hella dope Femcee playlist (and more) we are always in the process of curating!  

Bubblegum Hooker Trap Rap: Bali Baby – Banana Clip Official Music Video

I've posted about Bali Baby before. She is one of the girls in the scene that I like to call Bubblegum Hooker Trap Rap. That is not to be offensive at all, seriously just look at the three artists at the top of this scene and tell me they don't all look like / have … Continue reading Bubblegum Hooker Trap Rap: Bali Baby – Banana Clip Official Music Video

Curated Old Flame: Sexton “Whippin” Official Music Video

A curated old flame is a track that has been out for over a month that is still under the radar. This girl is what I imagine Tally from The Rap Game wishes she could be. No offense Tally, I still fux with you.

Curated Old Flame I didn't find anything else out there by Lil Dude but the beat is just hella catchy and I find myself coming back to this song every now and then in the past month since its release.

New flame: What are you sayin? I want to say this sucks. I really do. But I can't because I've probably listened to this song/watched this video 10 times in the last two days. There's a little YouTube/rap scene going on that's apparently on the rise. It's Atlanta and southern female "street rappers" that are HEAVILY INFLUENCED by three things, … Continue reading New flame: What are you sayin?